My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 667

Vol 5 Chapter 667: Roasted Dragon Wings I Love Eating

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Chapter 667: Roasting Dragon Wings~ I Love Food~

"Relax, I'll tear you up and swallow your stomach, to ensure you have no chance to surrender!"

Yan Ming grinned, and the dragon breath rolled, revealing the vast body of the'Red Flame Dragon', four claws lying down, the lion's tail, the thunder and light in the dragon pupil, the whole dragon tumbling, a pair of dragons flashing thunder. Wings stretch out the sky!

Although it has a disdain in its tone, Long Chen Bo is a seventh-order beast. In order to suppress it, it has to reveal its own body, and it may not be possible to take down the incomplete human form.

The space of the grand battlefield was reinforced by the elders, which suppressed the size of the beast.

"Speaking of which, I'm really a bit hungry recently."

"Long Chen Bo" Lin Mou evil smile, suddenly a bold idea in his heart!

The referee gave a snap!


Bang ~!

Yan Ming shot one claw, and five dragon marks clawed and plowed out of the ground, tearing the ground, electro-optical vertical flashing, thunderous flames rushing, and destroying the "Long Chen Bo"!

Lin Chen's figure moved into a blue dragon.

Sigh~! Tear ~!

At this moment, when the breaking wind screamed, all the fierce beasts were stunned. They couldn't see the movement of this'Dragon Dust Bo' at all!

The dragon mark claw mark fluttered into the air, and a sharp crackle-like hissing sounded from behind Yan Ming, and it suddenly burst into a roaring sky dragon roar!

Dragon blood hurricane, which also contains the scorching dragon breath and the thundering lightning, saw that the flame wings of the red flame dragon were torn into two pieces, and were directly caught by the claws of the "long dust bo" who maintained the human shape!

As soon as he turned around, the blue dragon tail swept out sharply, and the sound of a sonic boom shattered the rustling sound. This dragon tail slap contained the power of sweeping thousands of troops, pulling the pure power of the mountains and rivers. Dragon blood spilled into the sky!

Bang ~! Flame Ning was blasted away, Lin Chen took over the two qi-blood attribute light **** it dropped, the seventh-order low-level beasts, not many attributes.

Lin Chen only used the pure power of 300,000 dragon veins to easily crush!

"So strong! This is called Long Chenbo really is a ruthless character!"

"There are 3 million dragon powers in that blow, right? Gee, second only to some top dragons!"

"Look at how Yanming dealt with it, it wasn't irritating."

At the beginning of the meeting, a dark horse was born, which attracted the attention of many powerful beasts.

The huge dragon body of Yanming climbed up, and the brutal murderous intention swept across a crazy!

I saw someone carrying his dragon wing, and then he jumped up with two iron bars and carried it on his shoulders, jokingly smiled: "If you dont take out your housekeeping skills, my next punch will be sent by Long Chenbo. You go back to your hometown."

"You're looking for death! Eat Lao Tzu a breath of dragon flames!"

Yan Ming screamed violently in the sky, the whole body of red flame dragon breath erupted like tens of thousands of volcanoes, the **** lava-like heat gathered into a bundle of monstrous flame tornadoes, and burst into the "Dragon Dust Bo"!

Sigh~! boom! boom!

The terrible high temperature burned the mountains and boiled the sea. The space was burned and twisted and turbulent. The temperature in the battle space increased instantly. If the battle space was not bounded to protect the surroundings, I am afraid that the mountain range of thousands of miles would be burned instantly and turned into a sea of fire. !

"This kind of power is also a leader in the seventh-level lower level. I don't know if Long Chenbo can take it."

The expressions of many fierce beasts are dignified. This trick is almost a desperate kill of Yanming. Unless it is a seventh-order intermediate beast, it is impossible to retreat.

However, what numbs the scalp of countless beasts next is the light laughter of Long Chen Bo in the flames.

"Yeah, yeah~ Add more effort. Are you not eating, hard! The temperature is not enough, dry, can you exert some force, too little firepower!"

"Eh, that's about it~"

Everyone looked at it, and all the high-level beasts who saw the situation inside Huohai took a breath.

Doesnt Long Chenbo fart!

He not only walked freely in the sea of fire, but also stringed Yanming's pair of dragon wings. He even used Yanming's flame dragon to rest on the hottest fire mouth, turning his string of tens of meters long back and forth. grilled?


In the face of the deity, not only to break its wings, but also to roast their dragon wings with their flame dragon breath?

What the **** is this **** devil?

"Roasted Dragon Wings~ I love eating~"

Long Chenbo hummed the song while roasting the dragon wings.

The flavour of flesh flew towards the audience of the high-level fierce beast group, and the high-level fierce beast with its reduced size couldn't help but shed a lot of saliva.

"This Xuan Qinglong kid, something interesting."

"Oh, it is easy to handle. It must have retained strength. At least it is also a seventh-level intermediate grade. It is indeed a dark horse."

The two elders of the Dragon Clan shook their heads and smiled. The Mo Tianyan, the first genius of the Red Lotus Yan Dragon Clan, sneered.

"That's all it is, the guy who poses."

A dragon clan elder smiled and said: "I must have no comparison with Master Tian Yan, of course, there is no comparability, at most it is a wild dragon with a little adventure."

"Unfortunately, Master Ben has already been baptized by Longchi, and it cannot be repeated for the second time in 20,000 years, otherwise it will definitely end up playing this kid."

Mo Tianyan smiled evilly, but Yan Qianyun beside him, a pretentious calm expression showed a trace of doubt.

How is this incredible sense of absurdity so familiar?

In the grand battlefield;

"Hey, it's really fragrant! Spicy roasted dragon wings, my mom!"

Lin's arm turned into dragon claws grabbed a bunch of roasted dragon wings, and spoke directly, enjoying it quickly, and it was a pleasure to eat it!

The roasted incense is floating, and the sound of swallowing in the audience is crazy!

Why did you roast your dragon wings in the presence of Yan Ming with its dragon breath and let the kid eat it? Absolutely!

devil! It must be a devil!

But Lin Chen is really hungry! After he returned from Danzhou, he had a lot of wars, he didn't stop all the way, he didn't have time to eat anything, and his appetite had already stimulated someone in Lin's hunger!

"you you?"

Seeing that Lin Chen had eaten half of his dragon wing in half, his face turned to iron-cyan, and when he stopped the jet of flame dragon breath, he rushed to the "Dragon Chen Bo" and violently bite Let's go!

I saw'Dragon Chenbo' lifted up dozens of feet of dragon claws, slammed a claw and burst out, the pure power of cutting off the mountain and river veins violently beat the dragon body of flames, and also exploded a dragon arm , The whole dragon body fell down violently! Directly save your time!

The outcome is divided!

Looking at the "Long Chen Bo" who only cared about biting the roasted dragon wings, the corner of the mouth of the dragon clan referee couldn't help but twitched a few times. This guy is so special.

"Well, looking at the delicious portion of your Dragon Wing, and cooking it so hard for me, I will keep you alive."

Lin Chen grinned while biting the roasted Dragon Wing.

As soon as this statement came out, many strong men jumped their eyelids a few times!

Your dragon wing is so delicious, I will keep you alive?

This is so desperate! What is the reason for this shit? Will you bake it again when you keep it?