My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 694

Vol 5 Chapter 694: What A Paradise

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Chapter 694 This is paradise!

That is what a scene is.

At this moment, letting the sky dim, the landslide and the tsunami, the thunder rolling, and the murderous strong men locked themselves, Lin Chen couldn't care about it. In his eyes, there was only the "attribute light ball" in front of him.

To be precise, it should be attribute bubble! Because these are all special attribute values for making nirvana!

Those bubbles are all 13, 28, 36, 28 and many other special attribute values.

Each number is a bubble, endlessly forming a series of lightning bubbles, floating freely into the thundercloud, and occasionally a large number of lightning attribute bubble movement positions appear along with the vertical and horizontal lightning!

Lin Chen burst into an irresistible excitement and laughed in the sky!

"Hahahaha! It's so cool, heaven! This thunderbolt is such a heaven!"

At this moment, the arrogance of countless tens of thousands of Thunder Dragons stayed in place for a moment, his eyes almost glared out, and even thought he had heard it wrong?

This thunder prison is heaven?

That is the place where even the Thunder Dragon Patriarchs and many other elders dare not dabble to dabble in easily. It is the supreme forbidden land of Wangang Thunder Dragon. It is the forbidden land of all the Thunder Dragon clan.

Where is this fairy?

Worthy of being a man who can shoot fireworks with terrestrial nuclear energy, real people! The cliff is a real person!

It is said that this Thunder Prison also condenses a little spiritual wisdom and possesses an IQ no less than that of lower-level creatures. If it annoys it, it will even concentrate a large number of Tiangang Thunder for large-scale bombing or concentrated bombing!

Once there was a thunder dragon ancestor in the mid-ninth layer, who wanted to get into the center of the thunder prison. I wanted to know the natural formation factors of the thunder prison. , Encountered by Wan Leiqi, he was severely injured before he escaped!

"Go to hell!"

Luoyu first took the lead and directly changed the body. This time, in a face-to-face interview, he immediately released a killing move to Lin Chen.

"Azure Dragon Sword!"

Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor swept the tail, and the dragon tail turned his sword, slashing down, like a sword with an open god, slashing the void diagonally, the two sides were shocked and shocked, and even retreated for hundreds of miles!

"Sister Ruoyan, come into my arms."

Lin Chen did not forget to ridicule Bai Ruoyan at this juncture. The beautiful woman gave him a glance and turned into a snow-white jade Jane attached to Lin Chen's arms.

Now that he has said this, he is confident that he will be at his side with peace of mind.

"A group of coercion, if you have any kind, come in with me! Hey! See who is afraid of who!"

The corners of Lin Chens mouth rose slightly, appearing evil and mad, and he jumped into the area covered by the infinite blue thundercloud!


Whether it is the younger generation or the two elders, or the strong men of the Tianyu Yinglong family who are chasing them, seeing this scene is all cold air!

This kid is really real! How dare he jump?

That's "Thousand Gang Thunder Prison" that dare not even the Ninth Warlord enter!

Even the young man in the blue shirt frowned, and as a fortune teller, he could feel the power of destruction hidden in Wangang Lei Prison!

"I'm afraid that this place has gathered one of the strongest thunder genus energies in the mainland of Aral. It should be regarded as a land of thunder eyes, and it will be bombarded by the thunder eyes if it breaks into it easily. Take risks personally."

The young man in a green shirt raised his hand and said seriously-"Don't act rashly, scattered and surrounded his escape route!"

The power of Thunder Prison is different. Everyone knows that even if they all break in, they may not be able to retreat. The former ancestor of the "Wang Gang Thunder Dragon Clan" is a **** lesson and example!

Bang! Oh!

Since Lin Chen entered Thunder Prison, countless Tiangang Thunder blew up, and all the green thunder was like a sturdy dragon, and immediately locked Lin Chen!


Hundreds of Daoqing Lei took time to split, and the power was enough to shake the early warlord of Jiuzhong, and even the snow-white jade in Lin Chen's body moved a few times.

"Three inch robbery!"

Lin Chen urged the "three inch robbery" with all his strength, the energy of the three layers of crystal film was blocked in front of him, and the thunder light slammed on him!

The energy of Tiangang Thunder, which walked like an electric snake, burst into Lin Chen's body. When Lin Chendun felt numb, he disappeared before he could feel the pain!

The moment when Qing Lei struck Lin Chen, the value of the "Thunder Light Bubble" attribute was fully incorporated into Lin Chen's body, and the power was directly disintegrated!

[Get special attribute values: 150 points for Tiangang Thunder, 311 points for Tiangang Thunder, 129 points for Tiangang Thunder, 198 points for Tiangang Thunder... If you collect 20000 points for the attribute value of Tiangang Thunder and 200,000 points for the Dao, you can make the blue-level nirvana. .

All of a sudden, Lin Chen has more than a thousand special attribute values!

Seeing that Lin Chen was hit by dozens of blue thunders, nothing happened, and the arrogance of many Thunder Dragon clan dumbfounded! Suddenly stayed in place!

"A very powerful defensive combat skill can actually be triggered to protect the body in an instant!"

"Also, his flesh shell strength is comparable to the top strong among our dragons, so strong that it is hard to resist the sky and thunder?"

Those Thunder Dragon Tianjiao marveled and shook their heads. They could have this kind of heritage at such a young age, even if they put it on their dragon's top Tianjiao!

"This child can be famous in Kyushu, not a fake name."

"It's not that simple. The key is now. He has already attracted the attention of Thunder Prison. There will be more and more Tiangang Thunder, aiming at him. If he dares to withdraw, he will face many of my dragon clan strongmen. Siege!"

The two Elder Dragon elders shook their heads, and one of them turned to stare at the shirtless boy, and whispered-"And, this human race always gives me a strange feeling. Just in case, let the patriarch tell me!"

The elder smashed a Lei Meng jade jade, the dragon breath fluttered, and sent out through the space!

At this time, Lin Chen shined!

"I'm going there, and I'll cut more than 900 special attribute values with one hand. It's so beautiful! Come on, hack this way!"

Someone Lin raised his chest and laughed!

Hearing Lin Chen's bohemian laughter, even the strong men of the Tianyu Yinglong clan twitched their lips!

Is this **** crazy? Tian Gang Lei can even slash or even die with the Ninth Battle Emperor. Once the fire is set, the strong man on the scene must temporarily avoid the edge. He is a guy who has not reached the Sixth War Emperor and wants to go to heaven?

Sigh~! boom! boom!

A series of blue sky gang thunder thundered violently, and the power was violent, as if swept through the Eight Wastelands, but the thunder is enough to deter countless beasts!

"Yes, that's it! Don't stop, don't stop!"

Seeing the system light screen frantically fluttering, Lin Chen screamed refreshingly, his laughter as if provoking this thunderbolt!

boom! In the Thunder Prison, Wan Lei Qi Zhen, a series of electric dragon-like blue thunders flickered vertically, and Tianwei was furious, as if brewing a world disaster. 'S killing intentions echoed from Sunday!

The blue thunder wandering like a thousand dragons began to condense, forming a group of blue lightning balls, containing the endless power of punishment, which at least condensed five hundred gangs of thunder!

"I Cao! It's the first time I saw Lei Yu condensing so many Tian Gang Lei!"

"Crazy, this kid has stimulated the spiritual body that controls Thunder Prison, and will definitely die!"

The power of the blue thunder ball made all the powerful people change their colors!