My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 682

Vol 5 Chapter 682: Battle The Two Patriarchs

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Chapter 682

Almost all the strong people's expressions were gloomy and cold in an instant!

The extremely cold dragon pupil restrained the killing intention, Mo Tianming sneered.

"If this is the condition, then we don't need to talk!"

Luo Prison: "It seems that you do not intend to return them to us, human race Lin Chen, the little guys of our two races, is it true that there is any deep hatred worth you to offend us?"

"Eh, aren't you patriarchs, can't you solve such small problems?"

Lin Chen was surprised.

"I doubt if you are really stupid or pretend to be stupid. If this is the case, then why don't we just kill the net now?"

Mo Tianming shouted disdainfully. As the head of a family, he had his bottom line.

Although the strong of the two races is the person in charge of the highest power, they are not yet qualified to decide to mobilize all the resources to trade out, which is related to the continuation of the development of the dragon race!

This condition mentioned by Lin Chen was completely neglected! This condition is so outrageous!

He was just delaying time. He knew that the Dragon Clan could not do anything that would damage the heritage of the Clan. If the two patriarchs had such a simple emotional role, then they could not become the leaders of the two Dragon Clan!

"Then I will give it a step, how can the swearing of all of you change their lives?"

Lin Chen laughed, in order to irritate them and disturb the rhythm and reason of the opposite!

"Abhorrence on us? Your appetite is great!"

Luo Tong's dragon pupil flashed, and looked at Mo Tianming around him, seeming to have a deep meaning.

"Will you let me go when I hand in the payment?"

The angry Mo Tianming roared, and Long Xiao turned into a sonic wave, shaking the earth and shaking the space! The power of the Dragon Patriarch is revealed!

"Guarantee to let go."

Lin Chen smiled meaningfully, this time the transaction has its own games and ideas!

"Fine, Luo He, let me wait, the lives of the two boys are more important!"

Mo Tianming was a bit weird and happy. After agreeing, many of the elders looked at each other and believed that they had given up their precepts from the head of the family.

"Handle the ring, let go of the other."

"no problem."

Lin Chen snapped his fingers, and the two clones carried the two dragons and flew towards this side.

"Take it!"

Mo Tianming flicked, more than 20 Najie shot towards Lin Chen, when he raised his hand to catch, the situation changed suddenly!


A volcano suddenly erupted and rolled up a stream of fire without warning, rushing towards the two avatars of Lin Chen. 'Boom!

Bang ~! The dragon breath exploded, and the two avatars were shocked back hundreds of miles, and the flame lava rolled away Mo Tianyan and Luosha!

At this moment, Lin Chen, who was in charge of the negotiations, grabbed the void suddenly, forcibly won the Nahua, and lived at the foot of the "infinite dark step"!


Almost in an instant, all actions are connected together!

Then, when that breath saved Luosha and Mo Tianyan, Mo Tianming and others immediately decisively shot, and many attacks slammed into Lin Chen!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Space shakes, Lin Chen's every step is extremely mysterious, and the speed is very fast, just like the star pill jumping, Mo Tianming and other powerful attacks completely emptied!

He can now reach the late sixth stage with the seven-fold change. With the "Infinite Dark Step" of the ultimate moment, plus the certain distance maintained by the two sides, many of the world's ruined dragon breath touches him!

"Damn, this kid's body style can be a few grades faster!"

"Fortunately, people have been rescued!"

A stream of light flashed back to the two dragon clan camps. The old man in red robe showed up with Mo Tianyan, and it was the ancestor of the red lotus flame dragon who hosted the grand ceremony that day!

His knowledge of the magical powers of the Red Lotus Fire Dragon and the Hell Volcano. Any strong man in the far super family can freely transform into lava and sneak into the darkness, thus saving two geniuses.

"Thank you for your ancestors."

Many senior elders thanked the old man in red robe nodded and said seriously-"You are guarding the two little guys, we solve this boy, this boy is extraordinary, and he cannot be left here!"

"Take Na ring back, shit, I didn't expect this guy to desperately rob Na ring!"

Mo Tianming roared, the three powerful men transformed into the body, and three ancient dragons comparable to the nineth-level war emperor were born!

The battle situation changed rapidly, and surrounded Lin Chen's four clones at once!

"It's a miscalculation, it's still the top dragon race."

"Extreme Guiyuan" launched, the four avatars quickly recovered their fighting spirit, the avatar headed with a smile, one avatar to protect Yan Qianyun, the body retreated!

"Want to go?"

The ancestors of Hongpao's dragon claws shattered the heavens and earth. Two tens of thousands of red inflammation claws turned the yin and yang reversal, such as the blade raging to Yan Qianyun and the avatars around him!

A plume of pure white flame disillusioned the sky, and the slim jade hand floated to the void, and with a bang, the red flame claws shattered into the sky, turned into a fire meteor and fell to the **** volcano, smashing the earth!

The beautiful lady's white dress is like a smoke, and the clouds are so smooth that she is not moved by the world. This is the only way to mortify the fairy.

These women are so beautiful.

The ancestor Long Tong squinted, and some shocked stunned.

"Emperor Nine in the early days, the power of the eternal flame?"

This beautiful woman in a white dress like an immortal, is really Bai Ruoyan! Before that, she has been retreating in the torch territory. If Lin Chen has a crisis, she will take the initiative to appear. If Lin Chen sneaks in to save people, this state is the best.

"If Sister Yan, this old thing will be given to you!"

The three avatars please, Bai Ruoyan sneered at them.

This young brother Lin Chen was really uneasy. The four avatars were really hard to tell. They didn't know which one to protect.

"However, he has his own plans, and believe him himself."

Bai Ruoyan turned to the ancestor, and the other party said a few solemnly-"There are a lot of gifts from the torch, but according to the old man's knowledge, no one on the mainland of Kyushu should be able to truly control the power of the eternal torch! Where is sacred!"

Bai Ruoyan pointed at the empty boy with a smile, and smiled as if the world and the world were eclipsed!

"His woman."

Someone Lin coughed lightly-"Cough, low-key, low-key."

Yan Qianyun was expressionless, tightening her waist around her, and said calmly-"Miss Ning Family and this fairy sister, are you eating it?"

"General, Kyushu is the best."


The two patriarchs surrounded Lin Chen's three avatars, and he waited for it!

With his current 8.3 million dragon power, using the six-fold post-cultivation of the seven-fold change, it may be a little worse to fight against such peak powerhouses, but if it is only a delay, then there is still a chance!

Yan Qianyun has a dignified expression, and even she can't see through, what Lin Chen is going to do! When he kidnapped the two guys before, he clearly had a chance to escape, why now he wants to provoke these terrifying dragon patriarchs?

"Some of the most handsome Lin in Kyushu, come here today to talk about the strength of the legendary two dragon patriarchs!"

Lin Chen smiled with pride, and the three avatars rose up into the sky, pointing out with eight fingers, traversing the sky of **** volcano!