My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 695

Vol 5 Chapter 695: You See How Cute It Is

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Chapter 695

What level is the five hundred Dagang Thunder? Dozens of condensed powers have already made the powerful under the Nine Heavy Battle Emperor frightened. Five hundred? That kind of power, even the Emperor of the Nineth and the Ninth Zhongzhong can't completely resist!

"Ha ha ha! Lin Chen, this time it's hard for you **** to want to die, even the sky will not keep you!"

"Fat to death, to be naked to die, a guy who thinks he has a little background and pretends to be high in heaven, Tianwei is merciless, and you have nothing to say to your second uncle!"

"Damn, it's a pity that this kid died in Thunder Prison, not in the hands of my Tianyu Yinglong clan. Master Luosha's pain cannot be reported as one percent!"

Many masters can't help laughing when they see the gradual expansion of the'Blue Lightning Electric Ball'!

However, when the young Tianjiao of the Wangang Leilong family turned to Lin Chen, the pupil of Luo prison's dragon pupil stared at him even more, his pupil trembling!

The young man in the green shirt stared at Lin Chen at this moment!

At this moment, Lin shook all over, as if his brain was trembling, his mouth wide open, and his unprecedented gaze was staring at the'Blue Thunder Ball', like an old beggar who had been insane for hundreds of years and saw the world's largest treasure!

A crystal clear arc fell from the corner of his mouth, he even forgot to wipe it!

All the strong men staring at Lin Chen felt cold at the moment at this moment and their scalp tingled!

Fuck, he was drooling?

crazy! Crazy crazy!

It must be crazy!

The young Tianjiao of the Wangang Leilong family rubbed their eyes even more and stayed in the same place for several times. Several Tianjiao stretched out their fingers and pointed at Lin Chen, murmured and asked-"I, I did not Wrong, he looks drooling..."

"I thought I was wrong! Grass! What a god!"

"No no no, the illusion, it must be an illusion! I must have drunk last night, but if I eat a grain of peanuts, I won't be drunk to see this illusion!"

"It's too fake? Why did I see a fake thunderbolt? Isn't this the Tiangang Thunderball that even the ancestors had to see? This thing is not even afraid of our patriarchs and adults!"

As the top thunder dragon of Arazhou, Wangang Leilongs arrogance knows the power of those skygang thunders better than most of the living creatures. If they are confronted by the front, the power of the thunder ball may even die in the early nineth-level warlord !

He stared at a Tiangang Lei that was enough to kill the early stage of the nineth layer. Not only was he not afraid, he was also drooling with excitement?

frenzied! This is either crazy or stupid! Or its just dementia!

The Tianjiao of the entire Thunder Dragon family backed away several thousand miles away. This thing exploded too terrifyingly. If they were close, they would be affected, even a little aftermath would make them dead!

It is not only the arrogance of the Thunder Dragon family, but also the elders of the Taiyu Yinglong who couldnt help but stay away from a distance!

The power of the thunder ball is too abnormal!

"Eh, why did you run so far one by one? Didn't you want to mess with me just now?"

Lin Chen suddenly found that the strong men outside the Thunder Prison were far away from themselves and couldn't help but be surprised.

Nonsense, don't you run away waiting to be struck by thunder?

Lin Chen pointed to the thunder ball that was constantly condensing in the vast thunder cloud and asked curiously-"Are you afraid of it? How come, you look at its shape, this gloss, this hue, this radiation, this light , How dazzling and dazzling this dazzling thunder light is, I wish I could rush it over!"

Powerful people from all walks of life almost shouted!

Cute your sister! The pity that provokes Nyima? This is a pity? There is a sea of mind!

In the eyes of everyone, that blue lightning ball is a nightmare, hell, is a demon!

But in Lin Chen's eyes, it was really a "cute" group! All of them can be light spheres with special properties. Countless lightning bubbles with value are fused together, from tens to hundreds, and finally even thousands!

As if he understood Lin Chen's words, the thunder cloud was booming again, and he stepped up his efforts, from five hundred to seven hundred tiangang mines! Surprised that many strong men haven't had time to retreat, and with a sneer, the space split!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The blue thunder ball exploded from the sky, converging into a hundred-meter-wide beam of thunder and lightning, slammed and shot, striking Lin Chen's body across the distance!

Lin Chen and Qinglong open their defenses at the same time! The Xuanqing Dragon Territory unfolded and urged the "Three-Inch Tribulation", Lin Chen rushed up to fight hard again!

boom! A thunderstorm-like explosion resounded through the sky. Someone Lin was erected by the electric hair, and there was a fierce shaking in his body!

Boom~! The terrible wave of energy exploded, like a mushroom cloud rising, stunned, shocking, everyone in the dragon family had only one thought at this time!

Lin Chen is dead! At this time, the emperor's hard resistance in the early nineth layer must die! In the mid-9th, at least severe disability! Without Jiuzhong's mid-term strength, it is impossible to survive from the inside!

The young man in the blue shirt was cold, staring tightly at the exploding thunder.

The power of Tian Gang Lei hasn't begun to destroy Lin Chen. The big bubble of thunder light marked with the number 12562 will be integrated into Lin Chens body, and the system will pop up the light screen.

[It has collected more than 20,000 points of sky gang mine attribute value, consume 200,000 days of road value, automatic production is completed. The host obtains the top-level killing skill of the green rank: Five Thunder. Within the limit of 100,000 miles, all targets that are hostile to the host encounter all five thunders, destroying the vitality of the target and the five elements of energy. It is extremely powerful and very useful.

New nirvana is born! This is a must-have technique that is more powerful than Red Lotus Industry Fire!

"Cool, let the thunder and lightning come more violently, today you don't hack me to death, you don't call the thunder prison of his mother! Hahaha!"

Crazy laughter resounded through the sky, and everyone gasped!

He is not dead?

Not only did he not die, but also live alive? What a monster is this!

The pupils of the two elders of the Thunder Dragon family are terrified!

"He, did he have nothing?"

"How terrible, is he what kind of thunder energy physique? Isn't it right? No matter how powerful the talent is, it can't be completely immune to such attacks!"

The two were trembling, and at this time, the increasing number of top strongmen began to move closer to Thunder Prison, attracted by Lin Chen's violent terror!

Countless strong dragons are very curious, but this is a thunder prison forbidden land, and even the ancestors of the Thunder Dragon family dare not break into the hard place, who dares to let go here?

However, when countless strongmen gathered outside Thunder Prison, a group of Yinglong and Thunder Dragon clan strongmen who were stunned and stayed in place were the first to catch their eyes.

Immediately afterwards, a young figure in Thunder Prison kept flashing, and a thunderous green thunder burst on him!

At the next moment, pride and laughter spread all over the place.

"Yes, yes, that's there~! Spin and jump, I close my eyes~~"

"Ah~ cool, don't stop! I like the great health care of electrotherapy, this strength, this strength, this sourness, and beauty!"

"Eh, there is here, by the way, really obedient, just hack here. I had my brother Chen practice sit-ups two days ago, and now Im still a little tired. Lets do a few more hacks, dont be polite, If you are less polite, I will be in a hurry!"

The powerful people of all the dragon races who had arrived rushed to the place and were dumbfounded!