My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 671

Vol 5 Chapter 671: I Am Cool The World Is Cool

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Chapter 671's really going to die...

I cant laugh, I cant laugh...its true now...


In the silent fighting field, there was a sudden burst of laughter. Yan Qianyun, who was in the "absolute space", lost her smile for the first time.

"Hahaha! Nope, nope! There is a wonderful flower here, oh my god, how his brain grows!"

Yan Qianyun laughed and burst into tears! Seeing Mo Tianyan frowning wildly, this beautiful lady was smiling for the first time since he turned back and smiled so happy!

Yan Qianyun is now almost completely certain that this Long Chen Bo must be Lin Chen!

Other than him, no one else can do this thing! Too cheap!

"Grass! My little grandma and his eighteen generations exploded on the spot!"

"What am I doing, Long Chenbo!"

"It's too **** bullying the dragon. Is Nima coming to the festival or barbecue? My day!"

Seeing those two books "One Thousand and One Ways to Make Roasted Dragon Ribs" and "How to Make a Million Exclusive Secret Dragon's Tail to Be Delicious" in Lin's hand, all the fierce beast audiences turned into "quality audiences" and started one after another." Mouth vomiting fragrant', mouth foaming, one by one, talking one by one like eating honey.

Hei Lang smiled with a smile on his face, but the green muscles on his face were like dragons in a row.

"I will crush your bones one by one! Take your dragon veins and chew them all up!"

Hei Lang burst into a roar, and the monstrous dragon breath rushed to the Xiaohan, and when the dark misty dragon gas spread across, it turned into a shadowy dragon with thousands of feet of great shore! Dragon claws are like blue eagles, heads are like tigers, dragon teeth are like swords, dragon scales are black iron, dragon bodies are like rolling mountains!

"Wild dragon, die!"

When Shadow Dragon spit out a breath of dragon, it seemed to cover the entire battlefield in endless darkness!

Sigh~! The ground was split, and dozens of dark dragon giant claws were crushed out of thin air, trying to smash the'Dragon Dust Bo' directly!

Even the referee didn't care if Hei Lang violated the rules and took the first shot. This is what Long Chen Bo Tai Nima is very popular!

A thousand ways to roast dragon tendons? What do you think of the first genius of the ten dragons of the contemporary era? That's the super dragon clan devil with a series of'Mo Tianyan'!

Someone Lin started to retreat with the Dragon Fighting Body method, and when he put away his two cheats, he couldnt help but yell!

"My day! Do you still have qualities, and still engage in sneak attacks?"

grass! What quality do you still have?

Hei Lang hadn't spoken yet, and all the beast audiences were so angry that they directly greeted Long Chenbo from the outside of the court for 18 generations.

Black Lang continues to shoot the ground continuously, while the ground veins vibrate, the dragon's breath condenses out of thin air, and the shadow dragon's claws repeatedly shoot out of thin air!

Immediately afterwards, pillars of dark energy crashed down from the sky!

brush! brush! brush!

Long Chenbo's figure turned into a blue light wandering, constantly flashing, retreating all the way, in the face of the crazy bombardment of Hei Lang, launched a series of evasion and walking, dangerously and avoid many attacks! It looks like it has been completely suppressed and there is no way to fight back!

"He counseled, he counseled!"

"Fight him, His Royal Highness, fuck! Fuck the wild dragon to death!"

The fierce beast audience applauded unanimously, seeing the'Long Chen Bo' retreating all the way, looking like they had no strength to parry, they were in a hurry!

"Grandma, you have today!"

"Continue to sing, sorrow all day long, see if you will have your skin peeled by His Royal Highness later!"

Many high-level beasts raised their eyebrows and exclaimed, constantly applauding!

He counseled! This kid finally counseled!

Only Bingbing Rindai's eyebrows were locked.

She knows that the strength of Long Chenbo is definitely not to the extent that he has no parry against Heilang.

In the next moment; Long Chenbo evaded the remaining attacks of Heilang with ease, approaching the remaining two icebergs, holding up the'Qingling Quenching Blood Wine' that had been placed in advance, and saw the cold ice cold mouth corners!

Could it be that

Click~ Click~!

The dragon claws smashed a few pieces of ice again, and Long Chenbo drank a glass of water, twitching all over his body, and couldn't help but groan.

"Ah~~ I am cool, the world is cool!"

Does this **** have time to drink with plus ice?

"My grass!"

"Damn, flash! All flash to Laozi!"

"Don't stop me, my mother will go in today and fight this little king and bastard! I won't kill him today, I will write the king upside down!"

A large number of ice-class high-level fierce beasts ran away with anger, whizzing and screaming, fangs grinned, and the body revealed between them, the air was monstrous.

This grumpy, can't wait to enter the field and play a game with'Long Chen Bo'!

TANIMA is too much!

Has the ice beast no beast power this year? All the **** things have been reduced to this boy's drink booster!

Seven or eight elders of the Wanzai Xuanqinglong clan quickly approached the battlefield, fearing that a large number of fierce beasts would cause the scene to get out of control. This large number of high-level fierce beasts besieged him. Long Chenbo, even if he was strong, he must be massed by fierce beasts Siege falls!

"It seems that the emperor is looked down upon! Drinking? I drink Nima's snakeskin stick!"

Heilang roared up in the sky, twisted into the sky, and the dragon claws ripped up angrily, three dark dragon marks like a thousand miles of a dragon, a thousand miles, breaking through the ground, like a blade slashing towards the'Dragon Dust Bo'!

The power of this blow is more than most of the six mid-level warlords! The talents of super dragons, leapfrog strength!

"Wan Zai Xuanguang Blade!"

Lin Chen opened the dragon vein to the 690,000th article in one breath! The 6.99 million dragons swayed their dragon claws, and the blue-light strangled the rotation, flying out of the roulette-like light blade storm, and the violent wind and rain burst like a fire!

! The wind screamed, and countless blue blades destroyed the dark dragon marks of Helang. It was shaken back and forth, and the sound was horrified!

"699 million dragon power?"

The blue blade suddenly slammed in front of it, and Hei Lang spread a shadow barrier, and the light blade rotated extremely fast, directly cutting its dragon's breath barrier!


Flying at once, but the power of the blue blade decreased most, and Hei Lang was not seriously damaged.

This scene shocked all the high-level fierce beasts! Take a breath!

699 million dragon power? Isn't this strength second only to Mo Tianyan?

This is not the strength that has received the baptism of the Holy Dragon Pond. If it is allowed to enter the Holy Dragon Pond to get the baptism of the bloodline, is it possible for the Dragon Chen Bo to surpass Mo Tianyan?

The elders of the Xuanqinglong clan of Wanzai looked as if they had picked up treasures, their faces ecstatic!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the earth shook, Lin Chen changed the body of the Xuan Qing Dragon for ten years and rushed toward the Black Lang suddenly!

"Damn it, swallow the sky!"

The roar of Black Langhysterry made a roll of thousands of feet of dark dragon breath twisted towards the body of the blue dragon!

"Xuanqing Dragon Domain!"

A series of dragon energies turned into a deep blue dragon, turning into a dragon body, condensing into a blue armor, and dashed into the dragon breath storm!

Tear ~! The sonic boom roared, and the blue dragon flew into the sky, and went straight to Heilang without losing his momentum. Was he violently resisting Heilang's full blow?


When the corner of Hei Lang's mouth twitched, the overbearing and fierce Qinglong body slammed into it. When he hit Hei Lang, it was like a collision between two small continents.