My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 680

Vol 5 Chapter 680: Looking Back Chopped Clean

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Chapter 680

However, the territories of the ten dragons are complex and intertwined, and it will take a longer time to unify the action. They can only temporarily call Tianyu Yinglong to face Lin Chen!

The day after reporting on Lin Chen's situation, Lin Chen took away the third morning of Mo Tianyan and the two.

The dragon tower is high in the sky, and the space is cracked with a hole-like crack. With a bang, the waves are like waves. From the crack, ten battles turn into stars, and the strong breath of the river and the sea!

"What's the matter, Mo Tianming, how long did it take for my son to come to your place?"

The first-born ice-blue dragon horn, dressed in silver-white dragon-scale armor, led by a middle-aged man who indulged in question!

"Guan Laozi fart thing, you go to the Linzhou Linchen boy, my Tian Yan was taken away by him."

The red-haired man standing at the top of the dragon tower snorted coldly. He is now the patriarch of the Red Lotus Yanlong family, Mo Tianming!

The blue dragon horned man frowned-"This is Lingzhou Linchen again. Recently, the Kyushu tribe is full of his rumors. The emperor wants to see how much he can bear today!"

"Don't talk about those nonsense, my people are here, your people start immediately without any problems!"

Mo Tianming took a dozen elders into the air, all of them are strong, and at least can match the elders of the late seventh layer!

There are four seventh-level top beasts that can match the eighth-level battle emperor, including Mo Tianming and one ancestor, two nineth-level battle emperors, and the seventh-level top has six heads!

On the side of Tianyu Yinglong, there is only one patriarch in the ninth battle emperor, five in the eighth battle, and four in the later battle.

Because each other knows the strength of Lin Chen, it is related to the development of the young blood lines of the two groups in the future, and the basic ones are basically the strong people at the top of the pyramid!

The strong man of the Tianyu Yinglong followed, and everyones goal was directed in one direction, the marginal area of the Red Lotus Yanlong Territory, Hell Volcano!


The Heavenly Dragon belongs to the Holy Dragon Pool.

Roar ~! Roar ~! Goo! Goo!

There was a roar of sounds in the dragon roar, the dragon emperor in the holy dragon pool wandered, flew into the air, the whole body was blue, and the blue sky was rushing!

A terrifying and deep murderous death struck the dragon pupil, and every piece of dragon scales in the dragon emperor's body glowed with a glorious dragon breath. The imposing dragon was born, overlooking billions of souls!

Boom~! Lin Chen, who was sitting next to the Holy Dragon Pond, opened his eyes suddenly, the dragon light flashed out, and all the dragon air lingered above his head, and there was a disillusioned image of the dragon ruins, calming the spring and autumn!


Lin Chen exhaled for a long time, and all his momentum converged and was incorporated into his body.

"It's done! In less than three days, just after absorbing the energy of the two holy dragon pools, I can't think that through the blood of the blue dragon, my body can also absorb the energy of the holy dragon pool!"

The color of surprise in the eyes is hard to conceal. It was originally expected that it would take more time to experience this bloodline baptism. After unexpectedly urging the blue dragon bloodline by himself, he could transfer to the body with the help of the blue dragon's body, which can also absorb the energy of the holy dragon pool!

This is probably the first time in the history of the Dragon Race that other creatures other than the Dragon Race have been baptized by the Holy Dragon Pond!

Now, the energy of the two holy dragon pools is completely dry, and it is difficult to condense the energy of baptizing a super dragon family for at least ten thousand years!

The two dragons are blood-deficient!

"Qinglong has opened 890,000 dragon veins, with a pure power of 8.99 million! The fighting power is directly chasing the nineth-level warlord!"

Lin Chen's expression is exhilarating, and the blood column belongs to the "Blue Dragon" and "Ying Dragon" blood columns, all of which exceed the 3 million bloodline attribute value! Ten times faster than the original!

