My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 668

Vol 5 Chapter 668: Maka

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Chapter 668

When Yan Ming, who was struggling to climb from the ground, turned to Lin Chen, his pupils were filled with fear!

This guy hides too deep, it is completely the seventh-grade intermediate beast grade!

"Winner, contestant No. 666 Beihuang District, Long Chen Bo!"

There are many battles in the grand battlefield, and the momentum is enduring. The fighting of many seventh-order beasts has seen countless high-order beasts. The brutality of the law of the jungle has been fully demonstrated!

What's more, they encountered powerful enemies and didn't even have time to surrender. They were dug up by their opponents with fierce beast cores and swallowed, causing countless brutal high-level beast revelry!

Just after eating a pair of dragon wings, the "Dragon Dust Bo" licked his tongue and turned to the other side of the competition area.

The competition was not planned to stop at all, and it was another round of screening. The dragons who were the winners and losers first joined the new draw, and the quota for the second battle appeared!

"No. 666 contestant Long Chenbo, against, No. 214 Chi Jiba!"

In the void, a look just locked Lin Chen, he turned around and looked, facing each other, it was the magic flame dragon that had previously provoked him!

Demon Flame Dragon, Chi Jiba. The seventh-level intermediate level, the dragon vein has opened 480,000, comparable to the four-stage late warlord of the human race!

This is a first-class dragon race with extremely strong combat power, second only to the potential of the top ten dragon races!

The blood of the Dragon race is divided into: inferior, medium, superior, super, and holy!

Only the blood of the ten dragons can be ranked as the super dragon, and the Huasheng dragon only exists in the early ancient period.

"Interestingly, this Chi Jiba is not simple. The last meeting was at the top 30 of the combat power level, just to see the strength of this wild dragon."

Mo Tianyan propped up his chin with one hand, glancing at Lin Chen with great interest.

Yan Qianyun, who was in the "absolute space", stared at the "Long Chen Bo", but fell into silence. Why, this dragon who has a unique style of behavior always gives her a sense of familiarity.

"This emperor is not like Yan Ming's crooked melons and jujubes. He is a wild dragon in every area, and he dares to succeed here, but this is the Wanlong Festival of Aral State. It's your turn to spread the wild!"

Chi Jiba descended from the sky, the body of the dragon of thousands of feet stretched out like a cloud, and the head of the dragon was awkward, and the sneer sneered.

"Come well, I just didn't have enough!"

Someone in Lin laughed, and Chi Jiba's expression grew colder.

"Play, start!"

The dragon clan sighed, and the Ji Jiba slammed into a bunch of blue fire tornadoes.

Lin Chen took a few steps, the dragon breathed vigorously in his whole body, his footwork was mysterious, like a startled dragon swinging his tail, the "Frightened Dragon Swim Method" was able to avoid the blue fire storm of the Jijiba!


This kind of mysterious footwork was so shocked that Chi Jiba roared, and the dragon tail snapped back and swept away!

Lin Chen turned around, turned his left arm into a piece of dragon claw, circling a faint blue light, swaying down!

Tear! boom!

The plains are full of smoke and dust, the dragon force tears the ground, the dragon blade and the green blade turn into the void, and the dragon blood rages!

[Gain 8.25 million points of qi and blood energy, 10.35 million points of qi and blood energy, 3.56 million points of qi and blood energy,]

More than a dozen qi and blood attributes light **** rolled and flew out, Lin Chen received all of them!

The hot and violent dragon tail sweep was not only torn by Lin Chen's claws, but even the dragon tail with the Ji Jiba was torn off!

"Damn, this kid is so strong?"

Chi Jiba dragon body retreat suddenly, seeing his own dragon tail was cut off alive, anger in his heart, dragon mouth widened, condensed dragon breath into a thousand fireballs and crushed Lin Chen away!

"Earth Flame!"

The offensive kept on, the Jiji Balong claws shot the ground continuously, and a blue column of fire burst like a volcanic eruption, soaring from the ground, Lin Chen paced mysteriously and walked around like a dragon, avoiding its attacks again and again!

