My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 690

Vol 5 Chapter 690: Re Entry The Ten Dragons

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Chapter 690

"Sister Yan, can you bring Qian Yun into the torch."

Lin Chen privately heard Bai Ruoyan, she said: "No, I can enter freely, but if I want to bring people, I must completely open the torch realm. Each time, the torch consumed is huge in origin. This time If it is on, I might fall asleep."

Opening the torch realm is very costly. When the spirit of the torch was still attached to Bai Ruoyan's body, it will leave the torch realm as the final card. It is conceivable that this is not an easy-to-use kill.

This is difficult.

Lin Chen's expression is somewhat dignified. If Bai Ruoyan can bring Yan Qianyun into the Holy Fire Realm, he can use "Super Dimensional Teleportation" to teleport directly back to Lingzhou!

But if you bring Yan Qianyun, his talent point is not enough!

Because of the update of the "Mighty Skill" function, there are now only 5.8 million talent points left. If you take it with one person, the doubled talent points will not be enough to send it to other big states.

Bai Ruoyan seemed to know Lin Chen's thoughts, and turned into a snow-white jade slip, which was put into Lin Chen's chest and lay quietly in his arms.


One of Lin Chen's avatars suddenly urged the "six changes", stepped on a vortex of shadows, and rushed towards the young man in the blue shirt. The expression of Long Can changed slightly!

With the palm of your hand, you can shoot the "Seven Powers", the dragon is like a sword, and the rune is full of power. The power has quadrupled, and it hit the chest!

"Mantis is a car."

The other party flicked his sleeves, his fists flicked lightly, seemingly weak, and his fists clashed together!

boom! Tear ~!

The space crystal wall cracked strangely in an arc, Lin Chens avatar was knocked back a hundred miles away, and his arm with Seven Powers was almost broken!

"A bit of mysterious body-building skills, covered with treasure."

The young man in a green shirt flicked his nails and sneered.

Long Can and Taishang Elder immediately surrounded Lin Chen!

Lin Chen smiled strangely, he was not planning to attack the other party seriously.

[Consumed 20,000 talent points, successfully stolen the harbinger of stolen, stolen from the target: 6 million intermediate skills.

My day!

Lin Chen was almost rude, why did he steal 6 million meritorious spirits when he stole it? This is too fierce! He copied the entire soul family old man's foundation, but only about 6 million intermediate-level exercises!

"The false **** is a false **** in the end, even if it is a avatar, it is unusual, I just lack the skill and spirit!"

Lin Chen smirks in his heart, and his "Seven Powers" and "Obliteration" both require massive amounts of skill and spirit! It was just right!

Lin Chen grabbed Yan Qianyun and smiled.

"You are indeed mysterious, false god, but I don't need to fight you yet."

The young man in the green shirt frowned, "Oh? Is it..."

[Start the super-dimensional transmission, carrying the target: 1, consume 900,000 talent points, and start transmitting to space coordinate 2.


Lin Chen's head broke through a beam of light in a sudden burst of light, and the two disappeared in front of Long Can and others!

"This, this is his unique space jump technique!"

"Can't he keep him from the space boundary!"

Long Chan's mouth twitched, and the young man in the blue shirt turned his face with interest, turning to face another direction.

"Lin Chen, you can't escape my palm."


In Xihuang District, an ancient tree with greenery and light beams in the space broke open, and Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun came.

"Fortunately, this spatial coordinate was not cancelled!"

Lin Chen wiped his cold sweat, and this coordinate was where he and Long Kun fled to Huangzhou.

The distance between the Western and Southern Wastelands is extremely far, and it is estimated that it is difficult for the other party to lock him again.

"Let's go, I'll send you back first..." Lin Chenzheng smiled at Yan Qianyun before he finished, and his face changed slightly!

Golden pupil twins and Nine Tribulation Eyes were launched, and the gray and white killing of the thin hairspring was looming around the world to Lin Chens side!

Yan Qianyun almost noticed for the first time, the two unanimously.

"Come over?"

The top mathematicians are very sensitive to killing. Obviously, the other party can still lock their breath!

Bai Ruoyan immediately flew out of the snow-white jade jade, always accompanied by Lin Chen.

"Since the other party is determined to fight, we can't help but fight!"

Lin Chen rushed into the sky, released a phantom rune, and the four avatars came out again!

The location of the ultra-dimensional teleportation fixed point is within the Red Lotus Yanlong area, Lin Chen cannot teleport back, and the space coordinates outside the Huangzhou, he does not have enough talent points to jump with Yan Qianyun.

"Qian Yun, my avatar will **** you back, you go first. His goal is me, should not go to you."

Lin Chen told Yan Qianyun to nod, she knew she would only be a burden here.

After one avatar left with Yan Qianyun, the other avatar escaped in the opposite direction!

Just in case, Lin Chen intends to use another avatar to escape to another place to re-point the spatial coordinates, this is the last hand.

"Want to fight with us, then it depends on whether you can catch up with us!"

Lin Chen's eyes swept across with excitement!

Since the other party is going to fight, does he not upset the dragon race?

The territory of these ten dragons is the area with the most special energy!

As long as he finds one more place, he will be able to make new Mens Skill again!

However, there is a huge risk. The false **** once drove the seven dragons. At this time, he will return to the territory of the ten dragons. He may unite the dragons to deal with himself.

This is a gamble! Lin Chen, just bet on nest killer and be fearless!

Boom~! The Purple Phoenix Wings rolled, and the "Ultimate Time" was launched. Lin Chen stepped on a vortex of dark robbery and rushed into the central area of the ten dragons' territories!

"Brother Lin Chen's speed has increased again!"

Bai Ruoyan was close behind, slightly surprised, his speed must have to go all out to barely keep up!

Lin Chens current pure power is already 8.99 million dragon powers. His purple phoenix wings are extremely fast, superimposed with the infinite moment blessed infinite dark step, and its speed has surpassed many of the early nine warlords!

On the other side; the three chasing.

"Oh, let go of that little nizi, did you attract my attention yourself, even the avatars used two."

The young man in a blue shirt was surprised. He didn't see the difference between Lin Chen and his phantom avatar. He only saw through the trace of Bai Ruoyan's "Holy Fire", judging that Bai Ruoyan was next to Lin Chen itself!

"Although you don't know what abacus you are playing, but if you dare to enter the territory of the ten dragon races, you are looking for death!"

The speed of the three increased, and the sonic boom was crossed! Xun Tiandi's momentum shocked the many beasts beneath the ground, panicking!


The Dragon Emperor flew across the sky, flapping Yinglong Wing and Purple Phoenix Wing, moving forward at speed, and Bai Ruoyan personally protected the law for Lin Chen.

"System, I'm going to practice the "annihilation" technique!"

Thinking again and again, Lin Chen still chose the volume of annihilation exercises in the end, and the system consumed the 10.9 million points of merit that Lin Chen currently holds!