My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 678

Vol 5 Chapter 678: Frying

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Chapter 678

Long Tong trembles violently and sees a cloud top 30,000 miles away. When the young man held the bow, Mo Hong vomited blood tremblingly.

"Come on, what a joke, four Lin Chen?"

The severely injured dragon fell and crushed several mountain peaks. Although Mo Hong avoided the vital point, the damage of the arrow made him lose his ability to move and fight, plus 25% penetration characteristics, he was only a line from death. Difference!

Lin Chen, who was even a party, did not expect that the use of Tianyin's runes for sneak attacks had such a terrifying effect.

When his full-strength Jingyue came out of the sword, there were no tracks or signs, and with the slow runes, it was simply that the disaster in fate suddenly came, making it difficult for any creature to guard against!

"If the sneak attack can bring 120% of its own combat power into play, then the best time for the Tianyin rune to match the charge, penetrate the rune, and add the slow rune to create, it is more than 1000% of the play! Under the normal state, the head of the red lotus flame dragon may not be able to kill it even if he takes out the nine robbery stars!"

Lin Chen's expression was excited, why did he start another trump card?

In the future, what big killer will be used to directly hide the breath of "Tianyin Rune" and quietly slam the enemy towards it. That taste guarantees a sour!

"Hurry, protect Elder Mo Hong!"

The remaining ten dragon elders panicked the gods completely. Lin Chens combat power was both horrifying and strange. This Nima either did not appear, and once appeared, there were four!

Each one has the power of eightfold mid-level warlord! No one can hold him apart from the ancestors!

But this concubine's wedding banquet, let Mo Tianyan be the first genius of this family, it is difficult to please the ancestors!

Bang ~! The fist wind swept the thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, countless peaks were shattered into powder, and the energy of the wind in the mountain range was turned into a flame tornado.

boom! boom! The two dragons fell down and were beaten with flesh and flesh. The dragon scales burst and fell to the ground.

It was Luo Cha and Mo Tianyan. The first two talents were suppressed by Lin Chens avatar on the first day, and they had no power to fight back!

"Lin Chen, we are about to withdraw, the Red Lotus Yanlong family has already dispatched the strong!"

Lifting the'absolute space', Yan Qianyun anxiously held Lin Chen's palm and worried.

"Hey, don't worry, we still have to play."

Lin Chen's avatar chuckled and gave a shit, the wood robbery turned into substance, binding the two dragons.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and Mo Hong was ready to die at any time, and then it was estimated that it would explode. The self-explosion of the seventh-order top fierce beast is no small matter.

The other two avatars took a few steps in a row, taking away all the attributed light **** dropped by the two Taishang elders and taking away Mo Yong's fierce beast core.

[Gain 19 million qi and blood energy, 4.5 million qi and blood energy, 21.5 million qi and blood energy, 480 ignition energy, 490 ignition energy, 60,000 rune energy, 40,000 talent points, 50,000 sky value, 25 million qi blood energy,

Dragon force hurricane, Lin Chen's pure power broke through 6 million dragon powers, and through the blessing of the "divine power", rushed to 6.99 million!

Boom~! A dragon's anger screamed from Lin Chen's body, his mouth slightly raised.

The stronger the pure power, the higher his "seven strengths" will rise!

"It's worthy of being a 7th-tier top beast. In a single breath, I improved hundreds of thousands of dragon power! It's easy to break through the boundaries. If you kill a few more heads, and add the magical powers, I might have a chance to rush to 7 million dragons. force!"

Many elders of the Dragon clan watched Lin Chen take away the fierce beast nucleus. They dared not stop it and could only protect Elder Mo Hong.

"Go back and tell you the old immortals of the Red Lotus Yanlong family and the Tianyu Yinglong family. If you still want their two big **** geniuses, then three days later, we will see you in the **** volcano. Remember, the time is not up, If I dare to catch up without permission, I will directly kill these two **** geniuses!"

Lin Chen laughed with great pride, and the other three avatars bound Luo Cha and Mo Tianyan to leave with Yan Qianyun. All the elders did not dare to stop the pursuit!

With Lin Chen's strength just revealed, he can kill these two geniuses in an instant. This is one of the pillars of the future Dragon Clan, they can't afford it!

"Go back and inform the ancestors, this barren state, I am afraid it might be calm!"

Mo Hong drank, his eyes flashing!

He has no doubts about the strange and strange means and strength revealed from Lin Chenzhan. This young man who dares to challenge the family of God has the strength to shake their Red Lotus Yanlong family!

"Right, where did Long Chenbo go?"

An elder suddenly looked around in doubt, and his expression was still a little shocked.

"That kid seems to have been seriously injured by Lin Chen. If he fails to do so, he will be on the verge of dying. Maybe he will withdraw to where he is going to heal. Don't worry about him, let me know the ancestor!"


"What? Linchen invasion of Linzhou people? Tian Yan was abducted, what are you doing!"

"Tian Yan's stinky kid, the humanoid nizi, is from Lingzhou? How dare this kid dare to go straight into my Red Lotus Yanlong territory, how did he sneak in!"

Dragon Tower, a few breathable ancestors in the secret room questioned awe-inspiringly!

"He, he seems to possess a very powerful avatar secret..."

The three Dragon elders who reported the situation were shocked, respectfully informed, and reported all Lin Chen's many methods.

"Avatar skill, the attack is silent and silent, with the secret technique of solidifying the void, and there is no sign. This child is really the same as the rumor!"

"It is said that he has a special space transfer technique, and even those guys in Shenzhou can't stop him."

"Even Luosha was taken away. Tell the Tianyu Yinglong family, this is probably not that simple! We alone may not be able to stop this kid!"

"So, the Holy Dragon Pond Ceremony?"

"For the time being, it is not the time to set aside people to pay attention to the blood of those little guys!"

All the strong men of the Red Lotus Yanlong family did not know that they passed by Lin Chen.

At this time, Lin Chen was in the Holy Dragon Pond, and he absorbed the energy of the Holy Dragon Pond together with his blue dragon!

Next to Shenglongchi, Lin Chen opened his eyes and exhaled, hehe laughed.

"The second round is over, then you only need to absorb the energy of the two holy dragon pools!"


The four avatars of Lin Chen hurried at full speed and withdrew from the territory of the Red Lotus Yanlong family as quickly as possible.

The next afternoon, inside Hell Volcano.

Mo Tianyan, Luo Cha gradually recovered from coma.

Their eyes were dark, and the pain in the dragon's body told them that what happened yesterday was completely true!

"Brother Tian Yan and I seem to have been defeated by the boy? Was he kidnapped?"

Luo Sha, who could not see anything, also panicked, even blocking his own sense of dragon's breath.

At this moment, a graceful voice asked with curiosity.

"What are you going to do with them?"

It was Yan Qianyun's voice.

Then, Lin Chen's voice came out.

"Wang Jian."

Mo Tianyan and Luo Cha instantly numb their scalp, and a lot of cold in their hearts!

Lying trough?

Women's turn? Are you **** personal?