My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 698

Vol 5 Chapter 698: Upside Down

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Chapter 698

"Thunderbolt Spirit" is panic now!

Very special! Panic!

If the rain in the thundercloud can be counted as excrement, then it should be counted as scratching at the moment!

Being chased by a "human pervert" all the way, and still asking him to continuously eject its essence energy, what should I do?

Wait online, hurry! Very anxious, one hundred thousand hurricane! Millions of standalones!

Lin Chen was completely persevering, and stepped on the dragon emperor to fly into the sky, or shot with a bow, or launched a war attack with pure power, mental power, or a heavenly body, using various means to block it. Under'Thunder Prison Spirit'!

That's a lot of special attribute values! This has been discovered by someone in Lin Lin, but there is no reason to quit!

Did the duck reach the mouth? Is he still called Lin Chen? Renamed Shabi Chenchen!

At this time, "Lei Hei" and Lin Chen are located in the territory of the "Dark Shadow Dragon" family of the ten dragons!

He ran and chased after Thunder Prison, almost traversing the entire territory of the Shadow Dragon, almost all of this family exploded in situ! Quan Te?

"It's sunny today and it's suitable for playing chess...My day? Lao Tzu is wrong? Isn't that special... Thunder Prison!"

"Run! Run! I fucking, isn't this Thunder Prison born of the Thunder Dragon family, how could Nima come to our side!"

"I hang my monkey, you wait for me!"

The Shadow Tianlong family are all scared and scared, even their own territory, secret realm, treasure pavilion, brothers shit, girlfriends who are practicing, bad friends who are picking up girls, who cant take care of anyone, and realize that The moment of'Thunder Prison' exploded in an instant and went straight! The tribulation is flying alone!

A "Thunder Prison" that is enough to easily kill the Seventh, Eighth Emperor, and even the ancestors of the middle nineth, suddenly fell to the Shadow Dragon family, who is not afraid?

This patriarch of Nima Shadow Dragon can't help it!

Bang ~! boom! boom!

"Thunder Prison Spirit" was frightened and shot several blue thunder storms to Lin Chen's direction, trying to resist, and was absorbed by Lin Chen, the special attribute value increased again, from the fourth "Five Thunder Booming" nirvana The production attributes are still quite short!

"It's still a little bit short, and we can make the fourth five-thunder burst, and then a series of five-thunder bursts will be released. I want to see if anyone can block me!"

Lin Chen licked his lips, and in the excited eyes, the fierce light was revealed!

The spirit of Thunder Prison Spirit is not high because Yazi, who is not so wise, has completely panicked God at this time. He has no idea what to do except to hack out a few blue thunders to try to resist!

In its impression, there has never been such a creature!

He is not afraid of his thunder at all. From the moment of birth and condensed spiritual wisdom, it seems that all creatures in the world are afraid of themselves. Only this small and strange creature is not afraid of himself at all!

At this time, when countless high-level fierce beasts looked up at a height of 100,000 feet, they suddenly found that the crazy escape "Lei Hei", followed behind a strange dragon!

This dragon bears the dragon phoenix wings of the Yinglong dragon, and the body is like a blue dragon. Its tail is like a dragon sword. Is it for the dragontail?

"No, you see, the faucet is a human race!"

A lot of high-level orcs looked at it, and at the front of the head of the blue dragon, stood awe-inspiring young man with golden armor and silver robe, holding a green bow, and holding the domineering world!

"Me, I have seen his portrait! He seems to be the most popular Lin Chen in the human race!"

"Lin Chen? It's the guy who dares to challenge the true God family of the human race? My mom, how did he come to the territory of our top ten dragon races and bring Thunder Prison here?"

Suddenly, someone Lin shouted urgently!

"Lei Ge, you are not too interesting! We said to be angels of each other. You said that if you dont shoot, you dont shoot. Your credibility is not good. Otherwise, Ill treat you as a cow. As long as you give grass, okay?"

Numerous orcs and shadow dragons in the Shadow Dragon Kingdom are staring, and the dragon eyes are staring like a small lake!


It must be crazy! Where did this lunatic come out, and this **** is still an angel with Thunder Prison? What a shit!

Bang ~! At this time, Thundercloud rolled, and the momentum was brewing, and the 100,000 beast clan trembling under the sky shook, and he was always ready to run!

puff! I saw that the thunder light exploded, and the thunder cloud exploded, and the speed was more accelerated. Like a coercion, I put a fart to push myself to speed up, so that all the orcs are stunned! The mind briefly fell into a blank!


Someone Lin'spits fragrant' and quickly catches up with his thundercloud's butt.

boom! boom! boom!

The sonic boom broke through the sky, and after that Lin Chen, a group of strong men successively broke through the sky, each one is a legendary character!

"Lei Batian Patriarch of the Thunder Dragon Family! Patriarch Luo Ying of the Ying Long Family! And the ancestor of the Ying Long Family is here!"

"What lineup is this, I rely on!"

"The sky is changing, the dragon clan is going to change!"

None of the legendary dragon figures dare to lean too close to Lin Chen, and no one knows what the current state of Thunder Prison is. Once a Jedi strikes back, they will overturn in a ditch every minute!


Longyan Mountains.

"What's the situation? How did the Thunder Dragon clan's Thunder Prison come to our clan!"

"I am! Flying over here, quickly, quickly withdraw!"

"Patriarch, look, it is Lin Chen! He is back!"

"My grandmother in the grass! He is looking for shit. The Red Lotus Yanlong clan listened to all of them and gave me everything. I will do everything I can to get rid of this clan's **** and take back all the cultivation resources!"

The Red Dragon Flame Dragons exploded in situ!

Wanzai Qinglong territory, Qingyun Palace.

"Bash the street!"

A justice and awe-inspiring Blapping Street exploded like a thunderous thunder!

All the high-level members of the Xuan Qinglong family were awakened, and came the thunderous thunder of Xuntianhedi, which shocked all the strong!

"What's the situation, the grain is distributed?"

"Send your uncle, what happened to his mother!"

The Wanlong Qinglong family also exploded!


Ice and snow, the island is ice crystals, suspended in the void.

Frost is everywhere on the island, and five figures are standing in the hall, which is the highest level of ice robbing dragons.

"Are you really going to ally with those guys, can you trust it?"

"I can't believe it, but we really have to use its power to recapture the historical relics belonging to our dragon family in order to know where the holy dragon ancestors put that secret treasure."

"Looking for the skin with the tiger, and eventually being eaten by the tiger. Helping them to invade the human race, I don't agree with this approach. If you do, you will lead the family to destruction!"

"We are confined to the barren state, and if we don't get a disruptive breakthrough, sooner or later, we will perish sooner rather than just sit back and die!"

Just as the two ancestors of the ice-robbing dragon and the three elders of the Taishang negotiated, a violent and fierce Lei Wei breath came, and their faces suddenly changed!

"How did the breath of Thunder Prison come to the area where I froze the dragon!"