My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 684

Vol 5 Chapter 684: New System Features Nirvana

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Chapter 684, New System FeaturesMighty Skills!

The seven intermediate element attribute values are all increased by more than 200,000 points!

What is this concept?

Lin Chens nine element attribute values averaged only about 190,000 points. In this wave of copying, Lin Chens intermediate element attribute values doubled directly! "Genesis Nine Tribulation" doubled its mental power!

Soaring mentality means that Lin Chen's power of all exercises has tripled!

This is the benefit of the growth of element attribute values. Why is the "ultimate moment" talent only double the power of the practice method, but in the end it can be increased by four times, because it first doubles the foundation of the mental method, and then doubles the "work method" !

The power of "Nine Tribulation Stars" has soared!

Boom~! Boom~!

At almost the same time, a glorious battle spirit and a storm-like spiritual storm shone from Lin Chen's inner brow, and "Qinglong Piying" could not be hidden!

"Tianyin Rune!"

Lin Chen hurriedly launched the Tianyin rune to eliminate all the fluctuations of the spirit and spirit, and almost exposed his breath!

"Good guys, this wave of decomposed essence values of war spirits made me break through to the fifth-level post-cultivation! And, my mental strength finally reached the middle of Tongtian Realm!"

Lin Chen's expression is excited and excited. In the middle of the sky, he means that he now has the minimum cultivation conditions for the exquisite mystery of Oblivion!

The cultivation of spiritual power is as difficult as climbing into the sky. Lin Chens mid-level mental power attribute value of more than 50,000 points is already the peak of the early Tiantian Realm. It can be decomposed into the infinite treasures in the dragon race, and finally harvest the spiritual power attribute value of 40,000 points. Before entering the middle of Tongtian Realm!

Moving on, I am afraid that the difficulty will increase more than ten times!

When Lin Chen pushed open a door and finished decomposing the last "Huangquan Fulingzhi" in this Dragon Hall, he was about to leave, but the depth inside the Dragon Hall attracted Lin Chen's attention!

That is the light of the attribute light ball!

At the end of the hall, it looks like a statue of the dragon family, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the statue of the vast and magnificent shore was actually an'orange key'.

"Is the attribute value? No, the attribute light ball is not long like this, the key? Is it used to open the treasure chest? But I never open the treasure chest directly without the key?"

Lin Chen was very curious and flew into the air, grabbing the two-finger big orange key.

The orange key flew into Lin Chen's palm like lightning. After disappearing, the system light screen popped up.

[Congratulations to the host who has obtained the key of the "Mighty Skill" function, and can choose to open a new function of the system: the skill function. To enable this function, you need: 20 million talent points and 20 million sky value.

[Mighty Skills Function: Add new special attribute values. The host can collect special attribute values to make Xeon's most powerful technique. The power of the unique technique depends on the value and type of the special attribute value. The nirvana is divided into four levels: green level, blue level, purple level, orange level. May I ask the host, do you want to enable the desired attribute value?

Boom~! A lot of information poured in, Lin Chen's eyes brightened!

Turned out to be a new feature, nirvana?

And Lin Chen read a little, such as: Red Lotus Fire, Infinite Water Tribulation, Wanli Sandstorm, etc., these are only the lowest-level blue order nirvana, and they have the destructive power that can threaten the nineth-level warlord!

There is also the blue-level nirvana: Five Thunders, which can threaten even the life of the late Jiuzhong!

"But this is too terrifying, and it will cost my 20 million points of talent and heavenly value!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched fiercely, although the nirvana function is strong, but the attribute value opened is too terrible!

He previously destroyed the attribute value of the false **** family, and he beheaded two Holy World messengers to get more than 10 million talent points and heavenly value!

In addition, this time, the family of the Red Lotus Yanlong family was quickly copied into the sky. Excluding the battle consumption of the two patriarchs, the talent points only accumulated 26.8 million points, and the value of the heavenly path was 20.45 million points!

This time he wants such a high amount of attribute values, which is equivalent to cutting meat and breaking his arms!

Just when Lin Chen was hesitant, his eyes suddenly saw a small line in the description of the system functions.

[The loremanship is a compulsory lock-in attack within the prescribed range or conditions, and the enemys target cannot be evaded.

Lin Chen breathed heavily!

Lockdown attack? crack shot! This feature is too fierce!

The lowest-level blue order nirvana can already threaten the Ninth Warlord, and it is a hundred hits, what if it is the blue order, the purple order, or even the orange order?

Isn't it to kill the saints?

One trick is enough to threaten the holy realm, even the god's nirvana comes, and it is 100% sure, what a pervert!

"Damn it, it's you! I'm sure to consume the specified value to turn on the nirvana function!"

Lin Chen was determined to make sure that brand-new information poured into his mind, and the two major attribute values were instantly reduced by 20 million points!

The nirvana function is turned on, Lin Chens status bar has an additional option, and he can pack more attribute value types!

"Special attribute values generally appear in special areas with strong attribute energy... Isn't it true that my four avatars are in special areas?"

Lin Chen slammed his thigh, and his eyes lit up!

Isnt **** volcano an area with strong attribute energy?

"Hahaha, looted the entire old man of the Red Lotus Yanlong family, and I always felt like I was getting handsome again."

This dragon palace is the last secret hall. Some of the lower-level medicinal materials are placed in the used warehouse, which may be called by the strong at any time. Lin Chen simply did not bother to pass it, so as not to disturb the retreat of the red lotus dragon Ancestor.

In this operation, Lin Chen has at least exhausted 90% of the treasures of the Red Lotus Flame Dragon! The top treasures are not left, and there is no hair left!

After today, this unfortunate family will always remember the fear of being dominated by this handsome!

"System, turn on super-dimensional transmission and send it to the 4th position!"

Suddenly, Lin Chen canceled the previous coordinate No. 4 and set the location of the avatar to coordinate No. 4. The space above his head suddenly broke through a ray of space, and Lin Chen disappeared into the Dragon Hall!


"What the **** is going on? Hasn't this kid's cultivation temporarily increased to the late sixth level? How did he enter the early seventh level?"

"It is cultivation practice, his cultivation practice has broken through, and the growth rate has risen!"

"His pure power has also reached 8.7 million, and he is promoted in battle? And is it a comprehensive improvement?"

"My day, his mental strength also broke through! What the **** is this monster!"

In Hell volcano, many elders in the **** are air-conditioning!

They watched Lin Chen's four avatars break through the boundaries again and again in the battle with the patriarch, and the battle was completely at ease, it was not like breaking through the bottleneck! It's as simple as eating and drinking, what kind of fairy cultivation method is this?

The three avatars of Lin Chen could only barely parry at the beginning, and they still needed to rely on the "slow rune" to hold down the two patriarchs.

But now, his three avatars are evenly distributed. With the mystery of the infinite dark step and the arrow cover of the third avatar, the three avatars have a tendency to balance against the two patriarchs!

This terrible growth rate makes all elders feel terrified!