My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 701

Vol 5 Chapter 701: This Snapping Finger

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Chapter 701

"Two fingers? Grandpa, is he serious?"

Above a cloud outside Shenglong Square, a beautiful girl with green dragon horns curiously asked the old man beside her.

"This, according to common sense, should be impossible."

The old man in white in immortal wind laughed helplessly, and even he couldn't see through. What kind of cards and confidence in Lin Chen can face this lineup!

This is almost two-thirds of the dragon's high-level power! More terrifying than the fighting power of a big state!

Whether he can go out alive is a problem, let alone beat them with two fingers?

The whole of Kyushu, unless it is a holy land, or the war emperor above the late nineth layer, no creature can beat any of them with only two fingers, let alone all of them!

Outside Shenglong Square.

The eyes of the young man in a blue shirt suddenly burst into shock, and he was shocked to drink!

"The space boundary is set, go!"

The strong men of the seven dragons glanced at each other and their breath soared!

Bang ~!

The seven patriarchs, fourteen ancestors, and eighteen elders all urge the body together!

Long Guangcancan, the dragon's breath is like a tide, the endless dragon's breath is like the swallow of the weather waves.

The top seven powerful dragons have changed their own bodies, dozens of thousands of ancient dragons are born!

At this moment, all directions move, the mountains and rivers become ashes!

That is a scene that is memorable enough forever! Since ancient times, there have never been so many Xeon dragons born!

Their dragon body is dark blue, white or red, each dragon scale is shining, dragon claws are like veins, the dragon head is engraved with the lines of the ancient dragons, dragon tail dragon wings, dragon body dragon head, everything is Symbol of immortal dragon civilization!

Looking around, the dragons dance wildly, and the dragon breath spreads across the world, just like the relics of the ancient dragon tribe, the immortal shore is immortal!

A dragon breath like Bai Lianfei condensed into a sky-heavy sky dome. When flying, the hurricane that rolled and destroyed all rushed to Lin Chen from all directions!

The power alone is just like the sun and the moon, the rivers and rivers are moving, and the battle is moving!

Bai Ruoyan's pretty face is dignified, this momentum is too terrifying!

No matter how she believes in Lin Chen, she can't help but ignite the light of'eternal flame' in her white palm, ready to connect with the flames at any time!

If Lin Chen had any accidents, she would risk death to open the Holy Fire!

Lin Chen at the moment, but he showed a fanatical and excited face, with words in his mouth!

"Yes, come closer, come closer! Come here again!"

Lin Chen did not immediately shoot, but stood on the altar of the'Dragon Emperor Bell' and watched dozens of ancient dragons flying towards him!

As if everything in the world was still at this moment, Lin Chen could hear his excited heartbeat very clearly!

"It's now!"

Lin Chen's eyes were thunder and lightning, and his flashes were flashing.

[The host launches the nirvana. Five thunders burst. Within a range of 100,000 miles, all those who are hostile to the host have been locked.

Sigh~! boom!

The thunderous explosion raged into the sky, and the colorful and colorful thunder cloud was born, spreading over the top of every dragon family, including Long Can, Long Yu, and the young man in the blue shirt!

"This, what is this?"

"Damn, can't hide, is this the boy's hole card?"

"Don't panic, with the strength that this kid does not have, he can't exert a deadly attack on us!"

This five-color thundercloud seemed to be a robbery in Huanghuang's destiny. It suddenly enveloped the dragons, and even the young man in the blue shirt couldn't help but the pupils shuddered slightly. In that five-color thundercloud, the power of extinction was brewing!

"Something wrong! Withdraw!"

Almost in the electric light and flint room, the young man in the blue shirt is the only one who realizes the seriousness of the problem. He suddenly flew back and back, but it does not help at all!

Lin Chen smiled abruptly, raised his hand over his head, touched it with two fingers, snapped, and snapped his fingers!

Snapped! As soon as the ring finger fell, the sky dome exploded!

Bang ~!

The Five-Colored Thundercloud suddenly exploded, splitting a thousand-meter thick, long-story Five-Colored Thunder, straight down on the dragon body of many Dragon Races!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

The terrible thunder and explosion sound is like the thunder of the sky, shattering the void, and the sonic reverberating hundreds of thousands of miles away is still shaking!

On the cloud that is a million miles away, the other three strong families all changed their faces!

They were worried about Lin Chen one moment ago, but the next moment showed the fear of digging into the bone marrow. When the five-color thunder fell, it was like Huang Huang Tianwei dropped a disaster.

"Roar roar! What kind of thunder is this, I'm terrified!"

"Why, why can't it flash, how can this have such power?"

Groups of dragons screamed, Lehman screamed, and five-color Lehman penetrated a large number of dragon bodies. , Smash, run through!

Massive dragons and beasts are creeping on the ground at this moment, as if suffering a natural disaster like some kind of robbery. The creatures are instinct, not to mention the high-level beasts, let alone feel the horror of the "five thunders" this instinct. !

"It's terrible, this young man still has this hand!"

The two tribe ancestors showed unprecedented fear!

They can even clearly feel that the late Emperor of the Nine Heavyweights, if they are trapped in the Lehman Center, even they have to pay a blood price!

"This is simply a world disaster..."

The old man in white shook his hand, and his face rarely fluctuated!

The dragon girl of the green dragon horn stared staringly at the silver-robed boy standing proudly on the altar. His beautiful eyes were shining with splendor, and for a time he was stupid!

It was a very magical scene; the shocking five-color thunder struck between heaven and earth, reflecting the standing figure standing in the fierce wind!

He leaned back against the endless mountains and rivers and stood proudly on the top of the altar. The fingers after ringing his fingers raised his head high, anger pointed at the sky, and the wind was dancing, blowing his silver robe, hunting and hunting!

Between the flicks of his hair, he showed a frantic smile on the corner of his mouth, revealing his white teeth, and looked evil and charming.

The dragon ancestors who created the countless history of the dragon clan, and the legendary dragon clan patriarchs in front of him, all burst out of the heartbreaking screams, rolling from the void to the earth, destroying countless mountains and rivers .

At this moment when the sky is falling apart, he seems to be the master of everything, standing awe-inspiringly in the very center of the world, without changing his face, and seeing the dragon girl's heart trembling!

Even Bai Ruoyan was so shocked that her jade hands covered her red lips lightly. This scene was really shocking!

Those who were torn down were the dragon patriarchs who stood on the top of Kyushu!

Its not a genus of ants, and every one of them can dominate the fate of hundreds of millions of creatures, but it is only in a blink of an eye. It is on the verge of death!

In the world in Lin Chen's eyes, countless attributes of light **** are rolling down, hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands!

The light of the attribute light ball has penetrated the entire sky. This is a very beautiful and gorgeous scene!

Lin Chen put on his'black sunglasses' made with black wafers and looked at the scene with a deep sigh.

"He looks handsome, doesn't pretend to be forced, he is going to be struck by thunder. A man who is as handsome as me is self-sufficient, and it is a luxury to want to be low-key. It's a bit dazzling that the thunder is flashing. Blind my handsome eyes."

Lin Chen opened his hands with self-made sunglasses, bathed in the very center of countless five-color thunders, and suddenly shouted into the sky!

"The sky doesn't give birth to someone in Lin, forcing the world to last forever!"


Bai Ruoyan thought: "...... Why did I suddenly want to hit him?"