My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 676

Vol 5 Chapter 676: 3. Dive Into Success.

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Chapter 676: Dive into success.

boom! boom! boom! Bang!

The aftermath of the terrible collision went straight to Jiuxiao, and the whole palace was demolished, shattered and torn! The two sides immediately set off a war!

All the high-level fierce beasts retreated and their bodies appeared in a mess!

So who can think of this wedding banquet that will encounter such a natural disaster?

Two Taishang elders protect Mo Tianyan, and the other elders meet with one eye, and gradually turn into the body, wanting to support Long Chenbo!

No matter how Long Chenbo chooses, he also chooses the Tianjiao of the Red Lotus Yanlong family, and he should not be allowed to have any accidents!

One person and one dragon is so fast, the fighting range continues to expand, I do not know how many high-level beasts have been affected!

They turned into two streamers of white and green on the horizon, criss-crossed, and even for a time, the elders failed to catch up with the support, and they were stunned!

Even Yan Qianyun didn't know what was going on in this situation?

Long Chen Bo hit Lin Chen? Isn't this fight yourself? Or did you really admit the wrong person?

And those dragon elders are horrified that the real strength of Long Chenbo is so powerful, chasing the seventh-level middle war emperor!

"Wan Zai Xuanguang Blade!"

The blue dragon roared, the dragon's claws swayed, and the vast light blade turned and cut!

"Sixfold Change Cut Force!"

Lin Chens evil charm smirked, and Xiu was temporarily advancing into the late sixth warlord. His five fingers were shot at the front of the Xuanguang Blade. The blade-like energy cut the Qinglongs light blade and slammed into the Long Chenbo. ', Dragonscale burst!

Bang~! Poof!

Long Chenbo vomited blood and fell into a blue light. Lin Chen turned into a human-shaped whirlwind, and his right leg volleyed a gold hook upside down and hit the dragon body!

Bang~! Tear ~! The terrible air wave oscillated open, and a "cutting force" cut through the defense of Long Chenbo, the dragon scale burst, the dragon blood raged, was flew by Lin Chen, fell to the ground, and overwhelmed several mountains!

The expression of all dragon elders has changed! In these few rounds, Long Chenbo, who is enough to match the early stage of Seventh Layer, was actually killed? Life or death?

"Brother Chen, I am going to turn your Red Lotus Yanlong family upside down!"

Lin Chen grinned, turned into a beam of moonlight, and violently destroyed Mo Tianyan, and the expressions of many elders changed suddenly!

"All of them shot around to suppress this son! His strength is directly after the eighth battle emperor, don't let him wantonly!"

The two Taishang elders who protected Mo Tianyan were awe-inspiring, and all the goals of the dragon elders were transferred to Lin Chen!

This is too tricky! Throughout the ages, no creatures can quietly sneak into the central area of their dragon clan, let alone come to the core of their red lotus Yanlong clan!

As if he appeared out of thin air, no one was aware of it. This method was shocking! Must be eradicated the first time!

"Quick, run!"

"This son is too strong, retreat! It is simply not a match that I can wait for!"

"Long running, even my life is gone!"

The earth shook, the sky turned into infinite shadows, and a large number of high-level fierce beasts fled wildly, and they could not care what the scene was!

With Lin Chens strength, they can be killed by raising their hands and throwing their hands, chasing the strength of the Eightfold Battle Emperor, and standing anywhere in Kyushu is the strength standing at the top of the pyramid!

"Blood bite!"

Tens of thousands of feet of blood mangling exuded the grunt of chewing bones, facing Lin Chen head-on!

"Red Lotus startled!"

The sea of fire came and it turned into a pillar of fire exploding. Ten elders and two Taishang elders launched a siege on Lin Chen!

"Cut! Eight fingers!"

When the eight-color energy fingers and the barbaric dragon-like energy rushed out, a battle that shocked the entire Red Lotus Yanlong clan broke out!

Many retired or executives of the Dragon race who are in charge of affairs, all feel the breath of this human race in the Flame Mountain!

Lin Chen seemed as if he was not afraid of death, and he was desperately desperate. Every attack was unstoppable, and he forcibly blocked ten Elder Yanlong and two Elders!

But what all the Dragon races dont know is that when almost all the attention of the souls is concentrated on Lin Chens body, the body of the "Dong Chen Bo" that fell to the abyss, I dont know that at a certain moment, it trembles and lightning Turned into transparency, disappeared extremely strangely!

[Consumption of 130,000 points of intermediate rune energy, the sky hidden rune is successfully displayed, the breath has been hidden, duration: 3 seconds. Cooling time: 40 seconds.

The moment the system light screen popped up, Lin Chen issued an order!

"System, start the super-dimensional teleportation talent and teleport to space position 4!"

Brush ~!

A stream of space streamer broke from the top of the head, and the Qinglong body disappeared!

When it reappeared, it was already in front of the quaint and vicissitudes of the Dragon Altar.

"Hey, for my acting in Long Chenbo, I started with 100 million yuan, and I didn't feel embarrassed to get out of it without winning a few best actor whirlwind gyro gold cup awards."

Long Chenbo smiled, he was a playmate!

From the beginning, it was just that Lin Chen was acting, he just wanted Long Chenbo to die in the hands of Lin Chen! Let no one doubt it.

If Linchen comes and fights in the flame mountain range, the Dragon Dust Bo of unknown origin will immediately disappear, which inevitably raises doubts.

But if he was killed or seriously injured by Lin Chens hand at the beginning, it would be difficult to let Long Chen Bo

His whole body started to burn with a bright purple flame!

This is the bloodline supernatural power of True Flame Purple Phoenix. Purple Flame recovers and activates the power of qi and blood to quickly heal the wounds!

At this time, Shenglongchi kept blowing blood bubbles, and the surging energy was like a galaxy turning around, even if it was exposed a little on the side, it was enough to destroy the mountains and rivers!

Then, the green dragon jumped up and entered the Holy Dragon Pool!

boom! Grunt!

The energy in the holy dragon pool boils instantly! This feeling, like thousands of giant dragons rushed towards Qinglong in an instant, directly pushed the mountains and rivers, and hit Qinglong's whole body with blood and blood!

"Press me!"

Lin Chen drank and activated the blood of Yinglong in the body of the blue dragon. When the two bloodlines were urged, the energy in the Holy Dragon Pool was more boiling!

This terrible aura made Lin Chen's consciousness quickly detached from the body of Qinglong, turned into a silver robe, and stepped outside the Holy Dragon Pond. This is Lin Chen's body.

Lin Chen feared a little-"This is the blood baptism of Shenglongchi, it is really terrible! It is equivalent to removing all the flesh and bones of a person and then reassembling it. !"

What Lin Chen did not know is that the Holy Dragon Pool will produce different energy refinements according to the entrant's potential. The talent of the Blue Dragon itself belongs to the top rank in the history of the Dragon Race.

In addition, Lin Chen inspired another kind of Yinglong bloodline, with two bloodlines in his body, which can be called apocalypse!

In other words, there will never be such a wicked wizard in the history of the Dragon Race!

The two blood lines are perfectly combined into one, and each blood line is very pure. This talent, ancient and modern, the energy of the Holy Dragon Pool will be activated to an unprecedented level!

Therefore, the energy in the Holy Dragon Pond has reached an unprecedented boiling state!