My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 703

Vol 5 Chapter 703: 3. Run When Youre Done Stimulating

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Chapter 703

Boom~! Click! Click!

There were two cracking sounds that broke through the shackles inside Lin Chen's body, just like a cracked eggshell, crisp and sweet.

[Congratulations to the host's advancement to the first six wars for the Emperor Xiuxiu.

[Congratulations to the host's advancement into the sixth-level mid-war warrior.

Xiu Wei broke two levels in one breath! Lin Chen's expression showed ecstasy that was hard to conceal!

If it werent for the young man in the blue shirt who was going to kill Lin Chen, he would have slipped away now and left the Dragon Race!

But he just wanted to kill Lin Chen in the cradle of growth, and he didn't hesitate to mobilize all the top powers of the seven dragons to encircle and suppress Lin Chen!

If placed in the past, under the holy realm, any strong man enters the Aral State, and even if it is turned upside down, it is impossible to shock all the top strong men of the seven dragons.

It was precisely this time that they made certain agreements and cooperation with the pseudo-god. Many top strongmen came out and gathered together. It just happened that Lin Chen also got the strongest nirvana "Five Thunders" in the "Blue Order Nirvana"!

Everything has changed from dangerous to opportunistic! Lin Chen's original intention was to save Yan Qianyun at first!

If it had been in the past, even if Lin Chen had the "Five Thunder Boom" nirvana, it would be impossible for him to gather with so many strong men no matter how troublesome he is!

The launch of this nirvana is a matter of time, location, and harmony! The important factors are almost all complete!

Lin Chen carried three huge dragon heads in one hand and put them into the Naling Ring. Because the dragon's head is too large, it can only be accommodated by using the most top-notch ring.

This is the dragon head of Mo Tianming, Luo He, and Shadow Tianlong Patriarch!

Although their fierce beast core has been swallowed by the Dragon Emperor, the value of the dragon head is extremely high!

This is the head of the Dragon Patriarch. Its status and value are extremely high. It is unknown to the outside world how many top secret treasures can be taken out by their former enemies. Lin Chen can't bear them to become the food of the Dragon Emperor.

At this time, the system pops up the optical screen again.

[The system prompts the host: This enhancer can only be used above the orange rank talent, consumes the specified attribute value, and greatly enhances the orange rank talent. It can only be used once. The enhancement range includes a one-time orange rank talent.

Lin Chen shined!

Can strengthen the one-time orange rank talent, then if he has the complete Sun God talent and God-killer talent, can it also be strengthened?

"This enhancer must be kept. Let's see which talent is used!"

Lin Chen was shocked in his heart, this thing is a big killer!

He has two orange rank talents, and is still in a fragmented state. If he can increase the upper limit, it will be the new strongest ace!

Then, the large light screen popped up by the system glowed with brand-new brilliance and appeared in Lin Chen's mind!

[System Tips: Version 6.0 of Tiandao Picking System has been activated. Required for the updated version: 200 million points of mid-level exercises, 50 million points of Heavenly Dao, 50 million points of talent.

[Version 6.0 is expected to open functions: extension of learning functions of exercises, etc., and increase the strongest enhancement functions in history: enhancement of exercises, weapon enhancement, mental enhancement, rune enhancement, up to +13 levels. Increase consumable attribute value: Strengthen points, can be used to strengthen functions.

Lin Chen was not happy for two seconds, and saw the update conditions almost angered the mother!

grass! This **** is embarrassing him!

200 million points of intermediate skills? Nima, I want Lao Tzu to grab it?

Lin Chen only took millions of points to copy the soul of the soul family and his mother, and he only had a few million points of intermediate power. Opening an orange crystal treasure box and having good luck only touched 20 million points!

200 million points? Would you like 10 orange crystal chests? The total number of orange crystal treasure chests that Lin Chen obtained seems to be less than 10? What's more, not every orange crystal treasure chest will be capable of performing exercises!

If I want to collect this, maybe I want him to grab all the exercises from the entire mainland of Kyushu and break them down?

"It seems that this system update is not so easy."

Lin Chen smiled bitterly and quit the system.

Bang ~!

Lin Chen still has to take into account too much in the future, a beam of light standing between the sky and the sky rises from the southwest direction, Huanglong Wanlonglongwei, suppress the Kyushu!

Like an unprecedented creature, it will come here!

"Friend Lin Chen, run away! Those old guys started the energy of Shenglong Chi!"

At this time, an old man's voice mixed with worry jumped into Lin Chen's ear!

"The energy of Shenglongchi?"

Lin Chen's heart moved, this is similar to the heritage of their ancient family in Lingzhou, only the whole family can use the life-saving cards when they are alive.

Starting this large energy array consumes countless blood pool energy accumulated in the holy dragon pool. Use it to dry up once!

Moreover, this'exhaustion' is more serious than the situation where the Red Lotus Yanlong family was drained by Lin Chen! If this card is used more than once, even the Holy Dragon Pool will lose its effectiveness forever!

This is almost a bet on the future of their own race, less than a last resort, almost will not open!

But the ancestors of all parties are now chopped by Lin Chen's "Five Thunders", and they are all seriously injured and are on the verge of death. The Dragon tribe has been hit hard, and they are almost fighting with Lin Chen!

boom! boom! boom!

Another beam of light from the three Saint Dragon's phantoms vanishes into the sky. As soon as Lin Chen's "Golden Eyes Twins" is launched, the energy in the three beams of light fluctuates.

"Oops, the range that this large array can lock is very wide! Perhaps, covering the entire barren state!"

Bai Ruoyan's face changed slightly, her hands shook gently, and the light of the eternal flame flowed between the catkins. When she was about to open the "Holy Flame", Lin Chen took her hand.

"Relax, there is me."

Lin Chen comforted and laughed, Bai Ruoyan stunned, transformed into a snowy white jade jade escaped into Lin Chen's arms.

"System, start super-dimensional transmission! Teleport to position 5!"

The No. 5 azimuth is an avatar that protects Yan Qianyun, and is also a azimuth closer to Lin Chen. The previous three spatial coordinates all lead to places farther away, such as Shenzhou and Lingzhou.

After the time before Lin Chen pursued and killed'Thunder Prison', the avatar had successfully covered Yan Qianyun's withdrawal from Huangzhou and reached the border of Yunzhou.

[Consuming 1.9 million talent points, teleporting the host to space position 5.

"Haha, it's exciting to run after pretending!"

Lin Chen's laughter spreading through thousands of miles rolled like a sound!

laugh! The space above my head broke open, and when a beam of space was illuminated, Lin Chen disappeared!

On the other side, the three dragon clan strongmen who stood on the other side of the clouds were still anxiously worried about Lin Chen, but he disappeared in the blink of an eye, disappeared, and shocked the many strong men!

The old man in white smiled and said-"It seems that we still underestimate him, this son is worthy of daring to break into the legendary characters of our dragon tribe, and even holds this kind of mysterious space law, I wait for the void dragon family , I dont think so!"

"It seems that it is time to send a messenger to talk with Lingzhou once!"

And those wounded ancestors who just wanted to start the Shenglongchi formation, were stunned!

Run away? This kid ran away so simple?

Wasn't the sacrifice of several patriarchs of their seven dragons and the wounding of all their high-level officials all in vain?