My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 673

Vol 5 Chapter 673: Shenglongchi

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Chapter 673

Seven Powers is a pure body refining combat skill. It uses special methods to control pure power to attack. It contains seven lore strengths: cut, tear, pull, twist, penetrate, explode, and kill!

Each of these strengths has a unique personality, and has different coping methods for different situations. With Linchens current Dragon Power, he can only display the first two strengths: cutting strength and tearing strength!

Forcibly use the lore force behind it. If the strength does not hurt yourself first, and the pure power does not reach the standard, forcible use will only destroy your own body!

The passage of time, the grand ceremony continues, but Lin Chen is alone in this new purple-level top mystery, almost fascinated!

Amazing! For the first time, he discovered that the use of pure power can be used so mysteriously!

Although "Seven Powers" is a combat skill, it is more like a volume of purple-level top-level power application techniques. Its lore force is suitable for use in all ways.

Whether it is fingering, legging, boxing, palming, or clawing, it can be perfectly matched, depending on the user's control!

As long as the user has enough potential and proper matching, this physical refining combat skill has the possibility to become the top rank of the purple rank!

The blue-level top combat skill "Dark Dragon Palm" that Lin Chen once practiced has a kind of "twisting strength" and "through strength".

But Dark Dragon Palm and Seven Powers, the former uses more of the dark forces to create these two strengths, while the latter is completely controlled by extraordinary and pure power, which is completely different grade!

It is like a sword made of ordinary fine iron, and a sword cast by Wannian cold iron. It looks almost the same, but once the comparison is made, it is not in the same grade!

Five days later, Lin Chen slowly opened his eyes, and the ceremony was coming to an end!

"Good exquisite exercises, 5.4 million intermediate exercises have only 20% proficiency, but it gives me a taste of control over pure power, which has improved the taste of several grades!"

Lin Chen wiped it freely, and the void with five fingers swept out the sound of chirping air splitting, and the space was splitting deep faults!

This is one of the seven strengths he can use at this stage; cut strength!

"As long as it uses 7 million dragon power to launch, even the cutting power of a finger hair can exert the power comparable to the full blow of the seven-fold mid-term warlord, if he **** it out with a palm?"

Even Lin Chen felt terrified!

The top-ranked purple combat skills are well-deserved!

The main combat power of Lin Chens previous leapfrogging challenge was the addition of mental methods, runes, talents, etc., depending on whether the level of weapons and exercises can take advantage.

With the improvement of the opponent's strength, Lin Chen's exercises and weapons have lost any advantages. In addition, the strength gap in the later period of the war emperor is very large, and every leapfrog is extremely difficult.

Lin Chen not only has to improve cultivation, but also collect more top-level exercises!

At this time, an old man in a red robe flying in the air suspended, is a top-level dragon ancestor of the seventh order! Nine heavyweight mid-level battle emperor!

"Oh, this grand ceremony is really full of surprises. The first place is actually the little guy from the North Wasteland, Long Chen Bo!"

At the moment when the old man in red robe announced loudly, the audience was a little weird!

This is probably the first time when the title of the champion appeared in this festival, there was no applause!

Who can move you a barbecue? Who dares to applaud?

"I don't have any merits, I like low-key. If you don't speak, you just want me to be low-key. I like it very much. Please remember that infertility please find me. I live next door called Chen Bo, thank you."

Someone Lin stood up and said half-man and half-long cheeks very calmly.

Many fierce beasts almost passed out! What kind of shutting can also be his foil?

This Long Chenbo is poisonous! Very toxic!

Yan Qianyun in the "Absolute Space" smiled with flowers and shivering, which was completely different from the extraordinary appearance of the past.

"This Nizi still smiled, it seems that she should recognize me. The time limit of the absolute space is not up to the end, she should not act rashly, and then look at the layout to save her from the banquet!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, apart from Yan Qianyun, he also had a strong interest in the Dragon Clan's Holy Dragon Pond!

As long as there is a chance, he does not mind making big hits!

"Please go to the top five of this grand ceremony. Outside the top five, please go to the Dragon Terrace to receive the reward."

After the old man in red robe shook his head and smiled, he announced aloud that the five figures were floating in the air, headed by "Dong Chen Bo", followed by Han Bing Rin and Hei Lang, and a super lotus of a Red Lotus Yan Dragon and a Tianyuying Dragon .

Countless dragons cast their envious eyes. These five people will be the characters of the dragons in the future. At least they will have the status of elders!

Elder Hongpao brushed his sleeves, and the space channel extended from the void, and said loudly-"The first five, follow me, select the Holy Dragon Pool."

Lin Chen was very curious and stepped slowly into the space channel, followed by the other four dragons.

The space channel is silver and shuttles all the way.

The other four dragons did not dare to approach Lin Chen at all. This guy is too weird, especially Hei Lang, who already has a psychological shadow in his heart!

"Little guy, where did you come from and why the North Wasteland has never heard of your name."

Suddenly, the ancestor of the red robe leading the team asked, his expression was plain, and he could not see his intention.

Lin Chen had been wary of this kind of cross-examination in advance. He showed a careless appearance, such as the state when attending the grand ceremony.

"I came from the sky pagoda. At first, I was conquered by the Shura clan. After the Shura clan was killed, I became a tomb-keeping spirit. Until the successor appeared in the tomb of the Shura, I was able to lift the seal and leave to return to Aras. I didn't go to the central area until I heard that the ceremony was held."

"Oh? Is there such a chance?"

The ancestor of the red robe flashed in the eyes, no wonder this child is extremely talented, and originally followed the Shura family!

This life experience is exactly the experience of Long Kun. Lin Chen directly used his experience to shun the past, and did not arouse the suspicion of the red robe ancestor.

"He came from the sky tower?"

Han Bing whispered, no wonder this guy is so powerful! There is one of the territories of the human race, and if you can get out of it, you must be the strongest of the strong!

After an hour, the crowd reached the end of the space tunnel!


Longwei was like a wave, suppressing five people head-on!

The five people are under different pressures, and the four dragons show a hurry!

"Oh, this is the power of the Holy Dragon, you don't have to panic. When you first arrive, you will get used to it later."

The old man in red robe caressed and smiled.

Lin Chen completely sealed the breath of his human race and looked around carefully.

The place is gray and silent, and the only way to reach the end is a dragon altar standing between the heavens and the earth.

The dragon column is carved with ancient dragon patterns, like a vivid ancient dragon seal inside the dragon column. Thousands of dragon chains are cast around the dragon altar, crisscrossing.

At the center of the Dragon Altar, there is a blood pond with four-headed dragon head carvings on all sides. When the dragon's mouth is opened, blood-like energy flows into the blood pond.

Lin Chen's pupil trembles, what a full energy, this is the Holy Dragon Pond!