My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 688

Vol 5 Chapter 688: Walk Alone

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Chapter 688

The energy human race of the Holy Dragon Pond cannot be absorbed, and there must be a limit to the absorption of the Dragon Race. He actually absorbed the two Dragon Ponds in such a short period of time!

"Monster! Definitely a monster! This kid is too Nima Xiemen. Drain two dragon pools?"

"Damn, even if Lao Tzu's talent is increased tenfold! What the **** is this kid?"

"The energy of the holy dragon pool must be absorbed in the dragon pool, and it will be invalid when leaving the dragon pool. He cannot take it away, but, what is going on?"

Drain Shenglong Chi in minutes? This kind of behavior, they dare not even think about it! But all this happened only in a few days!

Luo jail lost his eyes and looked dull!

"Damn, Luosha, you stupid thing! You've gotten to die! I don't like who you provoke, why do you want to provoke this Linzhou Linchen with Mo Tianyan!"

The prison was hateful and angry, draining the energy of the entire holy dragon pool! Too ruthless!

At present, this miserable situation, for at least tens of thousands of years, no young dragons can be cultivated in the Tianyu Yinglong. You have to wait for the energy of the Holy Dragon Pond to accumulate before 10,000 years! It is estimated that it will take another 20,000 years to fully open.

That is to say, in the past 20,000 years, Tianyu Yinglong will have no fresh blood to inject, and the former Tianjiao, because there is no baptism of the Holy Dragon Pool, the growth rate will be greatly reduced, and the whole family will be seriously affected. !

This is equivalent to breaking each arm in the development of Tianyu Yinglong and Honglian Yanlong!

At this time, another Taishang elder trembled his finger and pointed to the dragon column beside the dragon pond!

"Then there are words..."

Everyone's heart twitched and turned their eyes hard...

Long Zhu was engraved abruptly: Even to you.

grass! Sorry, really! One shot is that the two holy dragon pools drain and abolish the strongest geniuses of the two races, and any dragon race can't bear this blow!

And the other dragon pillar is engraved: take you away with three belts.

what is this? Super double to take a pair?

What special three belts one?

Suddenly, several patriarchs panicked!

"Three belts and one...wouldn't this be?"

"My day, soon, Chi Tian ancestor, send it to the holy dragon pond of our races to see!"

Panic! These dragons and patriarchs who have stood at the peak of Kyushu after all these times have panicked!

Nima, if they become the One in those three belts and one, then they will really be out of business! The energy of the entire Holy Dragon Pool was drained, and no one family can bear this loss!

Ancestor Chi Tian gritted his teeth again to open the space of other holy dragon ponds, shuttled one by one, unfortunately in luck, the holy dragon ponds of several other ethnic groups were safe and sound.

When the patriarchs of various races breathed a sigh of relief, they were thinking again, what is the "One" of the three belts and one?

At this time, the dragon jade on Mo Tianming suddenly shattered, the light was dim, and his eyes changed again!

"This is the emergency announcement of Long Yu in the Ten Secret Hall, don't you say?"

His figure flashed, and all of them withdrew from the Holy Dragon Pond, and hurried to the head of the "Ten Secret Hall" of the Red Lotus Flame Dragon!


In the secret hall, many elders of the Red Lotus Yanlong clan were cold and sweaty. Seeing the patriarch close, they almost stood up and dared to confess.

"Inform the patriarch, we... all the secret halls and treasures of the Pavilion are gone!"

"We don't know what's going on, the space enchantment hasn't been triggered at all, and many different treasures and medicinal materials have disappeared..."

This heard Mo Tianming's blue muscles exposed, pushing away many elders, "Go away!"

He went straight into the last secret hall, and many of the secret cabinets inside were empty!

Those space enchantments that had been arranged by him personally, and the Dragon Breath Prohibition are all still alive, but they did not protect them from the accumulation of 100,000 years!

The several patriarchs who came immediately behind were also dumbfounded, and they were shocked again, stunned to stay in place!

Accumulated for a long time, all the treasures, cultivation resources and medicinal materials deposited in an era have been looted!

If it is said that the holy dragon pool was drained, it was a broken arm in the development of the Red Lotus Yanlong family, then this hand is to break its second arm!

Too ruthless!

"Hundreds of thousands of years' worth of successes have fallen short. Lin Chen, Lin Chen! You are so cruel. Starting today, you and I will take a break!"

Mo Tian was so angry that the dragon breathed away, almost crazy!

He couldn't calm down! No matter how deep the city and the state of mind are, it is difficult to maintain peace at this moment. This time, Lin Chen directly hurt their vitality and devastation!

Only the first day was abandoned, the energy of the holy dragon pool was exhausted, the accumulation of countless years was completely evacuated, and more than half of the top dragons of the red lotus flame dragon were seriously injured!

Every incident is enough to cause great frustration and loss to the Red Lotus Yanlong family, but he is now all together!

Many high-ranking elders have drawn a bitter arc in the corners of their mouths. They even regret it. Why do they want to provoke this **** of plague!

If Master Mo Tianyan didn't take Yan Qianyun away, how could they be in such a big trouble!

Undoubtedly, starting today, and the years to come, Honglian Yanlong will completely become the end of the top ten dragon races. If you want to develop it again, it is impossible!

At this time, many people suddenly found the anomaly. On the holy dragon statue in the secret hall, there was another line engraved on it?

Everyone looked at it with only seven words: a single show, stupid.

The elders of the seven patriarchs twitched, and this Nima really was...


Someone vomiting blood!

"Come on, take the herbs quickly, Elder Mo Feng vomits blood!"

"There is a chicken feather medicine, all the **** is gone!"


The Red Dragon Yanlong family, chickens and dogs jumped into a mess. Within the dragon race, the situation changes.


On the other side; in the Nanhuang District, the three figures walking in the sky gaze into the distance and retract their gaze.

Of these three people, two of them are one of the six false **** families, the ancestor of the Dragon family, the elder of Long Can and the Taishang elder of the Dragon family, Long Yu!

And the youth in the blue shirt headed by that, the breath looks a little like the sea, it is simply unpredictable!

I saw that the young man in the blue shirt closed his eyes and chuckled.

"Hey, prepare to do it, I will meet today, how strong Lin Chen is!"

A murderous crisis, quietly unfolded!

"The dragon master is really strong. The red lotus industry fire was burned in a wave, and a large piece of death was killed. It directly made me pick up 900 million intermediate qi and blood energy and 40,000 intermediate fire energy."

Lin Chen wondered, his pure power now reached 8 million dragon power! Blessings of Divine Power, 8.99 million! At the same level as Qinglong!

Further up, it is 9 million dragon power, which is comparable to the pure power of the nineth warlord! This bottleneck is difficult to break through!

Although there was still a red lotus industry fire at the time, the damage to the two patriarchs was limited by the nirvana. There was also an old ancestor comparable to the mid-nineth layer in good condition.

Especially to protect Yan Qianyun, and if Sister Yan is nearby, Lin Chen doesn't want to fight desperately for a little attribute light ball and the other party, so that the two girls are in danger.