My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 689

Vol 5 Chapter 689: Pseudo God Doppelganger?

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Chapter 689

"In other words, why should the Dragon clan take away so many mathematicians?"

Lin Chen asked curiously about Yan Qianyun around her, she gently shook her head-"I don't know, this dragon's action is very strange. Seven dragons of the ten dragons participated in this action. Although Mingzhou's heritage is ancient and strong, , But in the face of this raid, it was unable to protect many top mathematicians."

"Their actions came without warning, and any fortune-teller did not foresee their arrival. They didn't even show a hint of gas machine. They are very likely, and there are some fortune-tellers behind them to cover up the Dragon Tribe's disaster!"

"And this arithmetician may be far more powerful than any other arithmetic operator in Kyushu today, otherwise it will be difficult to cover up the Qi dragons of the Seven Dragon Races! The arithmetic operators who were taken away do not know where they were captured. Tian Yan detained me, I'm afraid I can't wait until you come to rescue me."

Yan Qianyun's pretty face is full of dignity, and her eyes reveal the color of thought.

It was almost Yan Qianyun's words that had just fallen, and a hoarse boy's voice sounded.

"Little Nizi, you guessed it."


A powerful and deep murderous opportunity covers an area of 100,000 miles, and the special fighting spirit condenses into an enchantment, blocking the void!

Lin Chen pulled Yan Qianyun to stand behind him, his eyes narrowed.

Bai Ruoyan aside whispered.

"It's a weird breath, and the comers are bad."

Lin Chen nodded, he seemed to feel a very strange wave of fighting spirit!

To metaphorically, just like a venomous snake lurking in the dark of the forest, it can feel the oppression that it has aimed at you, very urgent and dangerous.

The young man in the green shirt looked with a smile on his face, his eyes closed, his hands clasped his chest, and he emerged from the air. Following two figures behind him, Lin Chen suddenly saw these two people!

"Old dog of the false **** family?"

In a simple sentence, the two immediately exposed their green muscles, and their anger was skyrocketing!

His mother, they are the pinnacles in the whole of Kyushu. Wherever they go, there is the admiration of trillions of living creatures, but they are even shut up by this kid. Also false god?

"Oh, good courage. In Shenzhou, everyone regards me as the true god, no one disagrees, no one does not believe. Only you, dare to call this seat a false god."

The young man in a blue shirt flicked his sleeves, and the two immediately calmed down, with a very respectful expression.


Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and said coldly-"Are you the false **** behind the Dragon Family?"

False god! This kind of existence is a holy level! Even if he was seriously injured, it is still not comparable to the Warlord! Any saint who can destroy the emperor in one finger!

"Little bastard, respect the true god!"

Long Can stared in anger, Lin gave a **** to show the meaning of hanging.

"Aren't you a false god's body? If it's true, the false **** shouldn't be that weak. It seems that you are also a coercion. Even the true body dare not show up. It's a fear of the town boundary left by my Kyushu sage Holy stele? It seems that you can't do it either. There was a great literati who once said; coercion, he would beat me Lin Chen!"

Lin Chen sneered, his shoulders flicked, the phantom rune was launched, and the four avatars came out!

"Your doppelganger is so fascinating. You have to admire this seat. Even the experience of this seat is the first time you have seen it. If it is a volume of exercises, it must be a masterpiece."

The young man in the blue shirt smiled, his eyes never opened from beginning to end.

"Did you go to the Dragon Clan to praise me?"

Lin Chen raised a brow, Yan Qianyun behind her suddenly uttered.

"You are the mathematician behind the dragon race!"

As soon as this statement came out, Lin Chen and the other three showed a trace of surprise!

"Good little Nizi, good observation skills, the exercises you cultivated are somewhat interesting."

The young man in green shirt didn't deny it and smiled indifferently.

"You killed them, right?" Yan Qianyun's eyes flickered with strange eyes.

"Yes, I drank their blood."

As soon as this remark came out, even Lin Chen felt a bit creepy!

This guy was able to drive the dragon clan, and also drank the blood of the abductors who were taken away?

"The fortune-teller can spy on the heavenly plane, and there will be a faint constellation of celestial celestial space in the sky, but the celestial qi is very faint, and it will not be aware of itself, but it is different for my existence.

The young man in a green shirt showed an intoxicated look, with a loud bang, the ultimate moment and the seven-fold change were launched, and five fingers and eight fingers were raging away!

Long Chan flicked his sleeves, protruded with one hand, twisted the void, and a golden dragon remnant completely destroyed Lin Chen's five tricks and eight wild fingers!

"Shoot if you don't agree, rude wild dogs!"

Long Chan was furious, Lin Chen sighed-"Go to you, your kind of goods are eligible to talk to me about the etiquette? Was it good for the false **** to shake his tail as a dog, and when the dog eats shit?"

"Lin Chen!"

The young man's voice increased by one point.

"How can I become my left and right arm? With your potential, this seat will not be wiped out. If you can worship under this seat, the future will be a great person, and you will be a peerless talent in the Holy World. If there are enough opportunities, maybe Can still have the God Condition..."

The young man in the green shirt said that he was throwing an olive branch to Lin Chen?

"And your daughter-in-law, this lady in white, with the eternal flame, if this seat rules this power for you, you two will surely become the strongest existence between heaven and earth, even beyond the peak period of this seat. under"

When he looked at Bai Ruoyan, he chuckled softly. His voice had a unique psychedelic magic power. Even Bai Ruoyan had a momentary mental illusion, as if he was in a bizarre fantasy environment.


Boom~! A roar exploded like a spiritual storm, cutting off the inducement of the T-shirt!

His smile gradually solidified, staring at Lin Chen with a startled sound.

"Mental power in the middle of Tongtian Realm? Good boy, no wonder even my verbal illusion does not work..."

"Who won't be bragging, are you a god? A holy world criminal still dares to talk about God's fate! My Lin Chen can go to the holy world without relying on anyone, and you are a dare to hide behind your back and engage in dark arrows. , There is no such thing as an air season, I can pick a little child by the roadside and you are more promising than you!"

Lin Chen sipped, extremely disdainful!

The young man in the green shirt finally put away his smiling face, closed his eyes, and said indifferently-"It seems that you are toasting and not eating fines."

It seems that this person cannot be recruited. He certainly feels a pity, but again, if he cant use it, he must be destroyed. In the near future, this son must be the enemy!

The words fell, and the two stood behind them immediately!


Zi Yan rolls over, the blue dragon is born, Lin Chen releases the blue dragon, Long Wei deterred the sky!

The dragon emperor with three blood lines in one body, even a young man in a blue shirt showed a trace of surprise!

"Interesting, I am more and more interested in you, Lin Chen."