My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 683

Vol 5 Chapter 683: Property Hurricane

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Chapter 683

Hundreds of thousands of emptiness, the two breaths collided like the sun and the moon, and the terrible momentum shocked countless top powers to cast a horrifying glance at the location of the **** volcano. The top battle of this dragon clan broke out?

But here is the area under the control of the ten dragons, and there are creatures who dare to come here to spread the wild?


Three pieces of eight-color flood energy fingers point out head-on, charging and penetrating rune blessings, one finger fills thousands of miles of mountains and rivers!

This combat skill was originally not available in the mid-range top-grade purple, but with Lin Chen's "Nine Tribulation Bodies" blessing the ultimate moment and the improvement of the two major runes, it was hard to be exerted the power of at least the top-grade purple rank!

"The combat skills are very strong, but it's a shame to repair it too shit. Broken!"

The two patriarchs spit out a dragon breath, one water and one fire, like Yin and Yang roulette, crushing three pieces of "eight wild fingers"!

[Get 1980 Fire Energy, 2340 Water Energy, 390 Spirit, 45 Million Spirit of War, 69 Million Blood Energy, 55.45 Million Blood Energy, 30,000 Talent Points, 40,000 Rune Energy,]

"It will take a while, my attribute value is surging!"

Lin Chen was very happy, the speed of this attribute value soaring is two words: outrageous!

Tear ~!

The terrible sonic boom suddenly exploded, and two of Lin Chen's avatars stepped on the'infinite dark step' and took the initiative to approach the two dragon chiefs?


"He's looking for death?"

"What a joke, melee with the two patriarchs?"

Even the elders who protected the two geniuses took a breath.

Fight melee with top fierce beasts, this is something that all the top strongmen in Kyushu dare not do! Because the most powerful thing of the fierce beast is the body, is he a six-fold late war emperor?

"Shall we assist the patriarch?"

"No, it is not easy to attack without the orders of the patriarch and the ancestor. This kid's speed is very tricky, and he has another avatar."

Many great elders wanted to take action to capture the fourth avatar, but were blocked by a gray-robed elder with a dignified expression.

The combat power that Lin Chen is showing today is really scary! The strength of each avatar is comparable to that of the Eighth Emperor Late Emperor. If his avatars have the same combat power, then the avatars that protect Yan Qianyun are the same. With their strength, they cant stop him!

"Seven cuts!"

The fist wind raged through the heavens, and 8.3 million dragons crashed onto the dragons of the two patriarchs, exploding two sharp aftermaths of explosion!


The two patriarchs were shaken a few miles away, and there was an incredible trace in Long Tong! The subtle control of this child's pure power is superior to them all!

The most terrible thing is that his attack has a power that can penetrate their dragon scale defense and dragon vein resistance, and penetrates the dragon body itself!

Fortunately, the two patriarchs are arrogant, or even the two of them will be slightly injured!

"If you let this child control more than 8.99 million dragon power, the pure power destructive power he penetrated will be threatened even me, and it is really a devil, kill!"

Bang ~! When the water, fire and dragon breath surged out of the bodies of the two patriarchs, Lin Chen's two avatars rolled out with lightning hands!

"Slow rune!"

Rune energy dropped by 2 million points! The two gray and white runes descended from the sky. The movements of the two patriarchs suddenly froze, the power of the dragon veins was imprisoned, and the space solidified, making them look stunned!

"What's the trick?"

"Seven cuts!"

Lin Chens doppelganger slammed towards the position of the dragon belly with a seven unique cuts!

laugh! The fist wind that cut open the air waves rushed into the sky, and this palm once again shook back the two patriarchs?

However, the actual damage caused to them is still only skin trauma! Dragon body defense, extremely hard! Lin Chen's hard scalp is numb!

"It's worthy of being a creature standing on top of Kyushu, but I still have a trick!"

[Activate the Tianyin rune, eliminate the host's attack, consume 150,000 rune energy, cooldown: 40 seconds.

One blow succeeded, the two avatars retreated like lightning, and there was a wind dragon roaring between the dark mangoes!

boom! The two patriarchs just broke free from the slow rune bondage, and the two arrows that burst into the dragon slammed into the dragon pupils of the two dragons!

This dark thunder arrow came without warning, and even the two patriarchs were lost for a moment!

Tear ~! Sigh~!

Arrows penetrate, dragon blood hurricane!


A painful dragon roared through the world, and many of the elders were suddenly surprised!

The two patriarchs were actually injured?

After taking away the high-quality light spheres from the two patriarchs, Lin Chens intermediate qi and blood energy increased by 90 million points!

The third avatar from 80,000 miles away pulled the King of Wind Emperor, the silver robe rolled over, the splendid **** was like a sharp arrow archer, and the pupils turned their eyes as sharp as an eagle!

"The Tianyin Rune is really powerful. My avatar has not yet been able to face the early Emperor Jiuzhong, but with the magical effect of the Tianyin Rune, as long as he hits the opponent's weakest position, he can still have a chance to injure the Jiuzhong Emperor! "

The two avatars have a look of excitement and momentum, and there is a kind of bare feet that are not afraid of wearing shoes! Once again attacked the two patriarchs, many dragon elders numb their scalp!

They have never seen such a human clan war emperor, melee dragon clan patriarch again and again?

"What's going on, his breath is gradually rising!"

The two patriarchs, Long Tong, shuddered, and they clearly felt the four'Lin Chen' in front of them, whether it was training dragon power or fighting strength, it was like a violent wind, and even the sky-triggered war body he showed , More and more glowing coercion!

Is he still unable to upgrade in battle? Is this too special?

The other end


The Red Dragon Flame Dragon family, in the four dragon halls, a figure is unobstructed, like a broken bamboo!

[Continue to start the decomposition function, consuming 4500 points of heavenly value, 9800 points of heavenly value, 4100 points of heavenly value...]

[Get 15 million essence of combat energy, 39.5 million qi and blood energy, 40,000 sky value, 50,000 talent points, 12.5 million qi and blood energy, 14.89 million qi and blood energy, 1580 ignition energy, 1950 wood energy, 300 points Blank attributes, 890 points of mental power...

All the treasures sealed in the secret pavilion were collected by Lin Chen!

The objects touched by his palm, regardless of the existence of any enchantment, as long as it is not the object of the Lord, all will be broken down!

Infinite attribute value is transformed into essence into Lin Chen's body, and the speed of his attribute value soaring is called abnormal level!

The Dragon's collection is too rich! Contains everything, top treasures, everything!

Through the decomposition of this path, Lin Chen has harvested a total of 400 million intermediate essence of war energy, 500 million intermediate energy of qi and blood, 40,000 intermediate spirit strength, 8.9 million talent points, 7.5 million heavenly values, and 4.45 million merits , Rune energy 6.75 million points, blank attribute 4450 points!

However, these above attribute values are not the most important.

The most important and terrible increase in all attribute values is the intermediate element attribute value!

The dragons have a rich heritage, and there are too many different kinds of top-level treasures.

Many top-level different treasures are very precious. Only elders or elders who have made great contributions to the Red Lotus Yanlong family are eligible to enjoy the level. All are decomposed by Lin Chen to be transparent!

In addition to the general growth of the two scarce attributes of light and darkness, Lin Chens seven other intermediate element attributes have all increased by 200,000 points! All doubled!