My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 693

Vol 5 Chapter 693: Goal Thunder Prison

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Chapter 693: TargetThunder Prison!

[Gain 14.5 million Qi blood energy, 1245 wind energy, 20,000 talent points, 40,000 sky value, 40,000 rune energy, 28.9 million essence of fighting spirit, 150,000 skill essence, 450,000 skill essence, 900 blank attributes,

The two avatars flew back and back, as did the Dragon Emperor, constantly collecting many attribute light **** that dropped the void for Lin Chen!

"San Chong Jie" condenses into three energy crystal layers. Lin Chen wears "Golden Prison Dragon Armor" and breaks into the storm, grabbing the orange crystal treasure chest!

[Open the orange crystal treasure chest, the host obtains a one-time orange order talent fragment: Apollo (2/3).

"It turned out to be a fragment of the sun god! Earn it! Just slip and run!"

Dark step, the purple phoenix wings flapped, Lin Chen suddenly flashed back to Bai Ruoyan, hugged the beautiful woman's waist, escaped into the void and left!

Lin Chen has already felt that Tian Yu Ying Long has a real strong man in the direction of this side. If he fights in chaos, he must not be an opponent!

However, his escape direction is not outside the Aras, but directly towards the area of another ten dragons!

"Hugh wants to go!"

Long Can burst into a roar, and when he wanted to stop Lin Chen forcibly, his two avatars had already put away their weapons and stepped into the dark, moved to him in front of him, and punched "Seven Powers" to kill him! In addition, the Dragon Emperor waved a million-year light blade to cut and cut, and stopped Long Can, who launched the holy body, Lin Chen and others successfully escaped!

boom! boom!

It didn't take a moment for the "ultimate moment" to be lifted. Lin Chen's two bare-handed avatars were exploded by Taishang Elder and Long Can. The young man in a blue shirt stepped out of the sea in embarrassment, his expression cold as an eagle.

"Unexpectedly, this child has grown up again, and his attack can completely hide the trajectory of the attack. I haven't seen him use this trick before."

The young man in a blue shirt flicked his sleeves, and he didn't see much injury on the outside. He seemed to have suffered some internal injuries.

At this time, a group of silhouettes flew into the sky, headed by the people, awesome is the patriarch of Tianyu Yinglong, Luo prison!

"Why, why haven't you left yet. Are you still fighting here?"

Luo Yu frowned and questioned the three.

"Oh, Patriarch Luo, do you want to join forces again? We have encountered the old opponents in the past. If you help us capture him, you can still discuss the rewards."

When the young man in the green shirt smiled coldly, the terrifying murderousness was violently surging from the body inside the Luo prison!

"Lin Chen?"


"Sure enough, the old foxes didn't plan to let us go."

Lin Chen, sitting on the back of Qinglong, looked behind him and sneered.

Unsurprisingly, the other party really attracted the Tianyu Yinglong family. There are now a large number of dragons who are chasing Lin Chen, and the speed is very fast. All are seven-tier top beasts, and the lowest strength is comparable to the eightfold war emperor!

Right now, another avatar has evacuated for some distance. Actually, Lin Chen can use "super-dimensional teleportation" to walk to the avatar's side, or flash to Yan Qianyun.

But Lin Chen was not in a hurry. In the previous battle, his Zijin pupil saw a good place!

"right here!"

Lin Chen and Long Huang stopped above a cloud, and at this moment, the scenery in front of him, even Bai Ruoyan couldn't help but feel a lingering fear!

The thunder cloud exploded, and the rumbling blue thunder was like a power dragon, and the top of the mountains rushed to Jiuxiao. There were no creatures in the nearby area under the thunder cloud. All were thunder, thunder, and thunder!

These thunderlights are extremely powerful, and they can be countless times more perverted than the Hell Volcano of the Red Lotus Yanlong family!

Any thunder, has the power to slay the seventh and even eighth battle emperor!

If hundreds and thousands of roads are concentrated together, even the Ninefold Warlords can die! This strange and terrible place, looking at Kyushu is also the most terrible danger!

"Where is sacred, dare to break into the thunder jail forbidden land of my Wangang Leilong clan!"

"Met Ant Race, get out!"

The figures of the two elders flashed into the void, and their faces were proud, floating in the air and blaming Lin Chen immediately! It is the elders of the Thunder Dragon clan of two ranks of seven ranks!

When their eyes stayed on the Dragon Emperor and Bai Ruoyan, a shock appeared!

This person's breath can be destroyed by any one!

"Hey, what kind of dragon is this?"

"My God, Xuanqing Dragon Body, Yinglong Tail, Purple Phoenix Wings!"

When carefully examined, the two elders were more shocked!

"Elder, what happened?"

A group of young dragons flew here, all a group of young Wangang Leilongs. All of them are the top dragons of the family, and some individuals have become seventh-order beasts at a very young age. The future is unlimited.

"do not come!"

The two elders exclaimed in unison, the strength of these two men and one dragon was too strange and terrifying, these little guys could not stop!

Today, it is the day when Wan Gang Leilong entered the Void Thunder Pool collectively. It happened that the Void Thunder Pool was still condensed by the power of this Thunder Hell, but how did this encounter these mysterious beings!

The two elders stood in wait, daring not to act rashly, neither to flee nor to fight!

It seems that the beautiful woman and the strange Xuanqing Dragon Emperor look at the young horse.

The group of young Wangang Leilong tribes stunned when they saw the body of the Dragon Emperor when they were stunned! These three-veined dragons are unheard of!

The atmosphere of the scene was once very strange, but someone Lin opened his mouth wide, staring at that piece of "Thunder Prison" with surprise and surprise!

Bang ~!

The atmosphere of the mountains and the sea swept across the sky, the breath of the king's land and the eight wildernesses came to the audience, and the scene became extremely chaotic again!

"Boy, this time I see how you run!"

"Lin Chen! This time, Lao Tzu will take your dog's life!"

Nearly mad roar and cold cry shouted throughout the audience, a series of figures emerged from the horizon of 100,000 miles away!

"His! Yes, it is the patriarch of the Heavenly Emperor Yinglong! Luo He! That is a real legendary character!"

"The patriarch of the ten dragons, my God, isn't it a character of the same level as the patriarch of our thunder dragon family?"

"My God, the ancestor of the Yinglong clan next to him, Luo Ying's ancestor! A legendary figure who is said to be invincible under the late Jiuzhong!"

Many young Wangang Leilong Tianjiao have their eyes on Venus. For them, these characters are like stars and moons in the sky. They really make them look up to unreachable objects. Now they are fortunate enough to see the deity!

"No, he, what is the name they called? Lin Chen?"

"Could it be said that it was the chaotic family of the True God of Shenzhou who shot all the nuclear energy to the mainland of Kyushu, Lingzhou Linchen?"

"Really, this is not a fake? How can Lin Chen enter our dragon family?"

"I am a mother, what a fairy party this is today!"

Many young dragons cried in excitement, looking up at this legendary scene 80,000 miles away!