My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 672

Vol 5 Chapter 672: Seven Amazing

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Chapter 672

boom! Hei Lang was bombarded and flew!

Tear ~! The sound burst, the blue dragon lifted its claws and ripped it down, one claw torn apart the heavens, shattered the black dragon's scales for defense, flesh and blood flew, and the wailing screamed through the audience!

This claw directly cut off the black dragon's arm! The strength of both sides is definitely not in a grade!

Wanzai Xuanqinglong is famous for its defense. Qinglong's defense started with 690,000 dragon veins, at least it has to have the attack power of the sevenfold war emperor's initial stage.

No matter how strong this black lang is, it is better than most of the six-fold mid-level emperor. There is still a long distance from the early stage of the seven-fold. Qinglong rushed past his attack without injury, and he was completely at ease!

[Get 12.5 million points of qi and blood energy, 8.95 million points of qi and blood energy, 6.9 million qi and blood energy, 11.2 million qi and blood energy,]

The light sphere of extremely high quality energy of qi and blood rolled down, all absorbed by Lin Chen's dragon body, and the system light screen kept popping up.

He ripped a long arm of Hei Lang at close range, and his eyes were furious, a big mouth turned over and opened, and the tip of the tooth that circulated the dark dragon breath suddenly bit down to the dragon's dragon arm!

Click~ Dragon teeth broke out and flew out, blood stains flowing!

With this bite, the teeth were broken, and Helang was dumbfounded! I cant even bite this Long Chen Bo!

This scene is also seen in the eyes of many high-level fierce beasts, frowning!

My mom, why is he so hard!

"Lao Tzu fights with you, Bahuang Explosive Claw!"

The only remaining piece of dragon claws struck like lightning, slamming to the dragon's head at the green dragon, Lin Chenlong's pupils squinted, and directly launched the'Xuanqing Dragon Domain'!

boom! boom!

This blow was extremely powerful. At the moment of hitting the green dragon, there were almost eight consecutive explosions in the part hit by the dragon claw!

Each explosion is almost equivalent to the first strike of the late six warlords. If one is not careful, the late six warlords will also be seriously injured or even fall!

This black lang is capable of bursting more than two levels of continuous super attacks, and it is also a top-notch strength in the history of Kyushu.

Unfortunately, its opponent is Lin Chen!

This claw just blasted the body of Qinglong back, and shocked the body of Qinglong with blood and tumbling. Lin Chen instantly launched the "Obsteal of Thief", and included the "black spiral" attribute light in its body into the dragon. !

[Consumption of 20,000 talent points, launching the harbinger of thieves, the host steals the mysterious body refining combat skills: "Seven Powers", the top level of the purple rank (grade undecided)

It is another top-level purple combat skill! And it is still the same as the mystery of "annihilation", the specific grade is undecided, is it the top grade or the top grade?

"Haha! I will accept this gift!"

Lin Chen laughed with pride and no longer left his hand, the whole body suddenly released all the dragon veins of the blue dragon body!

7 million dragon power!

The dragon force is astonishing, covering the clouds and covering the moon!

Pushing a claw across a thousand miles of mountains and rivers, slamming and smashing it onto the black dragon's body, like a broken vein, bursting out a sphere of qi and blood attributes!

The fierce beasts outside the battlefield numb their scalp, 7 million dragon power?

This kind of strength is not much more than that of some elders who are too high, completely surpassing Mo Tianyan who did not accept the baptism of Shenglongchi in that year!

At this moment, Mo Tianyan sitting on the top of the holy mountain was extremely ugly. If it was the same grand ceremony as this Long Chen Bo, then it should be Mo Tianyan who was beaten down now!

"No, I surrender, I surrender!"

Hei Lang vomited blood while shouting to surrender, and several elders protected it like lightning, but this is the top pillar of Shadow Tianlong's future. If they die, they can't explain it!

"Wipe, let him run again! Explode this guy, should be able to drop more attributes!"

Lin Chen, who was planning to take the chase after the victory, felt sorry for a while, but fortunately, there were secrets of "Seven Powers".

Moreover, it may not be a good thing to kill Hei Lang, in case this Shadow Heavenly Dragon makes trouble to himself, this is done before saving Yan Qianyun, then it is upside down.

[Get 369 dark energy, 784 dark energy, 450 dark energy, 28.5 million qi and blood energy, 18 million qi and blood energy,]

The attribute value of the shadow dragon drops Lin Chen's smile, and the rarest dark attributes are everywhere!

"The winner, Long Chenbo, contestant of No. 666 in Beihuang District!"

At the moment the referee elder announced, there was still fear and horror left in his eyes!

This kid hides too deep! More than 700,000 dragons, this kind of strength has been equal to more than half of the elders of the ten dragons!

The elders of the Xuan Qinglong family immediately protected Lin Chen and said ecstatically-"Good boy, hahaha! This time it gave us a long face of Xuan Qinglong!"

"Our family can finally make a top-notch pride, hahaha!"

They were afraid that the old guys of Shadow Tianlong would mess up and stand beside Lin Chen for the first time.

When Lin Chen saw the elders of the Shadow Heavenly Dragon holding up the horrified black lang, he cast a fierce glance at himself that almost meant to eat. Lin Chen put away the dragon decisively and raised his hand as a **** to pay tribute.

This time, Lin Chen, as the "Dragon Chen Bo", overwhelmed the only genius comparable to Mo Tianyan in this session. There were hardly any fierce beasts daring to play against him. Every time he draws his opponent, the other party abstains.

In this regard, Lin Chen was also happy to wait for the result in the auditorium. He clicked on the system and started the fusion function.

"System, fusion removes the main weapon I use, all fusion!"

This time, Lin Chen will fuse all the weapons on hand!

[Consumption of 590,000 Heavenly Dao, fusion of 69 pieces of 7th-level intermediate weapons, 29 pieces of 7th-level advanced weapons, and 2 pieces of 7th-level top grade inferior products.

Among them, the two seventh-order inferior weapons, one was a hammer made of green Xuanjing jade, and the other was a soul-scrambled sickle, seized from the two Holy Envoys who attempted to **** Lin Chens "blue moon". , Not suitable for Lin Chen.

[Boom~! Ding ~! The fusion is successful, and the host obtains the seventh-tier top-grade medium weapon: Fenghuang Bow.

The war bow is five feet long, the green string is as clear as gorgeous, the bow tail is set with sapphire, there is a hint of wind and thunder running, and if it is not moving, the mountains and rivers collapse!

"The bow of the seventh-tier top-grade middle class, looking at Kyushu and even the sky tower, belongs to the top genus!"

Lin Chen was a little amazed. Even if Yunzhou, a legendary founder, prevailed, the highest-grade war weapon ever auctioned was no more than a seventh-grade top-grade middle class. In the past 50,000 years, there were only two sales records! This shows the preciousness of this thing!

"With this battle bow, I wonder if it can threaten the Yae later warlord, it is worth looking forward to!"

After confessing the blood, Lin Chen continued to start the system!

"System, I want to learn "Seven Powers"!"

[Consuming the host has only 5.4 million skills and skills, learning "Seven Powers".

Seven amazing learning memories poured into my mind. Lin Chen sat outside the battlefield with his eyes closed to raise his mind. The breath was as strong as the river reversed, and the sun and the moon hung high. The beasts are shocked and dare not get close!