My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 686

Vol 5 Chapter 686: Pour A Cappuccino

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Chapter 686

"The distance of 40,000 miles is a little short. You have to pull a wave of enemies. Take these two dragon clan patriarchs to try out this powerful skill!"

Lin Chen grinned, placed Yan Qianyun in a safe place, and stepped, the "infinite dark step" fight turned into the void, and he walked a thousand miles in one breath!

The three avatars who besieged the two patriarchs seemed to have a good heart, stepped on the "dark step", and retreated into shape, and rushed to the battle circle of many dragon elders at full speed!

"Not good! That kid's avatar rushed to the elders, does he want to start with the elders first?"

"Don't let him succeed!"

The dragon heads of the two patriarchs swayed violently, jumping into the void, chasing Lin Chen!

The two chaotic circles suddenly shortened countless distances!

Only when the ancestor looked at the fifth'Lin Chen', Long Tong shook and hurriedly roared!

"Don't move easily, that kid has a problem! The energy of Hell Volcano is inexplicably gone!"

As soon as the words fell, Lin Chen's body figure appeared in the void between the two patriarchs and the elders of the two tribes!

The dragon heads of the two patriarchs had a meal and were immediately alert to the surroundings, but it was too late!

[Start the blue-level nirvana: Honglian Yehuo.

Sigh~! The blazing red lotus light flashed through Lin Chen's eyebrows, the crimson red flame turned into a halo, spanning the sky dome, and immediately broke from the top of each dragon clan's strong head, the halo shrouded to them instantly The huge dragon body appeared without warning!

"What the **** is this?"

"It seems, something is wrong!"

Countless dragons were shocked, they found that this red halo has been locked to follow them, and they can't get rid of it!

At this moment, their minds appeared inexplicable fear and panic, as if locked by the punishment of the heavens, it seemed that they were stared at by some extremely powerful creatures!

All of Lin Chen's avatars disappeared instantly and became nothingness.

At the same time, the Dragon Emperor condensed the "Dragon Armor" defense, and the purple phoenix wings continued to retreat while flapping, turning into a stream of light and returning to Lin Chen's body!

"What? That Long Chenbo actually..."

The ancestor was stunned to see that moment!

"Take a look at Lin Mou's nirvana! Red Lotus Yehuo, burn!"

With the order of Lin Chen, the red halo swiftly bloomed a red lotus, and the flames rushed out of the sky, bursting out of the lotus!

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

The sorrowful dragon roared in the sky, and all the dragon elders were burned to the ground by the'Red Lotus Industry Fire', and their flesh and blood were blurred!

Between the space distortions, all the dragon scales fell off, the blood was dry, a large number of attribute light **** rolled into the void, and the flame of the red lotus continued to spread, just like countless fires exploded from the void!

"No, no! What the **** is this!"

"Why, these flames follow us all the time, why can't they go away!"

"Me, I will wait for the Red Lotus Yanlong family to be burned by flames? Ah!"

An ancient giant dragon who was placed on the Kyushu in the past was enough to be called the emperor's title. At this time, it was burnt to the ground and rolled, wailing, the scene was extremely strange!

Even the two patriarchs were completely shrouded in Red Lotus Industry Fire, showing their magical powers and forcibly resisting this strange energy!

They simply can't get rid of it! No matter where you flee, the red lotus industry fire is like a tarsus maggot, which has been burning on them all the time, and you can't run away, you can only resist!

They looked at Lin Chen's eyes, and Long Tong showed unprecedented panic!

This human race boy is terrible! This kind of killing is simply **** and nightmare!

It is comparable to the attack of the Ninth Warlord, but it can not be avoided, but can it be resisted? This killing trick is unseen, unheard of! Too shocking the world!

The scarlet red lotus industry burned the entire **** volcano, and Bai Ruoyan showed some surprise. Where did this brother Lin Chen come from? Why haven't I seen him use it before?

"No, no! Lin Chen, my Red Lotus Yanlong clan don't share with you! Let's take a break!"

The ancestor roared violently, the dragon's body swayed, trying to support the elders. Bai Ruoyan Qianying flickered and blocked him in front of him, not giving the other party any chance to act!

"Good! My mother, it's terrifying. This must-do technique!"

Lin Chen, who is as strong as his ace, can't help but sigh with air!

The Hell Volcano Center, as far as the eye can see, is all burned into a dragon body, which is burned and crawled!

Those dragon elders with a combat power comparable to the late seventh-level warlords did not have the seventh-order top-level cultivation practice. They could not breathe in only five.

Without suspense, burn a large piece!

The seventh-rank elders of the eighth-level battle emperor are not much better. Almost all of them are seriously injured and are on the verge of death!

If it wasn't for the natural fire property of the dragon body of the Red Lotus Fire Dragon, it was more resistant to incineration, and it was replaced by other orcs. Maybe even the top seven ranks have fallen!

The two patriarchs were injured to varying degrees, and the injuries should not be overlooked.

"This nirvana is too perverted! Its power is not only destructive, but the most important thing is a 100% complete hit. No means can be avoided. Once locked, you must use your own strength and defense. Hard resistance until the end!"

Lin Chen secretly uttered his tongue, and the power of the "Red Lotus Fire" was comparable to the full blow of the early Emperor Zhanzhong!

Even he himself was a little bit afraid, fortunately this kind of nirvana is in his own hands!

If this **** opponent gave him someone to Lin this time, think about it all scalp tingling!

"Lin Chen, why, my dragon clan hates you so much, you have to do this to the point! Kill me so many elders!"

Mo Tianming roared and roared, Lin Chen's expression instantly became cold and fierce!

"Because you moved my friend! She also made her cry, made her fear, and made her desperate. I will give her a hundred times back to your family for what she has experienced!"

"You can provoke anyone, but don't mess with me! If you move me, I will make you regret what you have done forever! Do you think I will really let go of Mo Tianming and Luo Cha? I have long left a dark mark of the torch in them. Maybe they will not be killed, but it is more than enough to destroy them."

Lin Chen shook suddenly, his eyes were extremely cold.

Yan Qianyun, who stared at the cold side when he was protecting himself, had always seen the worldly affairs, and was dumbfounded for a while!

The beautiful lady's beautiful cheeks were stained with a blush.

Hearing the end of his son, the two patriarchs were shocked and angry!

Does this kid even have an upstart?

Then, Lin Chen urged the avatar again, and the four avatars flashed at a rapid speed, taking away the massive attribute light ball in the void!

Bai Ruoyan flashed to Lin Chen's side, avatar took away all attribute light balls, protecting Yan Qianyun.

Lin Chen took the second daughter away, and the ancestor couldn't care about chasing everyone, hurriedly flashed to the side of many seriously wounded Taishang elders, spit out a dragon's breath, and resisted part of the power of'Red Lotus Industry Fire' for them.

Lin Chen put away his cold murderousness, regained his previous cynical disdain, and laughed jokingly.

"Come on, Qian Yun, before we go, pour a cup of cappuccino to everyone in the Dragon race!"

Yan Qianyun's body fell, her jade hand was shining, and a jade pot appeared.

Yan Qianyun, who walked in the air, was graceful, smiled briefly, bent over, and poured out the essence in the jade pot.

The snow-white essence draws a beautiful arc, pours into a crater, fragrant flowing, fragrant fragrance, the thick black and white flowing liquid of the crater and lava confuse and rotate, and slowly outlined a '6' character?