My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 705

Vol 5 Chapter 705: Go To The Secret Meeting

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Chapter 705

"When, of course, it's inappropriate, just this..."

Lin Chen sneered at the deputy head stuttering!

"What's this, that **** thing, it's not the first time the bridegroom entered the cave. You stuttered something, just let it go, and gave me a reason in thirty breaths, or you would die by hammer!"

The deputy head quickly said-"Your Excellency, these goods and medicinal materials were ordered by several real **** families in Shenzhou, and they were specifically sent to the Yunzhou Dark Club for auction or transaction. If we lose it, we will move our heads! Please also Your exalted hands, except for the cargo on board, I would like to hand over everything to you!"

This deputy leader is cold sweat, no matter which side of the incident, he has to move his head!

"Oh? The things of the false **** family are interesting. What's going on here? I'll give you sixty breaths and tell me clearly."

"Your Excellency, the underground secret society is a top-level auction specially held in Yunzhou. It is located in Qingcheng, Yunzhou. Those who participate in this auction must cover up all their identities and atmosphere. The Fang, Bai, and Xingjia of Yunzhou Waiting for the top family to host."

"Everything that secretly circulates is of unknown origin, or stolen black goods shipped from the blood state. I dont know what happened this time. Several other families in China also participated in the sale and purchase. This is the One of the goods to be auctioned this time! We are also in Yunzhou for the first time, even people who do not know the family of the True God are so difficult to get along with, even the head of the group is killed!"

The deputy leader was concise, Lin Chen suddenly realized! Feelings and other major events?

Damn, I ran into it today. Someone in Lin Lins hands still had three five thunders on his hands. This kind of good thing doesnt go, just keep the New Year?

Seeing Lin Chen's mouth rising wildly, Yan Qianyun was speechless.

This guy must have thought of moth again, and wanted to do things in minutes!

Yunzhou is the largest casting state with prosperous transactions. Many warcrafts and treasures are circulated here. Therefore, the powerful people from various states are lurking. This dark meeting has huge specifications and can be regarded as the top one in Kyushu. level!

Lin Chen may be able to figure out that the six false **** families should do these things. I am afraid they will mobilize resources, prepare to secretly accumulate energy, and start a greater war in one fell swoop!

It can be seen from the behavior of the avatar of the pseudo-god that they have secretly accelerated the preparation of many available forces and forces!

Not only the Huangzhou Dragon Clan, but Lianyunzhou is also secretly ghosting!

"Exactly, before I entered the magic eye of the sky tower, the stronger the strength, the better. Although there was the magic mark left by the mysterious man, the deputy dean explained that without the strength of the late nineth layer, I couldn't easily approach the magic eye of the sky tower. Location. Just in case of this, Brother Chen, I will give him a full robbery, and what special auction, let's go shit!"

Determined in his heart, Lin Chen suddenly raised a smile.

"Very good, I will not rob you. The goods are as usual, everything is as planned, and from now on, I will be your leader!"

Lin Chen spoke amazingly, and many war emperors were dumbfounded!

Which one is this?

"Aren't you the first time you have come to Yunzhou? No one has seen the leader over there, have you?"

Lin Chen smiled, and the deputy head understood, immediately nodded-"Yes, what you said is exactly."

"Vice name of deputy head!"

Lin Chen patted his shoulder meaningfully, Lin Chen teased and asked.

The deputy commander was flattered and fell to his fists-"Don't be expensive!"

Lin Chen: "What the **** is the surname."

"Surname Tang!"

"Deputy Chief Tang, you continue to take up the original position, I am the head of the team, let's take a trip to Qingcheng!"

Lin Chen set off with Yan Qianyun. It happened that, in order to facilitate many customers with complicated routes, Qingzhou Yunzhou had paid a great price to invite top warlords to pass through the spatial passage to the states.

In Qingcheng, you can find a space channel that directly transmits to Lingzhou.

All Warlords were puzzled, but at least relieved.

At least the grandfather didnt come towards them, as long as he didnt move those goods before entering Qingcheng, their life was saved!


Inside the spaceship, there is a top secret room where Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun are in the same room.

He sat cross-legged and turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 5.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: The mid-sixth stage of the Battle Royal Realm-the essence of the mid-level fighting spirit: 2.8 billion points.

Ultimate Strength: 8.45 million Dragon Power (Talent Blessing: 8.99 million)-Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 4.6 billion points.

Intermediate mental power: 105560 points

Intermediate skill essence: 28.65 million points-Intermediate rune energy: 24.84 million points.

Heavenly value: 14.23 million points-Talent points: 18.49 million points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 580,000 points in the fire system, 510,000 points in the soil system, 590,000 points in the wood system, 520,000 points in the gold system, and 550,000 points in the water system. Thunder system is 600,000 points, wind system is 540,000 points, light system is 290,000 points, and dark system is 540,000 points.

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar (whether it is open)-nirvana bar (whether it is open)

Active Talents: (Blue Rank) Thief Omen, (Blue Rank) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Rank) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Purple Rank) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Rank) Ultimate Return, (Purple Rank One Time) Super Total counterattack, (Purple Order) King's Landing, (Orange Order One Time) God Killer (Fragment 2/3), (Quasi Orange Order) Fatal Life and Death, (Orange Order One Time) Sun God (Fragment 2/3).

Characteristic Runes: Slowness 5th Level, Penetration 5th Level, Charge 5th Level, Phantom 5th Level, Heavenly Hidden 5th Level-Talent Combination: Fatal Bloodthirsty-Super Dimensional Transmission-Junlin Tianxia-Fatal Life and Death.

Hold blank attribute: 46440 points (can be converted into any attribute value at will).

Holding treasures:...

During this trip to the Dragon Clan, the biggest improvement that Lin Chen made was the cultivation and element attribute values! From an average of 190,000 to an average of about 500,000 points, the cultivation base has broken through the third level, and the fifth mid-term has advanced to the sixth mid-term!

With a flash of light, Lin Chen asked the system: "System, can my blank attributes be converted into special attribute values required for nirvana?"

[Answer Host: Yes. Blank attributes can be converted into all attribute values, including consumable or non-consumable.

Lin Chen beat his thigh!

Absolutely! Isn't this count as his blank attribute? He can now use the "Five Thunders" 5 times at hand?

However, Lin Chen did not rush into other attributes.

Unless it is an urgent and necessary juncture, he will not use this blank attribute easily. It will be one of Lin Chens most precious attribute values!

Because the latest version of the update is expected to add a new consumption class attribute value "enhancement point"!

According to the information disclosed by the system, the 6.0 version of the'Enhanced Function' will be the strongest function of the system!

"System, I want to use 10 million points of intermediate skills to learn "Infinite Dark Step"!"