My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 674

Vol 5 Chapter 674: Wedding Day

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Chapter 674

Next to the Dragon Altar, there is the engraved dragon character: Shadow Tianlong.

This is the holy dragon pond of the shadow dragon.

"Given the fact that this time your five races of origin, you will be taken to five holy dragon ponds of five different dragon races, let you pick one, you all know the rules, if you choose the holy dragon pond of different races, it will mean you To join their ethnic camp."

Ancestor of Red Robe seriously instructed-"After selecting the Holy Dragon Pool, even if the race is different, you must force yourself to join the camp of your own Saint Dragon Pool. I hope you will consider it carefully."

The energy contained in the holy dragon pool of each race is different, but in fact, the holy dragon pool of the top ten dragon races is suitable for all dragon races.

For example: Honglian Yanlong entered the holy dragon pond of the Xuanqing Dragon clan of ten thousand years to receive baptism, so there is not much difference from the baptism of the holy dragon pond into which he entered his race, because this is the reason why the ancient ancestors of the ancient dragon simplified the blood lineage and passed on energy.

The disadvantage of this approach is that it can't fully play the blood line 100%, but it can maximize the scope to ensure that the potential of all the emerging geniuses in the dragon family is inspired.

As everyone nodded, Lin Chen took the opportunity to launch the'Golden Eye Twins' instantly!

But in the Holy Dragon Pond, countless blood-breathing energies such as the dragon shuttle, every drop of energy inside can move mountains and fill the sea, falling into the mountains and rivers!

"The energy is very strong. If my blue dragon can be baptized, not only the bloodline attribute value can soar, but also the high dragon power! The dragon body is transformed!"

Lin Chen is very excited, and this holy dragon pond is worthy of the heritage of the ten dragons. This may be the strongest opportunity his blue dragon has ever received!

"Oh, system, can my super-dimensional teleport enter this independent space plane!"

Lin Chen suddenly asked the system.

[Answer to the host: Purple order super-dimensional transmission can enter, as long as the host sets the spatial orientation in advance.

The systematic answer made Lin Chen have a crazy and bold idea in his heart!

Then, the ancestors of the red robe continued to lead the team, went to the four holy dragon ponds in series, a total of five holy dragon ponds.

Lin Chen quietly launched the'Golden Eyes Twins' every time.

Because Zijin Tong can perfectly pry out which dragon clan holds the most abundant and most powerful Holy Dragon Pool energy!

"The Purple Order's "Super Dimensional Teleportation" talent can be fixed in 6 positions, including three spatial positions: Lingzhou, Huangzhou, and Shenzhou. These three spatial positions may need to be used at any time, and one must be kept at all times. The vacant spatial orientation prevents emergencies, so it seems that I can only fix the spatial orientation of two holy dragon pools at a time."

Lin Chen's eyes flashed, and many thoughts quickly crossed his mind.

Someone in Lin's goal this time is to use the'super-dimensional teleportation' talent to backhand the energy of the Holy Dragon Pool!

A holy dragon pond? not enough! He Lin Chen wants more!

If the other three coordinates of "Super Dimensional Teleportation" need to guard against the false **** family at all times, he cant wait to set all five Holy Dragon Ponds to space coordinates, and send all the gods back to him!

Steal home? His favorite thing about Lin Chen is to steal home!

Each sacred dragon pond is a different independent plane. Lin Chen is not an ancestor of the dragon family and cannot travel one after another.

"Among the five dragon ponds this ancestor has been to, the sacred dragon pond of the Red Lotus Yanlong clan and the sacred dragon pond of the Tianyu Yinglong are the most powerful..."

As Lin Chen pondered, the other four dragons had already been selected, and all of them only selected the holy dragon pool of their own race!

They don't plan to join other dragon clan camps, because it's almost the same to go to any holy dragon pond, but the energy of each holy dragon pond is too full, they can't absorb it at one time!

"How about, Long Chenbo, you are left. Or do you also choose the holy dragon pond of your race."

