My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 679

Vol 5 Chapter 679: You Are The Apex Of Perversion.

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Chapter 679

crazy! Crazy crazy!

It must be **** crazy!

Luo Cha and Mo Tianyan wailed wildly in their hearts, twisting the dragon's body extremely and constantly struggling!

We are a special male, or a male dragon!

Are you a male turn us? The **** storytellers dare not blow this way!

At this time, Yan Qianyun was simply like a curious baby, as if returning to the awkward and shy 17-year-old that year, his voice came out.

"Wang Jian? But Lin Chen, don't you like more water?"

As soon as this remark came out, the geniuses of the two dragon tribes instantly felt numb and shivered from the dragon's tail to the dragon head!

Wow! Brother Chen! I beg you to be an individual!

We dont have much water! Really not much at all!

What the devil is Nima! Cross race, cross gender, start round as soon as you meet?

It's no wonder that'Dragon Chenbo' will fight against this king and **** when they meet. Their dragon clan is a **** little witch who sees a big witch compared to this'legendary' pervert Lin. Nothing compares!

At this time, Lin Chen's serious voice echoed in Erlong's ears, full of seriousness!

"Oh, its just a little water. Its just a matter of water. Its squeezed. The key is its meat, its not tight, its not tender, its not rubbing and turning. At that time, it is the key point to create a texture that does not bleed and can fully absorb the essence, so that its own quality is sublimated."


The two dragons are constantly struggling, like a hysterical beast, fear, timid, fear!

The crystal clear tears crossed the eyes of the dragon, and dripped to the ground, condensing into a faint dragon jade.


In the history of the top ten dragon races, two famous peerless geniuses were added as prostitutes, and they were contemplating the contemporaries of the contemporaries. Cried!

Mo Tianyan's lips were trembling, cold sweat was flowing, and Luosha's teeth were trembling, like a prisoner who was about to go to the guillotine!

No, it is a thousand times more terrifying than a guillotine!

So **** horrible!

On the guillotine, at least the hand will rise and fall faster, and it will kill you directly.

What the **** is this tenderness? Return Nima's compact? It sounds too infiltrating!

The most important thing is to create a texture?

What the **** is going to happen to get the texture! Not bleeding?

Also Nima wants to absorb the essence, the quality is sublimated? Are you up?

How can this be sublimated? I know how you want to rise!

"Wow! Ma Ma, I'm going home!"

"Sword kills me! I don't want to live!"

The two geniuses roared crazy in their hearts. Their dragon mouths did not know what was blocked by giants, they couldn't make a sound at all, they could only make a sobbing sound of "oooooooooooooo!"

"Wow, you have good research in this area. How do you usually have time to study this? How do you sum it up?"

Yan Qianyun next to him turned into a fan-like admiration, admiring someone in Lin.

"Of course it is actual combat. The real experience is summed up in actual combat. I will carefully record every time I do this kind of thing, make good self-planning, I will make a note every time I finish it, and make a year-end summary. .Improve the shortcomings and increase the advantages. This way, I have done 800 or 800, and in order to increase the variability, I always choose the public to fry, because the public is more challenging, and the toughness of the meat is also More diverse."

Lin Chen's words made Luo Cha and Mo Tianyan completely collapsed!

Does Nima do this record? And self-planning?

What are you planning a fart!

There is only one collapsed idea in the hearts of the two geniuses!

In the history of the Dragon race, any tyrant, metamorphosis, bad smell and legend, compared to this man, what is special is a pile of garbage! It was a group of grandchildren who didnt even deserve to give someone Lin this shoe!

Improve shortcomings and increase advantages? Is there any advantage or disadvantage of this thing? The most incredible thing is, can this round out a year-end summary?

The most terrifying thing is that he has done thousands of times? Still picking public?

Too cruel! Too cruel! Frustrated, this is definitely not human! Its the ultimate **** metamorphosis demon king!

Yan Qianyun asked again-"Are there any exclusive secrets when you do this?"

Lin Chen beat his thighs, and the two geniuses were frightened!

"Of course there is. Look at me, this war gun, but it is covered with my exclusive essence cream, which can make the meat feel soft and tender, soothing, and ensure beauty."

I rely on! What kind of ghost **** gun are you covered with?

"Then when you encountered a bottleneck, did you consider changing to another method? This is the method every time, aren't you tired?"

Yan Qianyun asked again, Lin's voice sighed seriously.

"How do you get bored, man, it's a blessing to find one's favorite things in this life and have the opportunity to spend energy and time to be silent in it..."

The two geniuses' dragon bodies, which were thousands of feet long, suddenly calmed down, completely dumbfounded!

It turns out that your favorite thing in your life is actually this thing...

Lin Chen, you are not alone.

You are the culmination of all perverts in this Kyushu.

I saw the geniuses of the two dragon races twitching, and the dragon's body twitched, foaming in its mouth.

They were completely scared and passed out.

Perhaps in their view, death is a very happy thing, but it is a relief for the two geniuses. They have the courage to face death, but not the courage to face Lin Chen!

Because they dare not imagine that the next thing they have to face is to do this year-end summary for this Lin Ye, what a heart-wrenching thing! This Nima has completely exceeded their psychological endurance!

Outside the canyon, a dark shadow like a bat under the night sky appeared quietly and passed away quietly.

Lin Chen raised the bonfire, raised his eyebrows, and ignored it. The self-care wheel fry the dragon meat on the bonfire. Hehe smiled, and a coldness crossed his heart.

"Dare to touch my Lin Chen, your uncle, let the two ghost feces genius try to see what it means to survive, not to die!"

If Lin Chen hadn't smashed Huang Long and rescued Yan Qianyun, I'm afraid her fate now, I don't know how far she would be insulted by Mo Tianyan and Luo Cha!

With her strength, she can't even blast herself in front of this level of power!

In this regard, Lin Chen did not regret these two people. He wanted the other party to pay a more terrible price than death to treat the enemy. When Lin Chen was not soft-hearted!


Dragon Tower, where many powerful dragons gather.

"He really stayed in Hell Volcano? What intrigue does this kid have?"

"Is there an ambush?"

"It's unlikely, even if he can sneak here alone, the old man doesn't believe he can still sneak into our territory with a large number of strong men."

"No matter what conspiracy he has, when the strong man of the Tianyu Yinglong family arrives, our two families join forces and they are not afraid of him as a yellow-haired kid! Be him!"

The territories among the ten dragons are extremely vast. Even if it is a notice of the news, it takes a certain amount of time for the top strong to arrive, let alone a round trip.

The Arasu is the widest in Kyushu and covers an area close to the sum of the two big states. The territory occupied by the dragons alone exceeds 50%, which is equivalent to the size of a Lingzhou!

Although the top ten dragons of Arazhou are as strong as the clouds, regardless of the background, the total number of strong men who can compete with the emperor alone can even match the human clan emperors of more than four big states!