My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 706

Vol 5 Chapter 706: Kyushu

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Chapter 706

Although updating a brand new system version requires a lot of skill and spirit, but 200 million skills and spirits, ordinary methods can't accumulate at all, instead of staying and accumulating in the system, it is better to play on the spot.

In this period of sudden change, it is the top priority for Lin Chen to improve his current combat power.

And "Infinite Dark Step" is a unique technique, Lin Chen gives priority to learning, it can make Lin Chen have immediate improvement!

Comprehensive operations, escapes, and battles all depend on it.

With the improvement of the body method, the strength of the avatar will be fully strengthened!

[Consume 10 million points of intermediate skills and start learning "Infinite Dark Step".

The memory of practice poured into my mind, Lin Chen quickly merged, and within half a day, the proficiency of "Infinite Dark Step" reached 80%!

There is only one step left until the last great consummation. Lin Chen now has more than 18 million meritorious skills remaining. Although he can learn from it successfully, he needs another improvement!

"The remaining 18 million meritorious skills, all study "Seven Powers"!"

[The system received 18 million points of merit and started learning "Seven Powers".

For the most part of the time, the spaceship rushed all night, and the powerful merchants did not dare to act rashly, for fear that the man in the ship would be angry!

Lin Chen successfully increased "Seven Powers" to 56%. In addition to "cutting strength", Lin Chen could perfectly display "tear strength", "pulling strength", and even the fourth kind of "strength strength"!

Fighting power soars!

When Lin Chen opened his eyes, Yan Qianyun stared earnestly out of the window of the secret room.

"Here we are."

The clouds pierced, and the spacecraft reached a quaint, tall city wall.

This place is Qingcheng!

The business group hijacked by Lin Chen was the "Mingjian Business Group" in Yunzhou. The deputy group leader showed the certificate when entering the city, and passed the front row inspection without incident.

Since there are many business groups that are threatened by the six family members this time, it does not stipulate which business group the elders of the True God Family will follow, so Qingchengs inspection only recognizes the tokens exclusive to the business groups.

As soon as he entered the city, Lin Chen felt the ancient and vicissitudes of Qingcheng from the spaceship. When looking down at the gaze, Lin Chen had seen many giant cities that were larger than Qingcheng.

But when it comes to the long history, this place is the oldest.

No one knows, there will be something lurking here...

From the appearance and the inside, Qingcheng is like an ancient city with ruins, and it won't attract too many people's attention. Even the Yuanzun realm is very few, only some mortals below the Tiangang realm.

And in the high altitude of Qingcheng, there is a layer of extremely hidden space plating, as long as it enters this range, everything will disappear from the outside world! Very concealed!

The exhibitions of Qingcheng are not like the place where top-level auctions are held. From the appearance and actual number of people, it is like an ordinary ancient city. In the eyes of ordinary strong people, they would never notice such a place.

However, Lin Chen's "Purple Golden Pupil" saw a huge space encroaching hidden in a valley on the southeastern border of Qingcheng!

And there are successive spaceships entering the space boundary, and there are some arrogant old monsters that shuttle between the space boundary and outside.

"What a secret meeting, interesting."

Lin Chen licked his lips, and he wished that there would be more powerful people from the false **** family!

With his current cultivation and strength, not only the main body, but also the heads-up ability of the phantom avatar has the ability to compete with the early stage of the nineth layer!

When I think of the two patriarchs who were previously blocked, I still need three phantom avatars to work together to delay.

Now, the avatar can single out even if it is invincible in the early stages of the ninth layer, it can still fight for a long time!

This is a qualitative leap! Everything is attributed to the improvement of element attribute value and cultivation, and the breakthrough of body method!

Coupled with Bai Ruoyan and the Dragon Emperor, Lin Chen's current lineup, as long as he does not encounter more than nine Nine Heavy Emperors, it is completely high.

What's more, Lin Chen also possesses a killing skill, which is completely true!

Even after arriving in Qingcheng, Mingjian Merchants Group dared not act lightly. Instead of secretly reporting Lin Chen's deeds to the secret meeting, he chose to stay quietly in the Qingyun Pavilion.

In the evening, Lin Chen paid the relevant fees in the name of the head of the business group, and entered the "Spirit Hall".

At the end of the hall, there is an entrance to the space passage of a hundred feet high. Since the dark meeting has not yet begun, no space passage is used.

"Be careful."

Yan Qianyun told Lin Chen before entering the space channel.

Lin Chen nodded with a smile, suddenly, always holding Yan Qianyun actively embraced Lin Chen, said softly.

"I am waiting for you in Lingzhou."

Lin Chen stunned, the lady let go, smiled, and waved her hand, the space ship unfolded and flew into the space channel.

Looking at each other before leaving each other, everything is silent.

"Hey, it's not bad looking handsome."

Lin Chen touched his nose, smiled and turned away.


Late at night, Lin Chen put on a black robe specially made by the secret society and entered the consignment hall.

Because, someone in Lin also had to consign items for auction, and Kyushu had only one thing for consignment!

The consignment hall is vast and spacious. There are countless powerful people carrying treasures for consignment, and will soon log in to the dark club auction.

These strong men are all dressed in dark robes, and their breath disappears from the chaos. Others simply cannot detect their true identity.

Among them, there are even a lot of strong men holding slaves for consignment. Female slaves, male slaves, orc slaves mixed with orcs and human races, and even the strong men of Lien Chan have been used for consignment auctions!

"It's a bit of a skill, and I can't figure out the foundation of these people with my mental state."

Lin Chen marveled secretly. He, dressed in black robes, dragged a prisoner covered with black gauze and walked straight to a specific secret room.

In the dense room, the iron railings are opened, and the space boundary is arranged. On the opposite side of the iron fence is an old figure, and his dull, hoarse voice asked.

"I don't know, what treasure the guest wants to consign."

Lin Chen tilted Erlang's legs and pointed to the cage behind him.

"My consignment is only one in Kyushu, you are not qualified to appraise, please call your person!"


With an angry question, the old man sneered-"Your excellency is too crazy, but the old man is the top ten treasurer of the secret society, Liu Qingyun. What treasures can escape the old man's eyes, although your showdown Right."

"No, the value of this thing is not something that a treasurer can estimate. Call it."

Lin Chen laughed, and Liu Qingyun was about to attack, the fragrance was lightly curled, and his nose was sniffing. A beautiful lady-like red robe and beautiful woman walked into the dense room, and Bibo winked and smiled at Lin Chen.

"The concubine is one of the host families of the secret meeting. Fortunately, Meier is also one of the people involved. There is a concubine guarantee. I dont think there will be too many problems. Please show the bright objects. ."

Lin Chen's eyes squinted under the black robe, and then the palm was pulled, the black cloth was pulled off, the moment the virtual shadow in the prison cage was exposed, fortunately Meier stayed in place!

And Liu Qingyun, but a little dumbfounded!

After the two of them see clearly, this auction is indeed the only one in Kyushu!

Moreover, there is no one before, no one coming after! No one can compare with nothing!