My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 670

Vol 5 Chapter 670: Wait

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Chapter 670 Wait!


Mo Tianyan's eyes were as good as electricity, and when Lin Chen was locked, the murderous glance passed!

"This kid dare to hit my woman's idea?"

As soon as the thought began, Lin Chen's eyes shifted elsewhere, seemingly just a random move, Mo Tianyan's eyebrows clenched, and then a show.

"Is it an illusion, just, a wild dragon, if you dare to provoke me Mo Tianyan, you will break your corpse!"

Mo Tianyan looked at Yan Qianyun in the "absolute space", and the obscene light circulated inside the dragon pupil, and she smiled with a big face.

"Baby, there are still seven days left before you can serve the emperor, ha ha ha! At that time, let you see the emperor's bed skills, let you linger more than the human race!"

Yan Qianyun glanced at it, unsurprised and surprisingly calm.

"Mo Tianyan, too early, how do you know that I must be your woman?"

This bland tone made Mo Tianyan frown, how could this little beauty suddenly become so calm?

Yan Qianyun is already 70% sure that it is Lin Chen!

Now that he is close to the Dragon Clan, regardless of success or failure, she is willing to accept Yan Qianyun!

[Gain 5.8 million points of qi and blood energy, 450 points of water energy, 4.8 million points of qi and blood energy,]

Taking away the attributed light ball that Han Bingling dropped, she scratched Lin Chen a few times outside the field, but there was not much complaint.

The state of Huangzhou is respected by the strong. Lin Chen exhibits too much strength than her. She is unwilling but can only be convinced. Compared with the first two, one is roasted tail and the other is roasted dragon wing. Her result is good. Yes.

"Unexpectedly, this festival can still encounter such a dark horse!"

"Well, it's a pity that the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon clan in the bottom rank should be the dragon clan roaming outside the Arazhou, and they have many opportunities to return to Arazhou.

"This little guy is very strong. If he can accept the baptism of Shenglongchi, it might be the second Mo Tianyan."

Those seventh-order top dragon clan elder Fu Xu laughed, and the most excited was the elders of the Xuanqing dragon clan!

"Who else!"

Long Chenbo was domineering, and the audience was silent!

Who dares to fight him! Baking in minutes, even the ice dragon princess Han Bing Rin was plus ice by him, completely beating him, and there was only one opponent left!

"Oh, Wild Dragon, so arrogant."

A black robe figure floated in the air, and said awe-inspiringly.

"finally come!"

Many high-level fierce beasts were shocked, staring at the black robe youth.

Its dragon wings are stretched out, except for its legs, which are dragon claws, it is almost completely humanoid. Its whole body is surrounded by the dark dragon breath, and the pair of magical mysterious pupils circulate the abyss like a strange mans, as if any The creature is sucked into it with only one glance.

This festival is the strongest; Shadow Tianlong clan, Black Lang! The seventh-order advanced dragon race has 620,000 dragon veins!

The most important thing is that this black lang is still the number one pursuer of Hanbing Rin!

This Long Chenbo dare to ridicule Han Bing just now, I am afraid it will be a fierce battle!

"Elder, the emperor wants to challenge this wild dragon!"

Hei Lang's overbearing arrogance, evil spirits smile, named Lin Dao challenge Lin Chen!

"Roar~! Well done!"

"Swallow him, His Royal Highness! Pumped his dragon tendons, and directly peeled his skin!"

Many roars and roars of excitement and excitement were issued outside the arena, and almost everyone was optimistic about Hei Lang!

"I accept the challenge."

"Long Chen Bo" smiled, and a flash of Yimang flashed across his pupils.

Lin Chen found that there is a special ray of black spiral in this black lang body. Perhaps, the attribute value it drops will surprise you!

This time when he infiltrated the Dragon Clan, he only participated in the grand ceremony. Lin Chen's mid-level qi and blood energy increased by nearly 90 million points, the pure power climbed from 5 million to 5.5 million, and the Divine Power blessed to 6.8 million, which is amazing!

Bang ~!

Hei Lang entered the stadium with a black wave, very chic and strange.

There is extremely fierce hostility hidden in his evil pupil. When looking at Lin Chen, there is a dark dragon that is about to be slain. The exposed dragon's breath gas field is distorting the space!

Lin Chen was calm and calm. He didn't panic at all. He even looked at the iceberg next to him and wanted to have another drink.

His blue dragon bloodline is strictly divided into the upper and middle levels of the super dragon clan. On the talent and the black Lang are almost the same, on the strength, the 700,000 dragon veins are suppressing him!

Moreover, he also has another killer, Ying Long bloodline. Lin Chen has not used the Yinglong bloodline since joining the war. Although it is to keep one hand, but also to avoid causing a sensation, it is troublesome to shake some ancestors out.

Because of the pure and perfect coexistence of the two bloodlines, this case has not been in the history of the Dragon race! An example like Longkun is just a mixed bloodline of "Blue Dragon and Purple Phoenix", which is completely different from Lin Chen's Blue Dragon!

"No. 11 Hei Lang vs. No. 666 Long Chen Bo, both sides are ready!"

Even the dragon elder referee can't wait to watch this battle.

This matchup has attracted the attention of almost all fierce beasts. The fighting in other battlefields is completely unimportant, because this level of strength is stronger than some dragon elders!

For some fierce beasts of the sixth-order peak, it is also rare to see in the past for thousands of years!

Suddenly, Long Chenbo raised his hand and shouted!


All the fierce beasts should be prestigious, and he saw that his expression was very dignified, and he was rummaging for something.

"Sure enough, in the face of His Royal Highness, does he have to show his real strength."

"Oh, this kid is still a bit close to his heart, and His Royal Highness is not a series with his previous opponent."

"I don't know what kind of hole card he is going to draw..."

Many high-level beasts swallowed their saliva, and the subconscious concentration stared at Long Chen Bo!

What kind of tricks will he use in this ultimate battle?

The senior elders of the ten dragons are also very curious. Long Tong stared at Lin Chen, and the senior elders of the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragons even stood up excitedly.

Mo Tianyan's eyes narrowed. For this wild dragon that might threaten his status, he also wanted to know what ace he had!

This Long Chenbo was born out of nowhere, no one believes that it will have two big kills and life-saving cards, otherwise it is completely beyond his strength and potential!

Han Bingmeng, who had previously lost her battle, stood outside the court with a cautious and dignified look. For the "Dragon Chen Bo" who defeated himself without even showing the body, what kind of tricks would he make?

"Oh, it seems that you are a bit self-knowledged against this emperor."

Hei Lang embraced his chest with both hands, raised the corners of his mouth, raised his brow lightly, and looked arrogant, extremely arrogant!

At this highly anticipated moment, I saw that Long Chenbo had found a Najie, and between the flashes of light, he actually pulled out two books from the Najie?

Long Chenbo even took a deep breath and read the two books very carefully!

All the fierce beasts took a breath and looked extremely serious and serious!

Is it coming, his trump card, is it the dragon's peerless cheats and exercises? Still lost ancient magical power?

I saw that everyone was staring attentively at the two books in his hand, with two titles written on it.

They are: "One Thousand and One Ways to Make Roasted Dragon Ribs" and "How to Make the Dragon Tail of a Million Exclusive Secret Method"-Single King


Deathly silence!

The audience was silent, and the needles could be heard...