My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 666

Vol 5 Chapter 666: Dragon Festival

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Chapter 666, Dragon Festival Ceremony!

[The host holds: 88 kinds of low-level best-level exercises of purple order, 37 kinds of middle-level and above-level purple exercises, 5 kinds of high-grade lower-grade purple, 3 kinds of high-grade middle-grade purple, 3 kinds of high-grade middle-grade purple, and complete middle-level heart of violet-grade There are 4 methods and 1 complete purple-level advanced inferior mind method. All fusion will consume 1.03 million days. Is the host determined to integrate?

"I didn't think that even the messengers coming down from the Holy Realm had the Purple Order top skills, not even the Purple Order Advanced Needs. It seems that this level is a rare thing in the Holy Realm. I don't know the incomplete in the Dean's inheritance. What level is "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju"..."

After Lin Chen lost his mind for a moment, he immediately confirmed and started the fusion function.

[Boom~! Ding ~!

The system fusion furnace flashed, and a new volume of exercises was born!

Lin Chen's heart is surging. Although this time there is no energy consumption, but the integration of so many exercises, even the extremely rare purple-level advanced mental methods, at least also have a purple-level premium?

[Zi's top combat skillspirit system "annihilation", specific grade: undecided (upper limit determined by the user), condenses nuclear energy rotation with mental power, creates spiritual annihilation energy, minimum training condition: mid-day spiritual power.

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of air instantly!

Purple Rank Top! This is almost the first volume of Purple Order top exercises besides his "Creation Nine Tribulation"!

It is also the rarest spiritual system method. This type of method is rarer than the body method several times!

Even throughout the entire Kyushu, there may not be a volume of purple-level advanced inferior spirit-based combat skills.

"What terrible power is to first condense the spiritual storm and create extreme spiritual rotation in one's own spiritual consciousness, so that the mental forces collide with each other, and then the energy of spiritual annihilation generated is then exerted on the enemy. Is this **** combat skill? Not committing suicide? My day!"

Lin Chen only read the characteristics of this volume of combat skills in the system for a while, and yelled!

This is how the volume exercise method must mobilize two spiritual forces in the spiritual bridge, rotate each other at extremely high speed, and collide with each other. Until the spiritual annihilation energy spins out, this one is inadvertently controlled, and every minute will make the mental power explode in the sea of mental consciousness!

If this is not well controlled, let alone hurt the enemy, he must first be **** into an idiot! This is playing with fire!

"No wonder there are so few purple-level top-level exercises on the mainland of Kyushu, so the **** top-level purple-level exercises are so crazy. What does the orange-level top-level exercises look like?"

Lin Chen didn't dare to practice this volume of Oblivion for the time being, and his spiritual strength was still a little bit inferior to reach the "Middle of Tongtian Realm".

"The system consumes 10 million points of merit and learns "Infinite Dark Step"."

Lin Chen closed his eyes and nourished himself. This time he went deep into the Dragon Clan. The more life-saving means, the better.

The registration lasts for one day and the grand competition begins!

When Lin Chen opened the cyan dragon pupil, he glanced at a dark mane, 10 million intermediate-level skills, so that his "infinite dark step" mastered to 55% proficiency, and the body skills were further improved!

There are not too many rules for this grand ceremony, only dragons under 50,000 years of age are allowed to participate. Life and death are destined to each other. After the surrender is issued, opponents can no longer attack and offenders will be disqualified.

The competition takes the form of a knockout, and most importantly, there is almost no break time!

Immediately after the promotion, the opponent who immediately decides the victory and defeat will be arranged into a new battle, and it is necessary to fight all the way!

"The Orcs are really simple and rude."

Lin Chen smiled, then added a sentence: "But I like it."

At this time, on the vast expanse of high mountains, those who sat in front of the platform slowly walked into a variety of arrogant figures!

They are the high-level and powerful dragons. Among them, there are many top-level fierce beasts of the seventh order.

What attracted Lin Chen's attention was one of the beautiful women in black skirts, such as a rose under the night sky, who was trapped in a transparent space cubic body with a wide width.

"It's Qian Yun! Then it seems that next to her is the first genius of the Red Lotus Yanlong family."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the man's crimson robe was full of evil spirits. The head of the dragon looked at Yan Qianyun's eyes, and from time to time she showed a wicked light and a smile on her face.

The dragons are naturally prostitute, and they love treasures, whether they are for females of the same race or other races.

At this time, Yan Qianyun's expression, although pretending to be calm, had already shown a trace of despair and struggle in the beautiful eyes from time to time.

This is the base camp of the Dragon Family Center!

Was caught here, unless there is the strength of the nineth warlord, there can be no hope of rushing out. When the "absolute space" is disintegrated, she dare not imagine what kind of humiliation she will face!

Moreover, the current situation in Lingzhou is unknown, and the Yan familys power alone cannot break in, and Lin Chen has no need to say that he will never ignore Ning Qingxuan. Perhaps he is still helping Ning Qingxuan, how can he take care of himself.

Yan Qianyun didn't know that at this moment when she was gradually desperate, Lin Chen had already come to the dragon's base camp!

For other strong men, it may be difficult for even the Ninth Battle Emperor to sneak in here, but Lin Chen may have a **** green dragon with the origin. He can be transformed into a dragon family without any pressure!

At most, it will be judged as an outside wild dragon without belonging.

"There are ten heads and seven ranks of top dragons here, and most of them are enough to match the eighth-level late warlords. Besides, from the void, there is a look in the hidden space that makes me very concerned. Perhaps the ancestors of the dragon family may also..."

After some measurement, Lin Chen did not intend to do it for the time being, and the chance was only once, which revealed that the possibility of looking for a second time would be minimal.

The grand battlefield, a crescent-shaped valley, surrounded by copper walls and iron walls, reinforces the space.

A dragon referee stepped into the air and announced aloud.

"In the first game, No.35 Yanming vs. No.666 Long Chenbo."

"The second game, No. 77 Blood Scream vs. No. 45..."

Many fierce beasts around Lin Chen suddenly roared and shouted.

Was it right at the beginning? That guy was Chi Yanlong, who had previously offended Lin Chen!

"Hahaha! Unexpectedly, God is destined to do so, I'm destined to do you, boy, roll up and die! Didn't you say I was going to punch me out?"

The Chiyan Dragon spread its dragon wings, flew into the grand battlefield, and hooked his finger at Lin Chen's position, sneering cruelly!

Lin Chen's gaze withdrew from Yan Qianyun's direction. No matter what, he could not be exposed now, but he must first calm down Yan Qianyun's emotions.

If she couldnt think about it, Lin Chen didnt know if she would do anything she couldnt think about in the "absolute space". In case she commits suicide in front of herself, wouldn't she be defeated?

"It seems that I am going to implement my high-profile style as always."

Lin Chen's half-man and half-long face smiled, jumped into the court, and turned his neck.

The Dragon Judge came into the air and raised his hands coldly.

"Both parties are ready!"