My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 677

Vol 5 Chapter 677: Slash The Dragon

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Chapter 677

Sigh~! Sigh~! A burst of blood mist emerged, and if Qinglong had no consciousness, this pain could torture any powerful creature to death!

It's no less than putting yourself into the smelting fire of knife mountain fire, but the effect is immediate!

"720,000 dragon veins are coming, and there will be 730,000 soon! Very fast!"

Lin Chen is ecstatic, the system light screen pops up again and again!

[Acquired 980 blood points of Yinglong Blood Vessel, 1150 blood Vessels of Qinglong Blood Vessel, 1290 blood Vessel of Yinglong Blood Vessel, 1400 blood Vessel of Qinglong Blood Vessel,]

Non-stop, non-stop!

Not only the Dragon Emperor's Dragon Vessel is violently opening, but also the Blood Vessel attribute value is also surging!

Shenglongchi belongs to the place where the dragon clan inherits. If there is no special ancestor's trick to open it, even the late Emperor Jiuzhong can't break in!

At this moment, none of the Dragon clan seniors could have expected that Lin Chen, a human clan, could even mix into the Holy Dragon Pool to steal the energy here!

"According to this trend, the two bloodline attribute values have a chance to break through to 700,000 points!"

Lin Chen was amazed, his mouth raised, and his body sat cross-legged next to Longchi.

"The first phase of the plan has already begun and started to the second phase. It takes a certain time to absorb the blood baptism of the Holy Dragon Pool. I must attract all the firepower outside, how much can be noisy, otherwise once a certain The ancestor of the dragon clan found out that the situation in the holy dragon pool was all fart!"

Now Lin Chen, in the face of the ninth-level warlords and above, also need to temporarily avoid the edge.

Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness was transferred to the "Four Phantom Doppelgangers" he prepared in advance!

Round two; start!


The flame mountain range is falling apart!

This is the first large-scale destruction in the territory of the Red Dragon Yanlong Clan. No one expected that a human race would dare to come here!

In the void, the flame mountain range is more than ten thousand miles, and twelve tens of thousands of dragons are flying, and the center of the encirclement and suppression is as small as an ant!

Lin Chen, who was carrying the Purple Phoenix wings, was transformed into a stream of purple flames even though the speed was amazing. He was still suppressed to retreat, and his injuries accumulated at a speed visible to the naked eye!

"Oh, Lin Chen is nothing more than that,"

Mo Tianyan disdains sneer, Luocha is beside Mo Tianyan, hehe evil smiles and says-"Strength is good, that is, the brain is not good, at this point, the strength dares to break into the territory of the Red Lotus Flame Dragon, and there must be whimsical. Degrees."

"If you look down upon him, you may pay a very serious price."

At this time, the beautiful lady in the transparent cube smiled and looked gorgeous, and the two of them were instantly distracted!

Sigh~! boom!

The air of the vast dragon exploded in the void, and Lin Chen's figure was exploded by two Taishang elders!

Although he was strong in the mid-sixth-level training, his combat power was at most close to that in the eighth-level early stage.

No matter how hard he fights, his opponents are ten elder Yanlong elders and two elders who are comparable to the eighth and middle eighth elders!

"Wait, no!"

Suddenly, one of the Taishang elders suddenly lost his voice!

The void where Lin Chen was exploded left no trace, as if evaporated from the sky!

Almost at the moment when the other party noticed the anomaly, the air of the dark robbery turned like a vortex, the space was distorted and collapsed, and two figures appeared ghostly to Mo Tianyan and Luo Cha!

The situation was so abrupt that no one expected it!

Mo Tianyan was horrified, a subconscious instantaneous backhand slammed a claw, and 750 Longli pushed the mountains and rivers horizontally!

Luo Cha looked panicked, his palm like a knife slashing to the residual image not far behind him!

"Charging and penetrating runes! The ultimate moment!"

"Eight Wild Fingers! Seven Powers!"

The two gods Lin Chen who turned haunted, turned blue and gloriously, shot abruptly, and their energy fingers dropped behind Luosha!

Cut like a dragon, with a snorting cut open Mo Tianyan's dragon claws, dragon blood hurricane!


The earth-shattering explosion resounded through the sky, and Mo Tianyan's dragon arm was blasted away. The body was revealed, covered in blood, and in disarray. The elders were stunned!

Mo Tianyan opened 750,000 dragon veins, 7.5 million dragon forces combined with his heritage, even the seventh-level late warlord can fight, even if he lost to the eighth-level early warlord, with the power of the dragon body, it is impossible to be cut so easily. Open an arm!

"There are two more Lin Chen?"

"No! These two are stronger than the Lin Chen just now. Does this kid retain his strength?"

"Save Master Tianyan!"

When many elders were stunned and shocked, the two Taishang elders felt uncomfortable and suddenly turned into a stream of space and rushed towards Mo Tianyan!

Tear ~!

The ultimate sonic boom and wind breaking sound, the flashing shadow of thunder light shines, and a dark thunder arrow light emerges from the sky, turning the turbulent and torn wind, crossing the sky dome, the speed is very fast, and crossing the distance is only a moment!

The two Taishang elders were shocked, and the taste of death crisis appeared!

"And ambush?"

"It was an attack from a Tier 7 top-level fighter, bad!"

The two quickly changed into a hundred-foot dragon body, and when they wanted to maintain the strongest state and hard-wired the shocking arrow, the gray-white rune descended from the sky!

"Retard RuneTianyin Rune! Mirror Yuet!

Bang ~! The space freezes, and the two dragons are blocked and imprisoned. The whole body's blood and even more than 800,000 dragon veins are all sealed!

This strange attack seems to have been designed in advance, and what made the two Taishang elders even more unexpected was that a mirror moon that divided the heavens and the earth chopped off the awn, and if it emerged out of thin air, it cut the second Taishang elder. Dragon Head!

Too fast! It's so weird! There is simply no chance to react, the latter is completely in a state of coercion!


Tear ~! boom!

It only takes a moment, the arrow light falls like the sunset, and the red lotus dragon headed through the head. It was delayed by the slow rune to delay the last defense time. There are few defense methods. It was hit by the front and the arrow light penetrated very quickly. The dragon's body!

The ten elders who had never responded took a breath, but Elder Mo Hong was matched by the strength of the eighth mid-term warlord, and was shot through with one arrow? Severe injuries!

Click~ Click~! Sigh~! The bones and cracks screamed and exploded, the dragon blood spewed up like a pillar, and the scalp of the ten elders was numb. Another elder Mo Yong, who was comparable to the eighth early stage, exploded countless dragon blood!

Hundreds of attribute light spheres, most of which are mainly qi and blood energy, have fallen into the void.

Behead directly! Slash the dragon!

Thats Elder Mo Yong with 810,000 dragon veins! One of the top powerhouses of the Red Dragon Yanlong family, even the Eighth Emperor Late Emperor is difficult to achieve a one-second spike, right?

The ontological advantage of the fierce beast is inherently strong, not as powerful and inherited as the human civilization, but their vitality is undoubtedly, even if they are one or two levels higher than their opponents, they want to kill them in one move. almost impossible!

Lin Chen, who was based on the top of Flame Mountain, couldn't help but reveal a little surprise.

"It's so strong, Tianyin runes, its effect is no less than slow runes!"