The ancestor of the red robe turned to look at Lin Chen, he suddenly spoke.

"No, I choose the Holy Dragon Pond of the Red Lotus Yanlong!"

[Consumption of 10,000 talent points, super-dimensional transmission talent fixed point is completed, located in space coordinates 4, the host can start at any time.

As soon as the voice fell, the system popped up a light screen. Because the Holy Dragon Pond where you are now belongs to the Tianyu Yinglong family!

After Lin Chen's choice, the four dragons are all surprised. Will he join the Red Lotus Yanlong family?

Long Tong, the old man in the red robe, suddenly flashed a deep light, and was about to see Lin Chen through!

The atmosphere was silent. After two breaths, Lin Chen spoke.

"Why not?"

The ancestor of the red robe withdrew his gaze, and smiled with Yan Yuese's caressing-"Oh, naturally, there is no problem."

Finally, the ancestor of the red robe brought Lin Chen back to the Holy Dragon Pond of the Red Lotus Yanlong clan, and officially activated the Holy Dragon Pond for Lin Chen!

"After three days, the energy of the Holy Dragon Pool will be fully activated, and I will take you back then. Oh, this time there is a wedding banquet. After the wedding banquet, the time is almost up."

The ancestor of the red robe flicked his sleeves and took the crowd away. The corner of Lin's mouth rose slightly.


Long Chen Bo selected the news of the Red Lotus Yanlong clan. For example, if a large earthquake swept the entire central area, no one expected that the dragon genius, who was born out of the world, chose the Red Lotus Yanlong clan.

Lost intelligence? If he stays with the Xuan Qinglong clan in Wanzai, he will definitely be cultivated with all his strength!

The high-ranking people of the Red Lotus Yanlong family are all stunned. Why is this another great arrogance?

The elders of the Wanzai Xuanqinglong clan almost angered the battlefield!

This little king and eight eggs actually chose the red lotus Yanlong family, it is really a dog!

Regardless of the outside world, Lin Chen entered the secret room arranged by Hongpao's ancestors and began to prepare for his'unique show plan'.

In three days, it passed in a blink of an eye!

The central area is the flame mountain range of the Red Dragon Yanlong family.

The fire was raging here, the flames rose up from the ground, burning millions of miles, and the dragon flame persisted.

The Flame Mountain, the Dragon Palace in the center, is brilliant and brilliant. Countless hilarious lows roaring up and down, the sky breathes a strong breath from time to time!

Today is the first genius of the Red Dragon Yanlong tribe, Mo Tianyan's wedding banquet!

Although there are many high-level fierce beasts in the courts, but the top powerhouses are not as good as the grand ceremony. After all, the top powerhouses of the dragon clan have their own priorities.

On the first day of the banquet, the gathering of two top-level elders from Tier 7 was comparable to the early eighth stage and mid eighth stage.

In addition to the two Taishang elders, there are also ten dragon elders who are comparable to the seven-fold war emperor, and a large number of seventh-order low-level and intermediate-level beasts.

The palace of flames on the mountain is so high that many fierce beasts sit in the palace, and two rows of banquet tables open side by side.

"Everyone can come today and they gave me Mo Tianyan's face. I'll have a drink first!"

Mo Tianyan, dressed in a big red robe, drank and drank, causing many high-level beasts to cheer!

His side is Yan Qianyun in the absolute space, the energy of the absolute space is about to collapse! By then, she will be completely exposed!

With her cultivation base, in the face of many seventh-order dragons, she may not even have the chance to explode!

Yan Qianyun was a little nervous, quietly peeking at a figure in the corner.

But the Long Chenbo, sitting in the corner, pours himself and drinks, holding two books in one hand, reading them carefully, and he didnt take it seriously.

The two book covers are engraved with a line of words-"Actor's Self-Improvement" and "The Ten Most Tricky Ways to Fight the Landlord".

The first move: Cappuccino's correct method

Second trick: a double backhand

The third measure: make a fortune

Fourth trick: I'm sorry even

Fifth measure: three belts and one

Sixth trick: single show