My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 692

Vol 5 Chapter 692: Annihilation Exercises Show Divine Power

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Chapter 692

"Oh, Lin Chen, take out your hole card, you are too underestimated of this attack!"

The young man in the green shirt sneered at the dancing axe, Lin Chen flashed into the shadow of his body, raised his gun and smashed the top of his head, and the wind broke like a sound!

"Type 94 Shura Extinct!"

The gun fell like a star, and the endless killing, anger, warfare, and condensed into a peerless blow, like a falling star! Rushing to the top of the shirtless boy!

"This kind of attack, I don't bother to hide!"

In the sneer of the young man in the green shirt, he turned his back axe and turned back, and directly shocked Lin Chen's Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun!


When the war gun was released, Lin Chen's whole body was in full swing, and the space around him was twisted into a saw-like shape. The left hand punched "Seven Powers" and fought out, violently hitting the lower abdomen of the shirtless youth!

This punch, aimed at the weak armor of the T-shirt youth, violently fought away, and finally made his expression slightly change. He also outstretched a palm with his backhand, and grabbed Lin Chen's heart very quickly!

If this is true, even the Ninth Warlord will have to be penetrated by his heart! But the magical thing is that Lin Chen chose to "fight life for life" in the past, without losing his strength!

With a tear, it slammed into shock and the weather wave rolled into a hurricane and fell down!


The young man in a blue shirt retreated for dozens of years, with bleeding at the corners of his mouth and eyes narrowed. . However, this claw should be able to abolish him..."

Not thinking about it yet, Lin Chen, who shone through the golden light in the void, walked in the air, except for the blood on the corner of the mouth, there was no serious injury!

At this time, when the silver robe rolled up, there was a golden light armor engraved with golden flying dragons!

This is one of the inheritances left by the dean of the Tiange Academy to the later Orange Xun students.

With this sacred armor, Lin Chen cooperated with Sancun Rob to resist a blow that was enough to make the Nineth War Emperor have a risk of death, but was only slightly injured!

At this time, the battle circles on both sides seemed to be under some kind of traction, and the fighting range gradually moved closer to Lin Chen's side. No matter whether it was an avatar or the Dragon Emperor, they consciously or unconsciously pulled the direction of the battle to this side!

Suddenly, Lin Chen's injury received another mysterious energy treatment!

[Consumed 7900 talent points, the fatal bloodthirst was successfully launched, and it has gained from actual damage: 26% of the treatment.

"Good boy, I'm a little bit sure!"

The young man in a blue shirt smiled angrily, holding a giant red axe as he was about to rush to the past again, Lin Chen took back the Wulong dynasty imperial gun and quickly pulled it!

"The Ultimate Return!"

The world is changing! War songs chanting in a low voice echoed to the world, and Shura came again!

"Type 100: Shura is dead!"

Lin Chen's whole body is rising, the dragon force is bursting, and the gun shadow is quickly pulled. This is the strongest form of "Hundred Gun Fighting Emperor"! Its power goes beyond the advanced skills of the purple order to reach the top level of the purple order! Recharge and rune blessings!

Lin Chenru is a Shura who kills the world's invincible opponent. When the five-color dragon gun is embellished with thorns, nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation fighting forces are condensed, and the dragon force pours down. A twinkling flashed past, and the sky was fiercely cracked!

"Is this your strongest attack now, just go to die!"

The young man in the blue shirt stepped out and formed two terrors in opposition to Lin Chen. When he was about to be cut with an axe, a red halo came down from the sky without warning and enveloped him!

"This, this is?"

His face changed slightly, this trick he had peeked at Lin Chen's trick used by the dragon's strong!

At this moment, it happens that the other two major battle circles are within the scope of Lin Chen's forty thousand miles! The red aura locked Long Can and the ancestor!

"Honglian Yehuo, burn me!"

Boom~! The red halo on the three of them suddenly bloomed a red lotus, beautiful and beautiful, the beautiful silhouette is full of fierce killing!

The blazing karma fire burned the other three people, and Lin Chen's "Sura Silent" suddenly rushed to the blue shirt youth!

"not good!"

The T-shirt boy who was interrupted by the red lotus industry fire finally showed a little fear!

"Azure Dragon Sword Wanzai Xuanguang Blade!"

The green dragon chased after the victory, swayed the dragontail, and condensed the majestic dragon breath of the water system, such as the turbulent waves, the dragontail reflected the azure blue dragon light, like the sword of the heavenly god! Followed by the Xuanqing Light Blade, which is as fast as a snow flake!

"Holy flame melts into the sky!" Bai Ruoyan's finger points lightly, and a milky white flame is ejected like a needle, seemingly inconspicuous. Wherever he passes, a vacuum gap remains in the void!

In the moment when Long Can was involved in the'Red Lotus Fire', Bai Ruoyan and Dragon Emperor took out each other's strongest attacks!

"Jingyue and God!"

"Dark thunder breaks through the sky!"

"Extreme Return" and the two major runes continued to launch, and the Fenghuang bow was shot, and a dark thunder arrow was shot, shuttled around the sky, and the wind dragon roared at the Taishang elder!

The third avatar, Mingyue Tianqing, was chopped off with a knife, and a round of Jingyue Youyou revolved, slashing away! The two avatars took the victory and pursued, and did not miss this opportunity of "Red Lotus Fire"!

"It's not over yet, old dog!"

[Activate Tianyin runes, consuming 300,000 rune energy.

At this moment, Lin Chen's mental power dried up quickly, and a constantly spinning spiritual storm burst out of his eyebrows.

This blue-and-blue spiritual beam of light exudes an annihilation energy that Lin Chen feels deeply in the bone marrow. This is his new cultivation of the mysterious "annihilation"!

The most terrible thing is that this annihilation spiritual beam of light is completely hidden and the youth in the blue shirt didnt even notice it!

Boom~! The attack enough to level the giant mountain range instantly destroyed the young man in the blue shirt, directly evaporating the three layers of the sea of Qianzhong Sea!

The blue and blue columns penetrated the shirtless boy, and he showed a trace of horror-"mental attack, how could this kid be such a mysterious book..."


The violent explosion of spirits detonated the position of the T-shirt young man, coupled with the penetration of 25% of the power, it really made the T-shirt young man drink a pot!

"What a terrible power, it really is the same level of strength as the Seven Skills! Really abnormal!"

Lin Chen, who withdrew tens of thousands of miles after the speed, tens of thousands of miles away, can still feel the spiritual energy that is almost extinct, and he is afraid and amazed!

In his current state of mind, he can only use "annihilation" once to exhaust his empty space.

Although the Ultimate Guiyuan can make up for the exhausted mental power, it cannot compensate for the fatigue of the spiritual origin. Lin Chen estimates that even if he continues to maintain the "Extreme Guiyuan", he can only use the "annihilation" at most three times in a day and he needs to wait for a period of recovery .

Because annihilation requires that within your own spiritual consciousness, you must first rotate and collide with two spiritual forces to create this terrifying lethality!

And Lin Chen's spiritual origin is very exhausting and tired to control such delicate behaviors. It is not enough to make up for the exhausted mental power to fully recover!

Countless attributes of light ball rolling from three battlefields, colorful, everything! This wave of three-card combo is completely effective!


An orange beam of light blooms from the chaotic energy storm, Lin Chen shines!

This is the light of the orange crystal treasure chest!