My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 699

Vol 5 Chapter 699: Powerful Gathered

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Chapter 699

Hundreds of thousands of storms dance wildly, and all the tornadoes are wiping off the gray wind blades, except for a dragon palace in the middle of the void of the mountain gorge, standing in the sky and standing between the world.

This place is the territory of the Meteor Dragon family, the main hall Sky Falling!

In the Temple of Heaven's Fall; the patriarch and his two ancestors, two elders of the Taishang, sat in the temple with a serious expression.

After a long silence, the five looked at each other and only uttered a word.

"Join together to deal with Lingzhou."

The words just fell, the sky was blasting away, and Lei Mang traversed the sky, tearing the Meteor Wind Enchantment near the Temple of Heavens Fall. The expression of the five people changed slightly, and they stood up and stared southeast. It was unbelievable!

"That man hasn't left yet? Is he still coming to us?"

"No, this seems to be the breath of Thunder Prison from the Thunder Dragon family? How did the Thunder Prison move, what happened?"

"Go out and see!"


Within four days, Thunder Prison was chased and jumped by Lin Chen, flying all the way, and all the places he passed exploded in situ!

Not only the Thunder Dragon Clan, the Dark Dragon Clan, but also the Yanlong, Yinglong, Xuanqing Dragon, Ice Robber, and Meteor Dragon Clan, all exploded in an instant!

In the territory of the top ten dragons, seven dragons were troubled by the dogs and dogs, and spiraled into the sky!

The top ten dragons, almost more than half of the area was turned upside down by someone Lin. Every time they pass through the new dragon territory, a large number of top strongmen will join the team to chase down and suppress Linchen!

The entire dragon race was upset! At the same time, an unprecedented storm gathered in Tiansheng Square in Shenglong Plain!

This storm is not inferior to the top lineup of the six false **** families!


In the eastern area of the ten dragons, the dense and prosperous vitality flourishes, and a group of dragons that have become humanoids stand in the void.

In front of the clouds, a girl with crystal green dragon horns pointed in the direction of the Holy Dragon Plain and asked curiously.

"Grandpa, do we really not help him? Didn't you say that he is the only legend since ancient times?"

The old man in Tsing Yi shook his head and smiled bitterly-"It's not that Grandpa and Grandpa don't want to help. Nowadays, the Seven Clan has hidden the potential to reach cooperation with the false god. If we fight with the enemy, we will be besieged by the Seven Clan."

The two snowsuit women bit their silver teeth lightly and shouted angrily-"These guys really forgot the teachings of their ancestors, and they didn't think about who was killed by their ancestors!"

The old man in white next to the immortal wind said, "Hehe, now the patriarchs guard against each other and cooperate with each other. They want to pursue a more powerful state, they don't want to be cocooned on this. What can those guys give up in order to pursue power? Will miss this opportunity."

"If the ancestors knew about it, I am afraid that they would be angry with Qiqiao, and their descendants would cooperate with those who killed themselves."

The ancestor of the white clothes is restrained and strong, except for the slight traces of dragon scales on the neck, it is almost the same as the human race.

"Huh, the head of the seven clan wolf sons, if they are allowed to succeed, I am afraid that they will attack our three clan in the first place in the future, and it should be changed."

A pair of sword eyebrows fluttered, and a middle-aged man like a black iron hugged his chest with both hands, and his eyes showed sharp sharpness.

"Lets see what Lin Chens result is. Now this son has upset the Seven Clan, and the Seven Clan Patriarchs have gathered together, which is not so good. If he can survive this crisis, maybe we can still Work with him."


Above the Holy Dragon Plains, thunder prison flew, and many powerful men dared not approach without permission.

Lin Chen seized the opportunity, bowed his arrow, shot the arrow of "Thunder Prison Spirit", the sevenfold superimposed "ultimate moment", hit 1.5 million slow runes with a palm, and solidified the void, grasped it. 'Thunder Prison Spirit'!


This is a thunder joke with a whole body of blue thunder and lightning, which constantly burst out a scream in Lin Chen's hands. This is the intelligent spirit body that controls the entire ``Thunder Prison''.

Lin Chen touched its surface with one hand, and it showed that the light bubble of 1934 merged into Lin Chens arm. As the attribute value increased, the energy of the spirit of Thunder Prison became thinner!

The moment Lin Chen grasped the'Thunder Prison Spirit', the Dragon Emperor changed the dragon body to the maximum, sweeping away the lightning bubbles inside the Thunder Prison!

The system's light screen flicks, and Lin Chen's special attribute values are booming!

[Tiangang Thunder's attribute value has reached 44850 points, the system automatically consumes 400,000 points of Heavenly Dao value, making a nirvana: Five Thunder Booms twice.

Lei Jiao screamed unwillingly in his hand, but Lin Chen sent a ray of spiritual power to its surface, and Lei Jiao was suddenly surprised!

This ray of spiritual power became more and more bright, and his eyes became brighter and brighter. From time to time, he passed a little thought, and his spirit was more complete and complete, and he even had some memory of Lin Chen's combat skills!

"The powerful Lei Yuan is because you can't complete the high-level spirit gathering. I took it away, but it also helps you to complete the last step of this spirit gathering, and the future will depend on you."

Lin Chen let go of that thunder jiao, it looked at Lin Chen a little confusedly, and left quickly.

When leaving, Xiao Lei Jiao looked back at Lin Chen for a few more times. This was the first soul he truly completed to meet the'Ju Ling'.

Brush ~! The space fluctuates, and Bai Ruoyan emerges from the Xuebai jade, standing beside Lin Chen.

"Brother Lin Chen, are you sure you can calm down the situation now?"

Bai Ruoyan's face was dignified, Lin Chen turned around, and the Dragon Emperor Pan was lying beside them. At this time, outside the Shenglong Square, there were countless strong men!

The scale of its top powerhouse surpassed the lineup of the six false **** families that day!

The top ten dragon tribes are full of seven dragon tribes, and the seven dragon patriarchs gather together!

There are 14 dragon ancestors! Too elders, 18!

Not to mention there is also an old ancestor of Long Can and a young man in a green shirt suspected of being a pseudo-God!

All of them are strong opponents who are above the nineth-level battle emperor. In the face of any one, now Lin Chen must go all out!

Under the premise of all gathering, there is no God-killer talent, and Lin Chen and his Dragon Emperor, together with Bai Ruoyan, will be able to withstand head-on even ten rounds!

When Thundercloud dissipated, and "Thunder Prison" slowly disappeared between the heavens and the earth, the faces of many powerful people who came after the pursuit were frozen.

"Relax, I have my own way."

Lin Chen smiled, holding Bai Ruoyan's snow-white catkins, and stepped onto the altar of Shenglong Square, overlooking the powerful parties.

Indeed, he does not have the God-killer talent right now, and his strength is simply not able to compete with this lineup, but he has a more efficient method than God-killer!

"What is he going to do? He's coming to the Dragon Emperor Bell on the altar in the square?"

"No matter what he wants to do, today I will wait for the seven races to gather together, he can't fly!"

At this time, the young man in the blue shirt stood out and smiled indifferently when facing the patriarchs and ancestors.

"Since everyone is chasing here, we must all have the same idea. Since we are going to work together to deal with Lingzhou in the future, it is not as good as we are to eliminate this biggest variable of Lingzhou first!"