My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 697

Vol 5 Chapter 697: Thunder Prison Ran Away?

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Chapter 697 !

Luo Prison was shocked and angry, how many cards are there in this kid!

Sigh~! Thundercloud dissipated, the thunder prison at this time, the power of the violent blue thunder actually dissipated by half, and there was a trend of shrinking momentum!

Thunder Prison condensed so much energy to bombard Lin Chen, naturally it is not a small loss, but Lin Chen is not a fart thing, and even Thunder Prison does not plan to hack him!

Too terrible! No matter how you hack it!

Thunder Prison did not hack, but someone Lin was anxious!

"My day, Lei Ge, what's wrong with you! Why is it not so long lasting? Why not? Isn't it too tired after one night of excessive indulgence? Use the stand-alone brand Shenbao!"

"I love you, Lei Ge, don't stop! Don't let your blast stop, hurry, continue! I'm in a hurry if you don't shoot again!"

"Grass! Shame your face, do you still have to push the numbers? If you don't shoot, I'll go in!"

Seeing this'Thunder Prison' turned out to be hard and soft, let's just say, Lin, who was anxious, really rushed past! Frightened many powerful men's brows and corners!

He rushed into the thunder cloud, and the Dragon Emperor followed him. Where this person passed by a dragon, the thunder exploded, and the electric light exploded around the eight deserts. It was lightning!

Those who are suspended in the thunder cloud one by one, with the value of thunder light bubbles, began to be absorbed by Lin Chen and the Dragon Emperor. The energy of this thunder prison began to decline further!

Countless eyes stared at Lin Chen into Leiyun, it was unbelievable!

Throughout the ages, no one has been able to refine the energy of Thunder Hell. How did this kid go in and the energy of Thunder Cloud began to decrease? Is it a principle that he can resolve the bombardment of Tiangang Lei?

Goo~ Goo~! boom! boom!

Around the thunder prison, the roar echoed, and there was actually a weird vibrating sound coming out of the thunder prison. There seemed to be a sense of fear and fear in it!

This suspected wailing roar fell into the ears of the Thunder Dragon family, their eyes are incredible!

Yes, fear! Thunder Prisons spiritual wisdom is afraid of Lin Chen!

Lin Chen seemed to drink Vita Lemon Tea, but it didnt matter at all. In other words, he launched his thunder battle body to take away countless special attribute values!

The attribute of Tiangang Thunder raged all the way, and it was not far from the completion of the fifth killing skill "Five Thunder Booming", and a thunderous blast burst into thunder prison!

"!!You are too beautiful~!"

I saw that the thunder cloud spreading across thousands of miles trembling violently, bursting out a violent scream, slammed and flew to Lin Chen's opposite direction?

There are only a large number of strong dragons and a stunned Lin left!

Lying! Run away?

Everyone is ignorant! The dignified spirit of Thunder Prison ran away with the whole Thunder Prison?

It was standing in the forbidden place of the Thunder Dragon clan! It has existed here for over 100,000 years since its birth, and it has never left!

Is it a dog or a machine today?

After Lin Chen responded, the first time he mounted the Dragon Emperor, the dragon body moved, and the purple phoenix flapped, catching up with it as fast as possible!

Lin Chen chasing while shouting!

"Lei Ge, don't go, shoot me a few more blue mines, if you don't shoot, I will shoot you!"

Lin Chen pulled the warning of "Wind Emperor Bow" and was so scared that the "Thunder Prison Spirit" opened a pair of thunder eyes and ran faster!

When he fled, Lei Yun blew out a blue ray of thunder to Lin Chen, wanting to delay time for himself, was shot by Lin Chen and took away the attribute value!

Looking at the direction of one person's escape from prison, all the strong men stayed in place!

What kind of **** is Lin Chen like his mother! Even Thunder Prison was scared away by him!

Can't run! He wont die, he will be swept away by all the energy of Qinglei. If all the energy is taken away, it will be completely dissipated between heaven and earth!

This is out of a natural instinct, and you must escape if you want to survive! If you don't run away, there will be ghosts!

The young man in the blue shirt had a dark face, and waved his hand--"Follow up, today I'm going to destroy this kid!"

Long Can and the two slammed into a streamer, chasing Lin Chen decisively!

The more you contact Lin Chen, the stronger the T-shirt youth can't stay here!

If he is allowed to find a way to leave the mainland of Kyushu, and leave early, the king will definitely return in the future, and he will be a peerless under the starry sky!

kill! Weeding out the grass and roots, now is the time to destroy this kid, and it happens to be in the territory of the dragon race, he still has the dragon chips on hand!

After Long Can, Luoguo and Lei Batian and other strong men immediately followed!

Many orc strongmen who came out of the hidden world have also changed part of their ontology to keep up with the good drama.

The top powerhouses such as the Dragon clan are serious, regardless of his Lin Chens great ability, today he is in the territory of the top ten dragon clan. If the dragon clan join forces, there is no strongman they cannot kill in this mainland of Kyushu!

Even if he had all kinds of tricks, he would have to die today!


Shadow Dragon, an ancestor of the Shadow Dragon is working with a concubine of the Shadow Dragon Patriarch, and is conducting foreign language learning in a dark abyss canyon spreading across vast enclaves.

This is a black dragon with two ends and a piece of black dragon. The whole body flows like the sea like the abyss. It seems that if a little is released, it can crush the mountains and rivers.

"Huh~ Old ghost, how are you doing! You actually chose to be next to that guy's palace, are you afraid of being discovered."

"Not afraid, the old man can countless lives and deaths in one word, and what he found. What do we say, in terms of human race words, what are we?"

"That is; if you want to pursue excitement, it is naturally carried through to the end~"

"Bad concubine, you're so mad!"

"Ancestor, would you not want to be a concubine? I already followed you, so I didn't look back."

"How could the old man do the beastly thing, if I did it, it would be worse than the beast! Ah, yes, this is the power!"

Suddenly, the boy's voice came!

"Grass, you can't **** shoot! You don't shoot me, I shoot!"

The voice just fell, with a bang, the arrow light penetrated, and the 25% penetrating power of the arrow blasted from the sky, violently smashing the enchantment.

This sudden shock shocked the ancestral dragon's body, the dragon shook, the corners of his mouth shook, and the air-conditioning was pumped!

The concubine dragon lost her soul and fell into a fright, flowing across the ground, both acid and salt. The old ancestor dragon flew in a circle, like an ancient dragon flying into the sky, and burst into anger-"Mom sells the batch, which king of the gods dare to disturb the emperor!"

At the next moment, the ancestor who flew into the air, but was so scared that he lost his soul!

Boom~! Boom~! Boom~!

The thunderous sound of the earth shattered like a giant beast, and a thundercloud was moving above the canyon at high speed!

In the thunder cloud, the blue thunder is like countless dragons, and it is magnificent. Such violent and fierce thunder energy, he cannot admit it! It is the No. 1 forbidden land of the Thunder Dragon family. The entire Dragon family is well-known as a fierce place, Thunder Prison!

"Grass! What the **** is this, isn't the Thunder Prison at the boundary of the Thunder Dragon Clan, why did Nima come to the Emperor's side!"

The ancestor was so scared that his scalp was numb, and he didnt even care about the stealing concubine dragon, and ran away without saying anything!