My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 704

Vol 5 Chapter 704: This Is My First Time

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Chapter 704

Roar! Roar! Roar!

A roar filled with anger and unwillingness rang through the central area of Huangzhou, from the area of the seven dragons. By this day, the dragons had passed the darkest turning point in history. Because they are provoking, the least people should be provoking!


Endless starry sky, a small continental plate.

A small boy sat in the void, he opened his eyes violently.

"Damn mortal boy, this hardly condensed avatar, absorbed the blood of so many fortune-tellers to make up for a little bit, and actually disturbed the yellow again!"

"When this seat comes to Lingzhou, you will chew your bones and swallow your flesh!"

The teenager exposed his yellow teeth, and his teeth roared with a grin!


The border of Yunzhou is deserted.

The beam of space broke open, and Lin Chen returned to Yan Qianyun!

"I didn't expect my luck to be so good this time!"

Even if it was a thrilling escape, Lin Chen couldn't help but be ecstatic!

The experience of breaking into the Dragon race this time is simply not too cool!

Of course, this "cool" is not only a harvest of massive attribute light balls, but the most important thing is to be able to hit the seven dragons!

These guys have already made it clear that they want to cooperate with the false god, that is to say, they are the frontal enemies of Lin Chen, and the future is bound to attack the dead enemy of Lingzhou, inevitable!

Being able to gather them and inflict heavy damage on them, in a way, this ending is the biggest result of Lin Chens action!

If not, the power of the seven dragons, together with the remnants of the six false **** families and the six ancestors, this lineup is enough to suppress the entire Lingzhou!

However, Lin Chen's "Five Thunders" is almost impossible for the Seven Dragon Clan to send out the top powerhouses. At most, some elders of the Taishang elite and the seventh-tier senior Dragon clan are matched.

Although this is not a small force, but losing the top power, the combat power is greatly damaged!

"Lin Chen, shall we return directly to Lingzhou?"

When Yan Qianyun asked, Lin Chen suddenly put her in her arms!

Yan Qianyun, who had always been calm and elegant, had a blush on her cheeks, so she pretended to be evil.

"Brood, are you still addicted to hooliganism?"

The moment Lin Chen hugged Yan Qianyun, he immediately launched Qinglong Biaoying, his breath disappeared, and even Yan Qianyuns breath became transparent.

The "Snow White Jade Jane" in his arms kept tightening his skin and flesh, so that someone in Lin was breathing air!

Suddenly offended the two beauties, he was so deadly wrong!

"Sister Yan, it hurts! Wow, you have wronged me, I just found someone coming!"

Lin Chen raised his finger to the southwest, and a huge flying ship approached at a very fast speed, breaking through the clouds.

"this is?"

Yan Qianyun was puzzled.

"There are people from the false **** family above, I feel their breath. I just want to hide it, how can I take advantage of you, I am someone who is handsome in this series and has no rhythm, No skin, no face, there are no people who can count!"

Lin Chen shouted innocently.

Of course, he's arrogant and arrogant, he unconsciously hugs tighter...

Yan Qianyun Bai Mei Qian Jiao gave him a white look, his cheeks were as pink as pink, but he couldn't afford much resistance. After struggling a few times, he calmed down in Lin Chen's arms...

At this time, Lin Chen's eyes crossed a sharp touch!

Bang ~!

Suddenly, the flying giant ship exploded a streamer and slammed into the desert. When the fighting gas exploded, a huge crater of thousands of feet was exploded!

Inside the giant pit, there was a strong man who was covered in blood, and his breath burst, apparently having been fatally wounded.

"You, the people of your true God family... turned out to be...

After struggling a few times with the blood-stained yellow robe strongman, he passed out and died.

Inside the giant ship, stepped out a figure to stand on the void, stretched out his hand and grabbed, the Naling Ring on the yellow robe's finger was sucked away.

The man sneered under his sleeves-"Don't surrender to my true **** family, die!"

The strong man who escorted many cargoes inside the giant ship shivered and didn't dare to say anything.

Dang ~! boom!

Suddenly, the giant ship burst into a terrible metal collision sound, the terrible air wave shocked the void, and the entire spaceship was directly overturned!

"Who! Dare to commit my true swordsman, looking for death?"

The sword-fighting swordsman was old, and Jian Changtian angered and questioned.

brush! brush! brush!

More than a dozen war emperor figures flew out of the spaceship immediately, and after stabilizing the hull, they immediately waited!

The position of overturning the boat slowly showed two young figures. The young silver-headed robes smiled awkwardly and rubbed their hands.

"What I hit is your **** swordsman, a group of sluts, I didn't expect to meet here!"

The sword Changtian's face changed suddenly!

This man, he could not admit his mistake. On that day, the teenagers who overturned the entire Divine State, used their own strength to contend with their invincible existence of the six true **** families!

Lin Chen!

"Actually you?"

Jian Changtian was shocked, and the war emperors behind him were shocked, and the expression of this honorable true **** parent was revealed. Where is this boy?

As soon as the words fell, Jian Changtian suddenly stepped into the void, and turned into a sword of light for thousands of miles!

escape! With the strength of his eight-fold mid-term emperor, Lin Chen is looking for death!

Sigh~! The moment the body retreated, Jian Changtian tore the jade jade space reserved in the palm of his hand.

Bang ~!

Lin Chen and the Dragon Emperor traveled through the void, and when the'Xuan Qing Dragon Domain' came out, he suppressed his actions, and a ten-year-old Xuanguang blade tore down, Lin Chen pointed to'Seven Jue's cutting strength', and Long Jin was cutting off like a blade , Charge Rune, Run Run Through!

Sigh~! boom!

Lin Chen and the Dragon Emperor worked together to blow the sword into the scum!

More than a dozen war emperors breathed air! Kill the eighth mid-level emperor in seconds?

What a fairy this boy is! I am afraid that this kind of strength is more than the nineth level of the emperor? This kind of character looks at Yunzhou as the top powerhouse! Very few!

When the Dragon Emperor took away all the attributed lightballs that had fallen after the death of Jian Changtian, Lin Chen put away the ring and turned to look at all the War Emperors. Everyone was terrified by him and his Dragon Emperor. Dare to act rashly!

escape? There is no escape at all! Judging from what the little man just said, he wanted to kill a group of them, as easy as turning his hands!

"Who of you can talk about things and stand up."

Lin Chen waved in surprise and asked, the elder of the six-fold war headed trembling, and after standing out, trembling and clenching fists.

"Hui, you are the deputy head of the **** regiment. If you are the head of the **** group, you have just been killed by the sword **** of the real **** family, that is, the eightfold war emperor you killed..."

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow, looked at the spaceship, and laughed casually-"The first time I robbed, I didn't catch anything, is it inappropriate?"

really! There is a gimmick in the hearts of the war emperors!

"Not suitable, very inappropriate!"

The deputy leader cold sweated, did this man want to rob them?

Yan Qianyun took a sip next to her, shouting shamelessly, for the first time?

You are more skillful than the flower thief next door infiltrating the female boudoir!