My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 687

Vol 5 Chapter 687: Super Double Mute And Make A Fortune

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Chapter 687

One day after the war.

In the Palace of Flames, in a palace, the strong men of the two races were severely injured, wounded and recuperating in the hall for a moment.

"Damn, we're being played around by this kid!"

Luo He sat in the hall, almost hysterical roar!

When they resisted the'Red Lotus Industry Fire', Lin Chen and others had already slipped away. Based on his physical skills, as long as he left the territory of the Red Lotus Flame Dragon, they would be basically unable to catch up.

At this time, two elders of the Taishang entered the hall and solemnly told the matter.

"The two patriarchs, Luo Cha and Tian Yan are basically unable to return to the sky. They can live alive, but this life may not even be able to recover the fifth-order beast cultivation."

"The boy was extremely ruthless. After the explosion of the holy fire, the fierce beast core was broken, but a part of the energy was left, so that the two of them did not die completely, and it was clear that they would be destroyed."

Another elder of Tianyu Yinglong shook his head and sighed. For the first genius, the moment they fell from the altar, they were doomed to die! Perhaps after restoring their sanity, the two of them would rather die!

As soon as this remark came out, the Luolu and Mo Tianming in the hall seemed to be much older, sitting silently in the hall, the atmosphere was extremely strange.

"what is the problem."

At this time, the five figures came, or thunder and lightning like dragons, or wind blades, or ice and tide, or shadows to cover the sky, all are strong characters!

It was the five dragon chiefs who had participated in the attack on Mingzhou in the past! Counting the two on the scene, there were seven patriarchs on that day, all of them together!

Behind the five patriarchs, some still bring the geniuses of all tribes, including Heilang and Hanbing.

"We sensed that there is a war between your family and came at full speed. What happened?"

Asked a middle-aged man with a thunderous eyebrow.

Mo Tianming's expression was a bit gloomy, and he didn't want to talk at all. After the elder, who was next to him, smiled bitterly, he took the lead.

"My patriarchs, this is..."

After the elders of the Taishang briefly summed up the future of the dragon, the faces of the five patriarchs were wonderful!

"It even broke into the Red Lotus Yanlong family, this Linzhou Linchen really is not a waiter!"

"Nonsense, the guy who can shoot the nuclear energy to our barren state, can it be a normal person?"

"Even the geniuses of the two tribes were abandoned by this kid..."

The five patriarchs sat on each side with a dignified expression.

Huangzhou is not without human races, but no one has ever entered the territory of the ten dragons, because all creatures know that this is the territory of the super dragons!

For many thousands of years, this balance has been broken by a young Lingzhou teenager! Also abolished the geniuses of the two races!

"Unexpectedly, that Long Chenbo turned out to be Lin Chen!"

Suddenly, the old ancestor of the red robe was uncertain, and when he said this, many elders were frightened!

"Chitian Patriarch, why don't you say that!"

Hei Lang, who was sitting next to the Shadow Tianlong Patriarch, asked in horror that he was the one who was defeated by Long Chen Bo above the grand ceremony.

"Because, the old man saw that Long Chenbo was integrated into Lin Chen's body without any obstacles. I am afraid that the Dragon Clan would have his origin and be one with him! This kind of thing and case, even if it is within the top ten Dragon Clan History is also unique!"

The violent breath of the ancestor of the red robe faintly revealed, he regretted it!

At first, he was so close to Long Chenbo, he could shoot dead and hurt him with a backhand, even let him run under his eyelids!

The five patriarchs stared at each other with a look of astonishment, but they had heard of the name Long Chen Bo, and it was suspected that a super genius had risen.

"He is actually Lin Chen..."

Han Bing's pretty face was pale like paper at the moment, and this legendary figure, even her, was thunderous, and its deeds in Kyushu were anything that normal people could do!

Fortunately, he didn't take himself seriously, otherwise, with his strength, I'm afraid he couldn't even go out with one move!


Suddenly, Mo Tianming, who had been silent for a long time, appeared a rare panic, thinking about terror!

If Long Chenbo was Lin Chen from the beginning, then why did he spend so much Zhou Zhang to enter here? Just to save people?

"No, no, no! Quick, go to Shenglong Chi!"

Mo Tianming awakened everyone with a word, and the strong men in the hall stood up one after another, his face scared!

The ancestor of the red robe personally opened the space channel, and the two patriarchs followed, and many elders of the great elders stepped in immediately regardless of the injury!


Inside the Red Lotus Fire Dragon Family, the Holy Dragon Pond.

A group of people stood staring in front of the huge blood pool!

Looking at the blood pool that was so exhausted that there was no drop of energy, all the dragon clan stayed in place!

Gone! All gone?

The five patriarchs, their clan, took a breath of air violently!

Shenglongchi's energy accumulation is so rich, he didn't even have a **** drop? Squeezed all?

"Why is this kid holy!"

The patriarch of the ice-robbing dragon, a beautiful woman in blue robe could not help but tremble!

You know, the strongest dragon clan in the history of Tianjiao, but only absorbed nearly a third of the energy of the entire dragon pond in a baptism.

Not to mention how this kid sneaked in, the energy of this holy dragon pond is not absorbed by his Long Chen Bo!

"It's a young man who is afraid of even those guys. It really is a monster!"

Several other patriarchs stared at each other, their expressions dignified!

Now they may really join forces, this kind of demon appears in their barren state, no one knows who his next goal is!

"It's over, the holy dragon pond is dry, my family can no longer train the new dragon family for at least tens of thousands of years!"

Patriarch of Red Robe trembles his palm, his heart is full of anger and murderous intention!

Mo Tianming's expression was a bit terrifyingly calm, and the strong killing intention in Long Tong was difficult to wash through all three rivers and five lakes!

"Patriarch, look, there are words!"

A Taishang elder pointed his eyes and suddenly pointed to a dragon column!

Everyone looked at it, and when they saw the line clearly, it was almost suffocating!

"A backhand in your Longchi will be a super double, and you will make a fortune with a muffled voice."

Seven patriarchs, scalp numbness! Many strong men, the corners of the mouth twitch!

Super double?

God **** super double! This all drains the energy of the holy dragon pool, do you want to double it?

"No, double?"

Luo prison suddenly panicked without warning!

Lying trough? Could it be...?

He let the red robe ancestors quickly open the space channel, and everyone turned to the holy dragon pool of the heavenly dragon!

When they arrived, all the strong men were drawn!

grass! What a **** dog it is!

The holy dragon pond of Tianyu Yinglong has also suffered terribly! And similar to the Red Lotus Yanlong family, the energy of the entire Holy Dragon Pool has been drained!

How did he do it?