My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 691

Vol 5 Chapter 691: Lin Chen Vs Qingshen

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Chapter 691

Boom~! Brand-new memory of practice poured into my mind, Lin Chen was almost competing to absorb this memory!

The three people behind were gradually approaching. Lin Chens Dragon Emperor was advancing at full speed, and the speed was so fast that he crossed a beast territory controlled by a high-level orc!

Half a day later, Qian Zhonghai.

The space here is stacked up and spirally turned, and the waves of the surging ocean present their eyes, as far as the eyes can see, like the nine layers of oceans are constantly stacked, extremely mysterious!

This is one of the marginal territories of Tianyu Yinglong, which happens to be the place where the "Tianyu Yinghai" in Lin Chenlong's magical power can be played to the extreme!

At this time, the distance between the two sides was less than one hundred thousand miles, and the war was on the verge!

"The 10.9 million intermediate-level exercises have only been able to practice the "annihilation" exercises to barely 20%, but fortunately, the method of entry and display has been initially understood! This will inevitably become a big kill for me!"

Lin Chen's eyes flicked and suddenly opened his eyes!

"Qinglong, stop!"

With the order of Lin Chen, the Green Dragon stopped flying at a very high speed. Between the dragon's body dancing, a bunch of beams passed through the sky and rushed to Jiuxiao, turning into a mammoth energy into the body of Qinglong!

SupernaturalTianyu Yinghai!

Lin Chen turned around, and the five dragon dynasty guns flashed in his hand.

It's time for a battle! These guys don't plan to let themselves go.

"Why don't you run away?"

Three streamers cut through the sky and came to the two!

"Be careful, these people are very strong!"

Bai Ruoyan blocked Lin Chen's side, he grabbed Ruoyan's catkins and whispered.

"Yes, if Sister Yan, you just protect yourself."

"I want to protect you, I don't care."

Lin Chen: "..."

Shaking his head helplessly, Lin Chen said: "The ancestor of Long Chan gave it to my Qinglong..."

"No!" Bai Ruoyan said quickly, "I know your blue dragon is very strong, but you can't stop him. He is the late Emperor Jiuzhong. If you use the Holy Body given by the false god, your blue dragon can't block it. Let me stay with him."

"No! Qinglong is only a small problem. I don't want you to have any problems if Sister Yan, then the elders of the mid-ninth nine-year period will be handed over to my avatar. If Sister Yan, you fight with Qinglong."

Seeing Lin Chen's firm tone, Bai Ruoyan had no choice but to leave a sentence of'Be careful of everything'.

The young man in the blue shirt looked awkwardly, and found that he still could not deduce Lin Chen's destiny!

"Interestingly, I can't see your destiny. There is no such sign for any creature on the mainland of Kyushu. Lin Chen! I'm more and more interested in you, Long Can, keep the whole body."

The shirtless boy was inexplicably excited, and Long Chan's ancestor respectfully said, "Yes!"

"Why don't you use your trick, one person fighting the secrets of our six true **** families."

Qingchen teenager smiled and asked Lin Chen.

"It's not necessary to deal with things like you!"

Lin Chen smiled disdainfully, and the Sevenfold became active!

Boom~! Seven kinds of celestial disasters circulate, Lin Chen's cultivation is temporarily advanced from the late fifth layer to the early seventh layer!

Roar ~!

Long Xiao shakes the earth and earth, and Long Can transforms into a gorgeous golden 30,000 dragon, with a breath far beyond the ordinary Jiuzhong late war emperor!

He used the Holy Body at all costs as soon as he met him, apparently to cut Lin Chens roots!

Qinglong and Bai Ruoyan immediately stood in front of Long Can, and Lin Chen's last two avatars ran across to the elder of the ninth middle-aged Taishang elder!

Boom~! Eight wild fingers point out from the falling point, the waves are raging, the momentum is violent! A round of Jingyue rose slowly, slashing to the direction of Taishang elder!

The two avatars held Ningyue Tianqing and Wind Emperor Bow and instantly fought against the nine-time elder of the nine-layered middle!

By virtue of pure power and mid-level spiritual power of Tongtian Realm, coupled with the seventh-tier top-grade Fenghuang Bow, the two avatars are invincible and can also stop the elder for a long time!

Lin Chen still hesitated when the spiritual consciousness reached the precept, and did not immediately use the "blue moon".

This eighth-order sacrificial object did not completely succumb to himself. He had used it twice, and he had three opportunities left. He could not easily use this killing trick.

"Oh, it seems that this seat is really underestimated, even your eighth-order holy weapon and the secret method of transforming into the nineth war emperor are not used."

When the young man in the blue shirt stepped on the ground and shattered the void, his body turned like a star and moved like a ghost to the front of Lin Chen, and a red giant axe was split vertically, splitting a **** clash of mansions!

Suddenly urged the "three-inch robbery", three layers of gorgeous energy crystal layers to protect themselves, Lin Chen stepped on the "dark step", the figure turned back, while retreating at the same time, backhanded to shoot out! Charge and run runes!

"Douhuang 90-style Shura cut the sun and the moon!"

The point of the spear turned into the awe-inspiring spearman Tianhe, wringing the endless gunlight, dominating the world, and the **** clash between the galloping fighting spirits!

Sigh~! The battle axe slashed Lin Chen's attack, and the 25% power penetration didn't seem to threaten the other party. The youth in the blue shirt opened and closed, holding a giant axe to win the chase and hack it again!

"Type 91. Blood Shura!"

Lin Chen's body-blooded blood and blood rose fiercely, looking like a Shura burning with a **** flame!

The pure power of fierce destruction is like a barbarian dragon, which is condensed by a gun and stabbed out, if there is a blow that breaks the sky!

Dang ~! The moment the gun tip collided with the axe blade, the sky collapsed, and the sea below was shocked with thousands of channels of water flowing away!

Lin Chen was shocked step by step, stepping back and forth, every step shattered the void, shocking!

This kind of fighting momentum has begun to attract the attention of the Tianyu Yinglong family!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Lin Chen, who flapped the purple phoenix wings, stepped on the vortex of the shadow fight, and his figure flashed several times, intersecting with the youth in the blue shirt, fighting one battle after another!

On the other hand, Long Can and Qinglong are even more inseparable from the battle. Even with the help of the magical power of "Tian Yu Ying Hai" and Bai Ruoyan, one person and one dragon are still suppressed by the Long Chan ancestor who launched the "holy body". The situation in almost two battles is not optimistic, Lin Chen must find a breakthrough point in the battle of pseudo-gods!

"Charging Penetrating Rune! Type 92 Shura Nine Kills!"

The five-color dragon gun fluttered and transformed into a nineth heaven, and one shot is a heaven!

"Senro kills!"

The axe blade twitched, splitting the blood-heavy Tianhe, as if slashing down, even an axe broke through Lin Chen's "Nine Kills". Thanks to the prediction of "Golden Eyes Twins", Lin Chen stepped on a dark step, and his figure was on the side Only barely escaped!

boom! Bloody Tianhe cut through the sea and divided it in half, shocking!

"What a strong guy, he's just an eighth-level cultivator, and he's so strong!"

Lin Chen looked dignified.

Most of his elemental attribute values reached more than 400,000 points, blessing 8.99 million dragon power, nine-robbery body and energized and penetrating attack runes, which are enough to match the eighth peak, and the frontal battle is completely at a disadvantage!