After swallowing the bodies of many emperors of the Soul Family, Lin Chens blue dragon has entered the 700,000 dragon vein mark, and the pure power is already 7 million dragon power. Even if he can only use pure power, Lin Chen still deals with this Chi Jilong. Like playing! No pressure!

With only the power of 500,000 dragon veins, it was completely played in applause!

"No! Wait a minute, look, what is this wild dragon doing!"

I saw that the "Long Chen Bo" above the plains had several backflips in a row, using a silver spear to string the cut off dragon tail of Ji Jiba.

Every time he avoided the "Earth Demon Flame" that Chi Jiba poured into the earth, he turned the stringed dragon tail back and forth in the magic flame fire column, and the roasted fragrance overflowed. This is Nima!

grass! Are you **** endless?

Did Nima and Long Chenbo come here to participate in the grand contest or did they come here for barbecue?

What a shame to kill this dragon! Its not enough to roast dragon wings in front of other peoples noodles. Are you **** roasting dragon whip?

Chi Jiba hysterical roar!

"Long Chen Bo! I fight with you!"

"Chi Jiba! I'll bake it for you!"

The two sides soared into the sky, and the dragon body of Chijiba's Demon Fire Dragon turned into a blue flame star, and two dragon arms with a hot dragon breath rolled across the mountain and crashed!

Lin Chen's one-claw blasting remake, one claw smashed the mountains and rivers and met the collision!

Bang ~!

One person and one dragon collide with the continental plate, and the terrible pure power collides with the air wave that tears the ground!

Dragon claws collide, wolves smoke, thousands of feet high dust waves and waves, rolling and rolling, seemingly a large natural disaster!

All high-level beasts can't help but hold their breath. In the end, who wins?

The wolf smoke has not dispersed, and a hearty admiration came from the sky!

"True fragrance!"

"It would be better if there was wine"

This little **** won again?

Many high-level beasts are covered with black lines! Shit, are you addicted to it?

Doesn't he have the seventh-level intermediate peak power?

In the void, someone standing in the sky standing in the air, holding a roasted dragon whip, licking his mouth full of oil, Yan Qianyun stared at his eyes more puzzled and curious!

This unique sense of absurdity, this feeling, she has seen in a person from beginning to end!

Lin Chen! Lin!

Is this Long Chenbo the Lin Chen?

"Long Chenbo, Long Chenbo... Um? Chenbo? What's this name, yuck yuck!"

Yan Qianyun took a sip, and a self-deprecating look appeared in her beautiful eyes.

I can still think of this guy when I am really desperate, but how can he come? At this time, he was desperate for Miss Ning.

"Winner, contestant No. 666 in Beihuang District, Long Chen Bo!"

After confirming that "Chi Jiba" has no ability to fight again, the referee pronounced the sentence loudly!

Streak! This Long Chen Bo is now undoubtedly one of the dark horses of this grand ceremony!

"What a pure bloodline, and an overbearing supernatural power, this son is a genius of the mysterious Xuan Qinglong clan!"

The elder Xuan Qinglong who sat on the top of the holy mountain suddenly stood up, his face excited!

Regardless of whether it is Lin Chens Wanzai Xuanguang Blade or Frightened Dragon Sweeping Body Method, it is a top-level supernatural power in his family, and only the Dragon Race Tianjiao, whose blood is very pure, has this talent!

If they can get this son, they will be equivalent to possessing a top-level Tianjiao of Mo Tianyan level next to the Red Lotus Flame Dragon Clan!

I saw the "Dragon Chen Bo" in the void, after eating the "Roasted Dragon Whip", he was still not full and laughed with pride.

"Who else! My brother Chenbo does not refuse to come!"

As soon as this remark came out, many participating dragons cast their eyes on him with fear, and even more greeted his family dozens of times!

Who the **** dare to fight you! Bake without saying a word, grass!