My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 681

Vol 5 Chapter 681: Very Sincere

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Chapter 681

"I am obedient, the dragon race is a dragon race in the end, and the resources of Huangzhou are vast, not to mention the inventory of one of the ten dragon races. How many treasures have these guys collected!"

Lin Chen swallowed and swallowed his eyes!

Dragons naturally like to collect all kinds of treasures, not to mention such a huge race, coupled with the rich resources of the Abyss itself, so that their inventory has accumulated a large number of different treasures!

Many rare treasures, mysterious materials,'Nine Grain Blood Jade' that has evolved through countless years,'Thousand Years Bodhi Heart', Ten thousand Fire Holy Spirit Liquid, glazed golden pith, holy dragon body saliva Wait a minute, these are heavyweight treasures that are enough to set off a stormy blood on the mainland of Kyushu, abound!

Most of them are paid down by the forces of the Red Lotus Yanlong family, or the top treasures accumulated in their own territory!

Although the strength of the Soul Family is strong, it was only established after the ancient times, and it was indirectly intervened by the pseudo-god. It was not directly formed. On the basis of the details, it is still a lot worse!

If the Soul Family's home is full of many types of treasures, such as exercises, handprints, exotic treasures and immortals, the many stocks of the Red Lotus Yanlong family are a large medicinal material library! Most of them are treasures!

"The space enchantment here is more complicated, and the dragon breath defense of the dragon ancestors can't be seized. It still has to rely on the decomposition function! In this case, it will be my attribute value!"


Hell Volcano is one of the most dangerous areas of the Red Lotus Fire Dragon family. The violent degree of the flame energy here is more than ten times that of other top secret realms. The entry of the fierce beast also requires a seventh-level low-level strength.

It is for this reason that it got its name; Hell Volcano. It is like the heat of hell, and even the Red Fire Yanlong clan of the natural fire attribute does not dare to rush near without the strength of the seventh order!

Lin Chens avatar was based on the top of many craters, and when he looked southwest, a handful of black shadows slowly expanded.

"Are you here? There are only two fighting powers of the Nineth Warlord. Good guys, I really deserve someone Lin."

With a smile, the more powerful he can't wait, the better! In this way, he will have more opportunities to clean up the old background of the Red Lotus Yanlong family!

"Lin Chen, where is my son! If you hurt him, the emperor promises you can't get out of this barren state!"

Long Xiaozhen shook the sky, a cold rebuke burst like thunder and thunder!

The dark shadows in the sky are zooming in quickly, and the strong men of the two dragons are close to Linchen within 500,000 miles!

A touch of Chimang flashed across his pupils, and when Mo Tianming looked at him, he almost got angry and became so angry!

The strong men of the Tianyu Yinglong clan all twitched their mouths, and they all spit their fragrant mouths. Their qualities greeted a wave of Lin Chen.

I saw in the Hell volcano, two giant dragons were hung in two craters, two Linchen hand-held Luosha and Mo Tianyans dragon bodies swayed back and forth.

Boom~! Boom~!

The huge dragon body continues to rotate in a circle, carrying a lot of raging winds, and rolling up a flame of tornado roaring!

The beauties covered by the water-robbing fighting spirit jumped back and forth in the void, jumping over the swaying dragon body under their feet again and again.

"997 ~ 998 ~ 999! Yes, the **** is higher, the legs are raised again, and the movements are simplified."

Lin Chen, who was next to him, clapped and shouted. The lady gave him a white look, her jade legs jumped lightly, and she kept skipping the dragon body.

These pictures are rare for thousands of years, but they are skipping rope?

Luocha and Mo Tianyan were caught on the two craters as rope jumps?

God **** skipping rope?

The first genius of the Tang Yuying Dragon and the Red Lotus Yanlong family, who led the era of overlord Tianjiao, was even used by Lin Chen to skip rope?

"Grass! Lin Chen, do you dare to defy my majesty of the Dragon race?"

"Damn, human dog, are you looking for death?"

The patriarchs of the two dragons were so angry that Qiqiao gave birth to smoke, and even directly changed out of the body, murderously blasting into the sky, and roaring at Lin Chen!

boom! boom! boom!

The terrible aftermath of Long Xiao shattered countless volcanoes, turning into lava flowing, and the sudden change of the wind and clouds, if there was a natural disaster!

The two patriarchs have experienced more than 100,000 years. What major scenes have not been seen, but they have never experienced such an insult. The signage facade of their own race, Tianjiao, was even used to jump rope?

This Nima is more than embarrassing, it is ashamed to go to the ancestral home!

It's too special to bully the dragon!

The elders behind were all red eyes with red eyes, bloodshot all over, and they all entered a state of almost madness!

"Wait a minute! If you get closer, I cut them both in minutes!"

Lin Chen sighed suddenly, and the mental fluctuation was shocked! Forcibly restore the sense of reason to the strong!

Holding'Bai Shuang Qing Hong' and'Ning Yue Tian Qing' in hand, the two avatars stood at the dragon heads of Luosha and Mo Tianyan, and the blades of blades pressed against the neck and neck. Under the distance between the two sides, both sides There is no chance of forced rescue!

"what the **** do you want?"

Mo Tianming roared, and the dragon breathed like a tide, as if Lin Chen could smash that sea lonely sail at any time.

"Keep a good distance and dare to cross the border. I promise you can't even take their bodies!"

Plain tone with a hint of warning!

The strong of both of them can feel that Luosha and Mo Tianyan have only one last breath, their whole body's energy of essence and blood is lost, they are seriously injured, and even the dragon bars are pulled out alive!

In this state, it is very easy to fall. If it is a hard win, it is difficult for them to completely retake the two!

But no matter what, as long as you can save your life, there is still hope. The two dragons devoted a lot of effort and resources to train them both. No matter what happens!

"I'm in a hurry. Come, let's sit down and talk slowly."

Someone Lin jiggled Erlang's legs in the void, with a smile on his face, and waved with one hand.

A doppelganger opened in a flash, and his speed flew several tens of thousands of miles away, and before nearly ten breaths, he moved close to 200,000 miles of space!

This equal speed of body movement makes the pupils of the powerful dragons of the two dragons shrink slightly, no wonder this son can make the soul family deflated.

"Boy, what do you want to talk about."

Mo Tianming's eyes are violent, and he always wants to release his body!

With his combat power, the non-threatening people under the middle of the nineth heavy layer, except for some dragon ancestors comparable to the late nineth heavy layer, he is almost the strongest!

"I'm very sincere, but I don't know if you are sincere."

Lin Chenyun smiled lightly and lightly, and the patriarch of the Tianyu Yinglong clan around Mo Tianming questioned indifferently.

"Say your terms."

Lin Chen pointed his finger and laughed loudly: "First of all, I want all the treasures and resources in your two clan to accumulate. Rest assured, I will let my avatar follow you back to the clan for treasure, to ensure that the transaction between us is fair and just."

As soon as this remark came out, it was strangely quiet.

Put your mother's ass! Is this Nima called sincere?

fair and just? The lifeblood of the whole clan resource is for you?

Is this the first thing?

Feelings are so outrageous that the condition is only the first one, what's behind? Why don't you **** **** and sun side by side!