This result, even Lin Chen was unexpected! The talent of the perfect fusion of the blood lines of the two super dragons can only be described as never before!

The improvement of the bloodline attribute value means that the growth limit and talents have been improved, and many of the Dragon Race supernatural powers of Lin Chen have achieved a qualitative leap and transformation!

In the later period of the war emperor, leapfrogging was extremely difficult.

If it were not for the increase of bloodline attribute value, the talent of Qinglong was improved, even if the original Qinglong had 8.99 million dragon power, combined with the three bloodlines of'Yinglong''Qinglong''Zihuang', it would only be able to deal with the early Emperor Jiuzhong at most. If you want to achieve a leapfrog victory, it is as easy as going to the sky!

But now, the two bloodlines have an attribute value of over 3 million points! Even the 8.99 million dragon force is completely worthwhile in the face of the Ninth Warlord!

And the body has been improved, not inferior to Qinglong!

"This time through the baptism of the Holy Dragon Pool, I gained 1.6 billion intermediate qi and blood energy, and the body's dragon power soared from 6.1 million dragon power to 7.99 million! With the blessing of the Divine Power talent, there are already 8.3 million dragon power!"

This pure power can already match the eighth early warlord!

Killing the dragon elder Tai Mo elder Mo Yong, seriously wounding Mo Hong, the intermediate qi and blood energy obtained by Lin Chen was only more than 100 million points!

The absorption of the Holy Dragon Pool this time is equivalent to the attribute value obtained by Lin Chen killing more than 16 first-level top-level beasts comparable to the Eighth Layer. Its growth rate is not terrible!

It is precisely because of this that the two holy dragon pools will be completely refined by him and Qinglong!

Now Lin Chen is a little more powerful, and the late Emperor Yaesu is not enough to watch!

Qinglong alone can rival a top war emperor at the beginning of the Ninth Layer!

"The avatar has sensed that the strong men of the two dragons have started to act. The third round: the muffled big fortune ends. The fourth round: even pair. Start to start!"

Lin Chen smiled confidently and waved his next line in the dragon column beside the Longchi.

Next, Lin Chen launched the "Super Dimensional Teleportation" talent. This sixth spatial orientation is precisely the location of the Flame Mountain! Very close to the home base of the Red Lotus Yanlong family!

Someone in Lin wants to go back to his old business, and in his backhand, he will take a look back and fish out the special red lotus Yanlong family!

Just kidding, now is the time when the top power of the Red Lotus Yanlong clan is greatly reduced. Even the head of the Red Lotus Yanlong clan is close to the'Hell Volcano'. At this time, if he does not steal his wave of family, would he still keep the New Year?

"After today, if there is a hair left in the warehouse of the Red Lotus Fire Dragon, my Long Chenbo's name will be written upside down! Let them know what the CD action is, and the feathers will not be left wherever they go!"

Lin Chen licked his lips and smiled cheaply, and his whole body was covered with a pale blue dragon breath, which disappeared and became transparent!

"Taking my current Dragon Emperor's cultivation as an example, the exhibition of the Blue Dragon is not necessarily found even in the later period of Jiuzhong! What a special thing! Dare to put the idea on Qian Yun's head, I will take your entire lotus inflammation All the dragon's underpants are shaved for you!"

The thrilling dragon's body-building method unfolded, and Lin Chen's figure fluttered into the void like a wandering dragon.

"Golden pupil twins" cover, let the red lotus Yanlong family how to hide their own warehouse, can not hide from Lin's pair of 66K pure gold'eyes'.

All the secret rooms, halls, secret cabinets, underground dark rooms, and hidden independent spaces that contain different treasures are all in front of someone's "Golden Eyes Twins".

In front of the gate of an underground secret pavilion, Lin Chen, who is transparent, trembles!

It is just the weather of many treasures of heaven and earth and different treasures captured by the golden pupil twins. I am afraid that the heritage of the red lotus Yanlong family is a bit richer than the soul family!