My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 702

Vol 5 Chapter 702: Dragon Emperor Promotion

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Chapter 702

Those dragon ancestors, patriarchs, Taishang elders, who have countless years of cards in their possessions, have used it at this moment. In order to resist the power of the "five thunders," they are not stingy, just to save their lives!

Sigh~! Poof~!

The sound that flew through the flesh kept rising and falling, Mo Tianming rolled his eyes first, fell across the sky, and looked dead!

Immediately afterwards, it was Luo He! It was scorched black by the thunder of the thunder, and finally died in anger, but failed to breathe at the last moment!

The death continues, and a series of two elders who are like the mid-nine heavy middle ages have fallen! I haven't been able to carry the blast of "Five Thunders"!

call out! call out!

The space splits and Long Ying escapes. The seven dragon clan strongmen show their magical powers. At this time, no one can care about their life and death, there is only one word, escape!

When the five-color thunder bombing stopped, the scorched earth gradually revealed that some deep pits with a depth of thousands of feet crossed like a chasm, and many dragon corpses lay in a row!

At first glance, the seven-headed dragon is dead!

There are three heads of the dragon clan, and four heads of the elders of the Tai Sect, and they fell directly under the "five thunders"!

All others were seriously injured or even severely disabled, and the dragon veins will be damaged and lost. If there is no opportunity to change their lives, there will never be a chance to return to the peak period!

Inside Shenglong Square;

[Host gains 46 million Qi blood energy, 80,000 talent points, 40,000 sky value, 90,000 rune energy, 89 million essence of combat energy, 390 mental power, 26.3 million essence of combat spirit, 29.85 million essence of combat spirit, 40 The essence of 10,000 skills, 1485 points of dark energy...

The countless attribute light **** are contained in the Dragon Emperor's body. The attribute light **** harvested this time are more terrifying than the copycat Red Lotus Yanlong family!

Among them, there are three orange crystal chests floating in the void!

In this battle, countless dragon ancestors, elders, and even the young man in the blue shirt were repelled!

Judging from the record, it's a bit more perverted than Lin Chen's protection team that broke the false **** family!

Lin Chen excitedly grabbed three orange crystal treasure chests!

At the moment when the three orange crystal treasure chests were opened, a brand new piece of orange light was suspended in the void, and a piece of "jade pot" appliance that circulated orange light through the whole body was very mysterious. It was Lin Chen's first sight!

[Open three orange crystal treasure chests, the host obtains orange-level one-time talent fragments: God-killer fragments (2/3), orange-level talent enhancer, 20 million intermediate skill essence,]

Lying trough! Lin Chen almost jumped up in surprise, the God-killer fragments plus a lot of power and spirit?

What he lacks right now is the attribute value of the skill essence "annihilation", "seven skills" and "infinite dark step". These three great skills all require massive skills!

It's time for these 20 million kung fu spirits to come too fucking!

"Orange Tier talent enhancer? What kind of stuff is this?"

After the ecstasy, Lin Chen was a little dumbfounded.

He knows that talents can be upgraded, and enhancements generally consume talent points to strengthen a series of passive talents, but what is the situation with this enhancer?

Bang ~!

Suddenly, a terrible dragon light emerged from Lin Chen's body, interrupting his viewing of the system.

He looked around the dragon light that emerged from himself, with purple in the green and blue in the purple, and the attribute value of qi and blood energy that Lin Chen climbed up and down was taken away?

No, to be precise, it should be in another direction, that is, his Dragon Emperor!

At this time, Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor swallowed the dead three patriarchs and the dragon bodies of the four elders. The energy of blood and blood was like **** lava, hot and rolling, and the whole body burst into a terrible suction. Blood energy' attribute value is taken away!

"This is a sign to advance! The Dragon Emperor is about to impact the 900,000th Dragon Vessel!"

Lin Chen Yixi, let it take away most of its energy value of qi and blood energy, in fact, Lin Chen can completely cut off its absorption.

However, the opportunity to break through the bottleneck is extremely difficult to meet. If you cut off the absorption of attribute values, you may not be able to meet it next time.

The highest level of the seven dragons was injured this time, and the energy value of the energy of qi and blood dropped is like a massive amount. It is roughly estimated that it may be more energy than Lin Chen absorbs the energy of the two sacred dragon pools!

However, this does not necessarily allow Lin Chen to break through to 9 million dragon power. Lin Chen is actually 8.2 million dragon power, and it only relies on the blessing of the "divine power" talent to rush to 8.99 million dragon power.

If he absorbs all these attribute values himself, even if he has the talent of divine man, he may not be able to break through this bottleneck, because this is a super high limit that blocks countless strong men!

Throughout Kyushu, the Eightfold Battle Emperor is the strongest at the top of the pyramid, but the Nineth Battle Emperor is the culmination. Lin Chen killed him all the way.

The levels of the two are quite different!

Rather than betting on this weak possibility, let "Dragon Emperor" break through 900,000 dragon veins!

If the Dragon Emperor stepped into 900,000 dragon veins, as long as he did not meet Long Chan's war emperor with the "incomplete Holy Body", he would be able to fight even in the late nineth layer!


In the clouds outside the Saint Dragon Square, all the powerful tribes are forced!

If it weren't for the destruction of the five-color Thunder, the whole square was shattered, and they couldn't even accept the scene in front of them!

They have survived for countless years. From the ancient times to the present in Kyushu, they have not seen any big scenes, strong winds and waves, but Nima has never seen such ridiculous!

This young man from Linzhou, Lin Chen. Actually, with only **** and one snap finger, you defeated the two-thirds of the total strength of the Dragon Clan?

This is simply not a mortal ability! Is this guy still human?

"How tragic... I have never seen such a large-scale powerhouse fall since the ancient times!"

"Is this son from the Holy World? The thunder power he called is not like the power I have in the world!"

"This kid is too terrible. It's not terrible enough to match the destructive power of the ninth stage. What is terrible is that he has no chance of even evading. Lock directly, what is this trick?"

"Hahaha! Good death, these ancestral dog stuff, this bite hard bone!"

When the top three strong people of the three tribes came back to God, they were amazed, shocked, frightened, clapped and applauded, but they were all different, but almost no one regretted the dead patriarch and the elders.

The other seven strong races will have a different heart for a long time. If they let them gain strength, their three races will be eroded as soon as possible. At that time, the dragon civilization of Kyushu is not the ten dragon races, but the seven dragon races!

The girl with the green dragon horn gently covers her red lips, her eyes flashing small stars, muttering to herself.

"He, he actually did it! With only two fingers!"

There is no doubt that this will be an important moment when the history of the Dragon race is completely divided into two parts after the ancient times!

For the other seven races, it is an unprecedented blow and heavy blow!

An unprecedented legend is slowly rising!

When future generations talk about him, his snapping fingers will become one of the most incredible deeds in the history of Kyushu!