My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 696

Vol 5 Chapter 696: Too Violent Too Perverted

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Chapter 696: Too violent, too abnormal!

Even the patriarch of the Wangang Leilong family, Lei Batian was present in person!

"Elder Wan Xiao, the two of you call the head of the clan to call the"

As soon as Lei Batian arrived, he saw the young man in green shirt, his eyes narrowed!

However, the following "moaning" from Thunder Prison continued to make him turn his head to look away, stunned!

Countless thunders were bombed like blue pillars, and they blew up again and again on the young men in gold armor and silver robe in Thunder Prison. Not only was he unscathed, he was still alive and well!

"Here, where is this kid?"

Lei Batian's face was shocked, but even he, the patriarch of the Wangang Leilong clan, could not be so horrible!

"This person is Lin Chen!"

The Luo prison, who was floating in the air, gritted his teeth, making Lei Batian silent-"He is Lin Chen?"

"He actually ran to the thunder jail of my Thunder Dragon clan, what the **** did he want to do!"

"No matter what he does, he must be eradicated today!"

The young man in green shirt walked between the two patriarchs, his eyes sharp.

Inside mine prison

[Obtain special attribute values: Tiangang Thunder 124, Tiangang Thunder 110, Tiangang Thunder 179, Tiangang Thunder 148...]

The system light screen continues to pop up, Lin Chen continues to endure the infinite green thunder in the thunder prison split on himself and Qinglong, amazing! From time to time a comfortable and crisp moan!

Among the mountains, Lin Chen was wearing a gold armor and silver robe, his arms were open, and he was constantly subjected to deafening lightning strikes, which caused the mountain to shake and thunder cloud!

"Yes, that's it, come and hack me, shoot more! Don't stop, don't let the climax stop!"

"Ah~ Lei Ge, no, you're too hard~ Brother I have a rest! It's so cool, wow!"

Someone Lin's'screaming wailing groaning' is heard outside the Thunder Prison, whether it is the Taishang elder who is in charge of the dragon's ten thousand years of power, or the hidden orc strongman hiding in the closed state of the barren state, or The little fierce beast passing by glared at the dog's eyes.

At this time, all the creatures who witnessed the situation in the Thunder Prison, all had a dumbfounded expression that saw a ghost!

Have to say, it's too weird!

Too violent, too perverted!

Tian Gang Lei, which the top war emperor can't avoid, banged on him time and time again, and there was no fart?

What kind of monster is this? Even the late Emperor Jiuzhong did not have this skill!

Bang ~! That Thunder Prison exploded a thunder wave, Thunder Chongxiao Han, condensed into a thousand thunder dragon, burst into a thunder roar tearing the sky!

Lin Chen's words seemed to anger the whole Thunder Prison, and at this time he had to condense all the forces to destroy him forcibly!

Many top powers are changing color! Even the young man in the blue shirt with the suspected false **** showed a very dignified look!

"The power of the Thunder has condensed to the peak. This blow will threaten the second robber to become any of the following emperors. Can this kid also resist the past?"

Thunderlight converges, and the cyan thunder dragon continues to grow, and the strong men of the thunder dragon family are coldly air-conditioned! This at least condensed thousands of tiangang mines, hacked down together, I am afraid that only the Jiuzhong later War Emperor may have a way to live...

The Nine Heavy Warlord! How many of the top ten dragons are placed on them?

However, in Lin Chen's eyes are countless'numerical bubbles' flashing with thunder, condensing together and turning into a larger attribute bubble! The value inside is: 25350! And it continues to climb!

Suddenly, Lin Chen suddenly turned around to drink!

"Hurry, run! You are far away!"

Many strong men were surprised. The little guy of this human race is still worried about their strong dragons?

He has nothing wrong with his brain! He should worry about himself!

Keep them away? You should worry about yourself? Is this not an idiot with a big brain?

However, Lin's next sentence made countless powerful people who gathered outside Thunder Prison whizzing! Directly subvert their cognition and common sense!

"Hurry away from you, no one wants to rob me, whoever robs me will fight desperately!"

grass! You are not sick, you are **** pretending to be Hai Linchen!

Today, the strong dragons who have lived tens of thousands of years, 50,000 years, 80,000 years, 100,000 years or even longer are truly eye-opening!

This Lin is not only a wonderful flower, but a milestone in the wonderful flower world!

You think everyone has the same brains as you! Gan!

I have seen those who are anxious to practice, those who are anxious to break through, those who are anxious to engage in women, but they have never seen this **** mother who is anxious to find death!

A little bit of Yu Wei can kill the thunderbolt of the seventh-order advanced beast, rob?

Who the **** is sick to grab that thing!

"Quick withdrawal! Lei Wei is coming!"

Ignoring that too many powerful men retreated immediately, and they were flying away from the distance of nearly ten thousand miles. At this time, the Tiangang Thunder Dragon was almost vast, and the flashing Thunder Light Dragon released a breath of destruction, overflowing out of the space crystal. When the wall is broken, just mince it!

When viewed from a distance, it looks like a dragon that represents Tianwei's punishment. Anger can make thousands of miles and rivers smash!

"Well, the power of this Thunder Dragon is a bit like the power of the Nine Tribulations and Stars that I used to superimpose the four talents."

Lin Chen seriously commented that he behaved dignifiedly, did not panic, and even took out a string of roasted dragon wings and took a bite.

Roar ~!

The dragon roared to the earth, the dragon's body twisted, and the momentum was so violent, as the head of the Wanjuan waterfall fell, plundered to the top of Lin Chen's head!

When he was wearing gold armor and launched the "three-inch robbery" defense, the Dragon Emperor launched the "Xuanqing Dragon Domain".

At the next moment, Lin Chen made a movement that puzzled all the strong men. He swiped his palm on his body, and the gray-white rune disappeared in a flash!

Bang ~!

Almost at the moment Lin Chen shot himself, Thunder Dragon bombarded his head violently, many defenses were torn, and the moment Lei Wei was about to invade the body, the fifth-level slow rune was launched!

Sigh~! The thunder that has entered Lin Chens body was slightly delayed by the fifth-level slow rune, so that the power did not explode to the maximum. It was precisely because of this paused moment that the huge'attribute bubble' suddenly integrated into Lin Chen Inside!

[Get special attribute value: 34,864 points for Tiangang Thunder, 40,000 points of Tiangang Thunder attribute have been automatically consumed, 400,000 Dao value, make top-level killing skills of the green level: Five Thunder Booms twice.

Directly saved two nirvanas in one breath, this is sour, his Lin's confidence is now more sufficient!

Seeing the disappearance of the huge thunder dragon, many dragon clan dumbfounded!

Gone? That's the thunderbolt's all-powerful blow, so it was easily resolved by this kid?

"He, what did he do?"

"He seemed to pat himself, and then it was gone!"

"This, this is too Nima!"

Those old monsters who have lived for countless years are stunned, unbelievable, and even can't believe this moment in front of them!