My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 675

Vol 5 Chapter 675: Long Chen Bo Vs Lin Chen?

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Chapter 675: Long Chenbo VS Lin Chen?

"It's this time, is he not planning to act yet, huh! Is it true that after he sees the absolute space disintegrating, I am humiliated by those dragons to be reconciled!"

Yan Qianyun Hao teeth pursed fragrantly. But in my heart, I still believe in Lin Chen and wait quietly.

I just dont know why, when I saw him, you seemed to care less about yourself, there was always some inexplicable irritability deep in my heart...


Dragon clan, dragon tower.

In a dense room, inside a blood pool with a glowing glow, a very unique aura is revealed on the side, as if it were nine days in a row, unlike any other.

In the blood pool, the three cold and senran figures stand proudly, and behind them are the figures of the three dragon ancestors!

"Well, the blood of 165 fortune tellers is acceptable."

Hawk-eyed old man looks awe-inspiring. If Lin Chen is here, he may be able to recognize that this person is really the ancestor of one of the six false **** families, Long Can!

"I hope the true God will be satisfied."

The other two smiled sensibly, and the dragon ancestor behind him frowned and said indifferently.

"According to the regulations, we have collected the sperm blood of the operator you requested, and when to hand over that thing. We are only a cooperative relationship. If you do not comply, I guarantee that you will not leave the barren state!"

In the end, the words are awesome!

"Oh, rest assured, our great true **** is coming, how can we owe you the Dragon Clan's favor, and just put 10,000 hearts on it."

"Humph! We Dragons do not intend to submit to you, so I don't want to talk to Lao Tzu about the true god!"

The other two ancestors sneered sneeredly, and Long Can's pair of fierce eagle eyes suddenly turned to look at the three of them, hehe laughed.

"Why, don't you want to be an eighth-order holy dragon?"

As soon as this statement came out, the atmosphere in the secret room suddenly calmed down...


Flame Mountain, singing and dancing!

At this time, the palace was already a grove of wine ponds, crowing and flying, many high-level beasts of half-humans and half-beasts walking in the palace, drinking alcohol, drunken, stumbled, and wobbled.

Dragons are naturally prostitute, and most of them also like to enjoy, and like to collect treasures.

A few days of Yuying Long walked up to the top of the hall, hooked up with Mo Tianyan, and carried a hip flask to Yan Qianyun in that'absolute space' and chin down "Hey, Tianyan, you are a little girl Its really good, dont give the brother a few soups."

"Yeah, if you share with us, we will also share with you the few celebrity singers we had taken in the blood state a few days ago. That job will ensure that you will forget to return!"

A few half-man and half-dragon Tian Yu Ying Long evil smiled, Mo Tianyan and them booze a pot of fine wine, and the voice of'ha' wiped her mouth and smiled and said-"No problem, but you have to wait under that premise. Ill play enough, lets talk about it, and well play again when its time, ha ha ha! Lets have a big meat feast!

"Hahaha! Good brother, really good brother, come and drink again!"

All Yan Qianyun heard, as if the face was cold and frosted, awe-inspiring-"Shameless, a group of beasts that are inferior!"

One of the heads of Tianyu Yinglong was named: Luocha. As the Tianjiao of Mo Tianyan's contemporaries, his strength is second only to the former.

Luo Cha smiled while touching his chin-"Shameless? Then don't you call it too much when Cheng Huan is under us, quack!"

"Relax, this human race woman has a hard mouth, and she will be honest when she sees the true skills."

Mo Tianyan and many Tianyu Yinglong while talking extremely unpleasant swear words, while constantly drinking wine with many Tianyu Yinglong!

Yan Qianyun trembles with her body, shivering with tears. Those who cant leave alive, she swears that she is willing to die at all costs and will not defile these monsters!

"Long Chen Bo" slowly closed the book, and Long Tong's murderous intention disappeared in a flash!

"Mo Tianyan, the other one is called Luo Cha, right? I will let you die very rhythmically."


The sudden sound of the sudden shock shocked countless high-level beasts!

what happened? Is someone crazy? This is Mo Tianyan's wedding banquet. Who dares to mess up?

Mo Tianyan's eyes became particularly sharp in an instant, and he immediately protected the'absolute space'!

The two Taishang elders, Long Tong, showed a touch of strangeness and suddenly stood up!

I saw the ceiling of the palace, and a hole was cracked. The first dragon chair in the hall, a silver robe appeared like a ghost!

The silver robe rolls over, the young pair of deep eyes are like the stars and the sea, the face is handsome, and the corner of the mouth is covered with a cynical smile!

Yan Qianyun's beautiful eyes trembled, and he came!

But why is it not "Long Chen Bo"? Did you admit it wrong?

"Human race?"

"Where is sacred! Dare to go straight to my Red Lotus Yanlong family!"

The two Taishang elders flashed in shape, violently protecting Mo Tianyan and sighing with awe!

"Kyushu is the most handsome, Lingzhou Linchen, hereby visits!"

The boy Lang Ran smiled, and the audience was shocked!

Lingzhou Linchen?

Although the news of Huangzhou is not as well-informed as that of other big states, they still hear a little bit about Lin Chens name! It is said that even the family of pseudo-gods eat deflated in this hand!

Furthermore, how did he sneak in here?

Some high-level fierce beasts are air-conditioned. There are many enchantments in the Red Lotus Yanlong clan, and they have a keen sense of the human race. Even the eighth and ninth war emperors, it is difficult to sneak in silently!

Lin Chen whistled at Yan Qianyun in the "absolute space" and joked.

"Baby Qianyun, I'm not late."

Yan Qianyun took a sip! This serious guy, can this joke be joking?

Seeing Yan Qianyun and Lin Chen frowning, it seemed as if they were disgusted and strange, Mo Tianyan's expression seemed to be somber like eating shit!

"Lord Lin Chen, come here in this way, what is the so-called thing?"

A Taishang elder questioned awe-inspiringly, looking cautiously, because he couldn't see through Lin Chen's true cultivation behavior!

"Pretend to rob, rob a woman."

Lin Chen flicked his nails and laughed.

Mo Tianyan's face suddenly became extremely gloomy!

Bang~! With a loud bang, the palace shook and shook!

A young boy in a green robe suddenly jumped in front of Lin Chen!

He was angry, and even locked Lin Chen hysterically, killing intent!

"It's you? You are Lin Chen?"

That person is Long Chen Bo!

Lin Chen frowned lightly-"Why, dissatisfied?"

Long Chen Bo questioned wildly"Thats when you took my wife away and humiliated for seven, seven, forty-nine days. Lao Tzu **** with you today!"

by! This human race Lin Chen still has this hobby?

Many fierce beasts frowned, humiliated for seven, seventy-nine days? Really fierce!

Bang ~!

The two met, as if encountering an enemy, and were extremely jealous. Long Chenbo suddenly transformed into a Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon, and a Xuanguang Blade burst out directly!

boom! Lin Chen backhanded his hands, exploded the Xuanguang blade, whirld a whip leg, Long Chenbo released the Xuanqing Dragon Domain, raised his claws and blasted out!