My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 669

Vol 5 Chapter 669: I Am Cool The World Is Cool.

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Chapter 669, I am cool, the world is cool.

The third battle followed, Lin Chens opponents who had drawn lots this time actually abstained!

In the fourth round, the opponent abstained! In the fifth round, the opponent abstained!

Very simple, Lin Chen's combat power is already the seventh-level intermediate peak!

In terms of combat power, the strength revealed by Long Chen Bo already belongs to the top ten or even the top five of this grand ceremony, and it is rare to be able to play against him!

Finally, in the sixth round of drawing, Lin Chen encountered the top 3 masters of this grand ceremony!

The ice dragon princess, Han Bing Rin, belongs to one of the ten dragons. It is a genuine super dragon family, with the strength of the seventh-level intermediate peak, but the real combat power does not lose the ordinary seventh-level advanced orc!

"No. 324 Hanbing Rong, to No. 666 Long Chenbo, start!"

At the order of the referee, a large number of high-level beasts cast their eyes on the battlefield with curiosity. Two big seed players, meet in advance!

This time, Han Bing Rin was hailed as the next Mo Tianyan, with extremely high talent, and no one could match it except the more evil Black Lang!

In the arena, Lin Chen looked at the little girl with Hanyu Dragon Horns not far away. He shook his head and smiled.

"Sister, don't say that Brother Bo will bully you..."

Tear ~! boom!

The terrible air wave rolled up in anger. When a sonic boom screamed, the blue light flickered, and the ice-cold jade leg slammed out, kicking at the most vulnerable part of Long Chenbo's male!


The explosion sound of the earth shaking, all the male fierce beasts are cold, Mom, this one can have more than 5.9 million dragon powers! Who can stand this!

"The old lady is older than you, little sister? What a joke!"

When the ice height of 1.4 meters tall is sneering, his face changes!

I saw a flash of blue light beneath him. Long Chenbo embraced his chest with both hands, very leisurely, and there was no fart at all?

All high-level beasts slammed into the air! Even the fierce beasts who have just entered the seventh rank are not afraid to take the leg just without defense, let alone that part!

"I am grass! There is still a flash of light there, so sad and mad!"

"How hard is he?"

Many high-level fierce beasts with outstanding defenses can't help but be stunned!

"How is it possible? Even if he is Wan Zai Xuan Qinglong, he can't be so hard!"

Han Bing Rin felt uncomfortable, with a quick step, when the petite and exquisite body ball withdrew, Lin Chen caught up with her like a ghost, blowing a breath directly at the tip of her ear, and suddenly crimson!

"Sister, do you abstain yourself or my brother and I will abstain after some training?"

"Go to death!" Han Bingmao was angry and shy, and her fist clenched, punching back!


Dragon Breath entrapped the frost and cold wind and punched Lin Chen with a fist, I know it is another shadow!

"He is most likely a sixth-level senior beast, I can't keep it anymore!"

Han Bing finally realized the gap between the two sides, and with a roar, the petite body twisted, and directly transformed into a thousand-foot long ice-robbing dragon!

The faint dragon breath circulates around like a misty dragon body like clouds and mists. This cold dragon breath makes many high-level fierce beasts dignified!

If the space is not reinforced by special elders, the aftertaste of this dragon breath alone will be frozen forever!

"Long Chenbo, dare to humiliate Princess Ben, go to die!"

Hanbing Rong yelled, the dragon's head swayed, and when she opened the mouth of Longkou, she spit out a bunch of ice-bearing tornadoes, sweeping all the way, sweeping away, trying to seal the'Dragon Chenbo' directly with ice!

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and two retreat steps followed by constantly picking up the attributed light sphere that Hanbing Rin dropped.

[Gain 285 water system energy, 359 water system energy, 344 water system energy,]

At the same time as the attributes grew, Lin Chen extended his own green dragon tail, and his physique turned around, and the green dragon swung its tail!


The ice breath exploded, Lin Chen crushed the ice dragon breath, liberating the 600,000 dragon veins!

Han Bingmao's expression was solemn, but she didn't expect to encounter such a powerful opponent so soon!

"6 Million Dragon Power! Damn, this kid hides so deep that he has advanced to the seventh level!"

"The outcome is unpredictable! The leapfrog challenge is too difficult!"

"Eh? No, you see, what is the kid doing!"

Before waiting for everyone to marvel at Lin Chen's strength, the cold mist dissipated, and there was a burst of mellow aroma of wine?

What caught the eyes of the beasts was the small iceberg standing in the arena, which was made by the cold breath of the dragon.

The Longchen Bozu holds a brand-new jade cup five meters high and two meters wide. The jade cup is filled with green wine, flowing with a refreshing aroma.

I saw Long Chenbo standing in front of one of the icebergs, his eyes shining!

This next scene made Han Bing almost vomit blood! Let the scalp of a large number of high-level fierce beasts numb!

He stretched out his dragon claws and knocked gently from the iceberg. The small pieces of ice smashed into his jade cup, and then the dragon claws raised the glass in front of all high-level beasts. , Open Longkou, and swallow!

"Ah~~ cool! It's still delicious with ice, I'm cool, the world is cool!"

The "Long Chen Bo", which was like an electric shock, screamed from the heart, and the energy of the blood and blood in the body continued to rise a lot.

This is the remedy Qingling Quenching Blood Wine that he obtained last time when he replaced the called strong alchemist.

Many fierce beasts who watched the festival for the first time were directly forced!

What awesome is this Nima? Where is this Xuan Qinglong in Shaozhou that has broken legs!

God **** drink and ice!

Besides, this is the Wanlong Festival with the highest specifications of the Dragon race! Isn't it special to attend the banquet, barbecue, drinking, and adding ice? Neuropathy!

Yan Qianyun is concealing her hands, is this really...?

"Well, the princess of the ice-robbing dragon added ice to me, and it's also passable, medium meaning."

Lin Chen laughed, he exploded directly outside the battlefield!


Numerous high-level fierce beasts and even the elders who froze the dragons screamed directly and stood up on the spot!

unacceptable! Dare to drink in battle? Also add ice!

"Long Chenbo, you are looking for death!"

Hanbing Rin snarled, and the whole body surged thousands of feet of ice dragon breath, condensed into a vast ice gun, the dragon body propelled, and the dragon gun burst out!

"Wan Zai Xuanguang Blade!"

Lin Chen liberated the 610,000th dragon vein of the Blue Dragon, put down the Jade Cup like lightning, transformed his hands into dragon claws, swayed down, and the light blades cut out in turn!

Bang ~!

The two dragons rushed into each other, and the light blade cut the ice dragon gun, and they had the extra power to rip the cold dragon scales. Attribute light ball!


Before the person shouted, the elders of the Frost Dragon Clan suddenly stood up and shouted in a deep voice!

Abstaining directly for Han Bingling, this is the baby pimple of their family! How dare you let her accident easily!

Walking in the air, the Dragon Claw of Long Chenbo raised his glass and took a sip of Qingling Quenching Wine. At the same time, he smiled at Yan Qianyun at the top of the Holy Mountain, and blinked at her!

Is it really him?

Yan Qianyun gently covers her lips with both hands! Fang Xin trembles!

Is he really here? Came to the central area of the Dragon Clan in Huangzhou and came for yourself?