My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 700

Vol 5 Chapter 700: A Snap Finger

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Chapter 700

Everyone of the Dragon clan looked at each other, nodded, and were able to chase Lin Chen to come here, all of them had already expressed their positions!

"Later, this little beast must be handed over to me. My Red Lotus Yanlong clan doesn't share with this son, and will not abuse him for thousands of years, it is hard to dispel my hatred!"

Mo Tianming's hair was chaotic and angry, and some ancestors glanced curiously. How could Mo Tianming, who has always been very deep in the city, become this look?

Dang ~! Bang ~!

At this time, Lin Chen landed on Shenglong Square, and the dozens of feet of bronze Dragon Emperor Bell was kicked by Lin Chen to cut off the hour!

This'Dragon Emperor Bell' was left by the previous generation of the dragon clan chiefs. The clan chief was the person in charge of the ten clan and the highest right clan of the dragon clan. However, after many historical changes, the current ten dragon clan only have various clan Patriarch, there is no patriarch.

This clock has been inherited from the early ancient times to the present, and represents the proud and extraordinary historical heritage of the dragon clan. Every time the ten dragon clan have major events and battles, they will gather here to ring the clock and remember the history of the dragon clan!

Now, it was actually broken by Lin Chen's leg?

The Dragon Emperor shrank to a thousand feet, and his two claws lifted the'Dragon Emperor Bell' for Lin Chen. Someone Lin stood in front of the broken hour, Dantian luck, and shouted like a dragon!

"All the dragons listen, I am someone in Lin who does not target a certain dragon. I just want to say, the dragons who want to be dogs for the false gods, all the **** is a bunch of garbage! All the disobedient come out! I will replace your dragons. Zulezong, all hammered to death!"

Buzz! Buzz! Bang!

The ground moved, the countless peaks in the distance were shaken into powder, the clouds and fog were scattered, and the bell sound of Longhuang Zhong was mixed with Lin Chenzhen and spread like a sound wave!

The sound wave is like an unprecedented hurricane, a bang, began to spread out from Shenglong Square, and gradually passed to a farther place!

The orcs in the area of the ten dragons, more and more creatures heard Lin Chen's announcement!

The sound spread out a million miles away and pushed away, and countless creatures heard the announcement like a judgment!

"This, this seems to be the bell of the Dragon King Bell, right?"

"Dragon Emperor Bell is mixed with human voices? What does it mean to be a dog for a false god?"

"It was Lin Chen's voice, that he went to the position of Long Huangzhong?"

Many high-ranking dragons turned their heads and stared at the direction of Shenglong Square!

The powerful dragons of the seven dragons smoked at the corners of their mouths, and almost the seven tricks caused smoke!

This kid actually used the Dragon Emperors Bell as the trumpet of the Dragon Chief Patriarch?

Too **** bully too much! This is the "Dragon Emperor's Bell" that can be struck only when it affects the whole family's major events, has it been used as a trumpet by a human race?

Eastern District Three strong people.

The girl at the Green Dragon's Corner flashed a splendid stare at Lin Chen at Shenglong Square. "He actually broke the Dragon Emperor Bell, and still used it to transmit sound?"

"Hahaha! Worthy of turning the soul home upside down, this kid is really full of surprises at all times."

The grandfather and grandpa of the girl laughed with pride, and then said-"Dragons have these guys, and Dragon Emperor Zhong is meaningless. If this son can replace these ancestors to teach these guys, I am afraid that the ancestors will have a rest under the knowledge!"

"I like the boy's temper, and he will do it when he is unhappy.

The strong tribes showed a lot of affection for Lin Chen, but the expression was more dignified. Now the strong tribes of the seven tribes are gathering, and he wants to break through, almost impossible!


"Damn, now there is no Thunder Prison, and quickly destroy this kid! Don't let him let go!"

The ancestor of Shadow Tianlong scolded, but he was stopped by Luo He!

"Don't act rashly, let's go together if we want to. This kid has a very weird secret method that can summon an extremely strong flame, can lock me in all aspects, etc. The attack cannot be avoided at all, and the destructive power is extremely strong!"

When it comes to this matter, even the young man in the blue shirt stands up and speaks personally-"Yes, this attack is locked on the soul itself, and you haven't even seen it in this seat. Come together, dont leave this kid a chance!"

As soon as this remark came out, the expressions of many strong men were particularly dignified. There was such a mysterious magical power in the world that could not be avoided?

This is an attack from a large population of "True Gods" that even he has never seen before, is this child so strange?

The powerful people of the Seven Clan have evacuated and formed a new encirclement!


The colorful pillars of dragon's breath are like fireworks soaring from the sky. They begin to rise from the surroundings of Shenglong Square and block off the space within hundreds of thousands of miles!

The space enchantment jointly launched by Zhongqiang, even the late Emperor Jiu Zhong could not break out!

In view of the lesson brought by the "Red Lotus Industry Fire" last time, all the battles were made by the top powerhouses of the Seven Clan, and their strength was lower than that of the Nine Heavy Battle Emperor. They did not intend to participate in this encirclement and suppression. !

With a bang, Lin Chen put down the Dragon Emperor Bell and raised his hand as a strong man who gave the **** to the Seven Clan, jokingly said-"If you refuse to stand up, first declare that this person is a strong demand for the fairest and most It's fair and the most open. I always only fight head-to-head when I fight, not single-handed, I don't fight!"

The strong sevens almost sneered. Who the **** is Nima? No brain problems?

"Of course, it was Lin who singled out your group of Muggles!"

Lin Chen added another sentence, exposing the strong people of the Seven Clans with anger!

Just as the strong of the Seven Clan were ready to go, suddenly, Lin Chen raised his hand!

"Come on, I have a word, please listen."

The strong crows of the Seven Clan frowned, and while setting up the space enchantment, they wanted to see what trick the kid wanted to play!

"You must be very curious why a handsome man like me can still calm down in this situation? It is true that I don't want to hide it. I only want you to use this one!

Lin Chen stretched out his hand, and the strong men of the Seven Dragon Clan glared, his face puzzled!

I saw that Lin had only **** outstretched, and the gesture was a bit weird, that is, his right index finger and middle finger!

"What do you mean?"

"Two fingers? Or two moves? Or two people?"

When the dragon ancestors and patriarchs thought about it for a while, someone in Lin smiled!

"It's a snap finger from two fingers. With only one snap finger, I can let you call Dad Lin today!"


Deathly silence...

There is a short and solid atmosphere outside the square! Somewhat weird!

"Just **** shit, you want to beat us with two?"

"And without mentioning the strength, the old man is convinced of this Lin Chen."

"Yes, imagination is rich, it's a personal talent."

"He's thinking about fart eating, and it's pretty beautiful."

Some of the strong dragons of the seven dragons were extremely angry, some shook their heads, and some were violent and killing, and some mouths were violently pumping, and they felt great humiliation!

Two fingers? Are young people bragging about it now?