My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 707

Vol 5 Chapter 707: Secret Meeting

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Chapter 707

When returning to the rest place again, Lin Chen obtained the highest-standard Purple Tier VIP token.

"This secret meeting is not ordinary hilarious, I have to take the opportunity to make a **** sum of money!"

Lin Chen laughed, the beauty hidden in the snow white jade sighed helplessly, this guy, no one in this world can really guess what his next action will do!

During the next waiting period, Lin Chen assisted the Dragon Emperor in the body to perfectly absorb all the qi and blood attribute values, plus a lot of dragon beast elders beast cores, and finally broke through to 900,000 dragon veins!

Finally, it stopped before the 920,000 dragon veins. In terms of pure power, the Dragon Emperor already had the strength to compete with the Nine Heavy Early Warlord! The real combat power, even Lin Chen must be measured in actual combat.

On the third morning, the secret meeting was held!

A sky island located in the vast sky of Qingcheng, unfolding the space boundary to shield the breath of the island, a tyrannical breath descended on the island, and Lin Chen also arrived in the island!

The dark island, a special island specially cast for convening a dark meeting. This island is medium in size, with only one super-large meeting place, and a large number of powerful people start to attend!

Lin Chen arrived early and sat in the exclusive Purple Stage VIP box on the dark island, opening the window and overlooking the view below.

Many strong men in black robes were sitting in the venue. At first glance, there were more than thousands of them!

I thought that when the ancient family of Lingzhou started a full-scale war, there were only hundreds of powerful warlords.

Although Lin Chen can see from today's perspective, there are still some old monsters lurking in Lingzhou, who are not familiar with the world, like people outside the world. However, the number of warlords in Lingzhou does not exceed 1,000.

Thousands of war emperors have gathered here, showing their high specifications!

The secret meeting is held once every 100 years, which is enough to attract many hidden monsters to appear. Even the war emperor in the sky tower cant help being born, because the treasures gathered here may meet their chances, and the auctioned objects are not passed on. The secret!

"Those guys from the pseudo-god family really came!"

Lin Chens Golden Eyes Twins launched and looked around at the many strong men present. Through that strange black robe, he could barely see some faint clues.

The three purple-order boxes sitting opposite Lin Chen are the five false gods! Except for the Dragon Family, everything is complete!

After Long Chans ancestor Long Can was greeted once by Lin Chens "Five Thunders", he may still be wondering where to heal. The other senior members of the Dragon family may still have missions and failed to show up in this secret meeting.

Lin Chen has fought against the people of the false **** family, and a few traces can also determine the position of these guys.

"Oh, it's still so lively this time."

In the meeting place, the woman's charming and soft voice sounded.

A red robe in the meeting hall took a small step into the stage, it was that lucky girl!

boom! boom! boom!

Dozens of giant black iron pillars fell from the sky around the venue. Two powerful space borders unfolded like a square, and one protected the meeting platform.

The strong men present were not surprised, and each one was a little depressed. Thousands of people gathered in the meeting place, very quiet.

After all, it is possible to reveal your identity by saying one more sentence. In this case, exposing your identity will do more harm than good to the buyer.

"Old rules, I hope you dont mind. There are a total of 243 competing products in this secret meeting, ranging from Danfang, alchemy handprints, exercises, mental methods, secrets, rare treasures, natural treasures, high The order of the fierce beast core, ancient relics, top-level weapons, treasures, everything, this time we add a finale to our competition, and it is a person."

Fortunately, Meier's red lips raised her lips, spit out Fang Lan, and her body exuded the charm of extreme charm, so that many powerful people who had experienced red dust for many years could not help but have a little reaction to her.

However, more top powerhouses noticed the last sentence, a person?

Is it a high-ranking warlord slave? In the past, it was not uncommon to auction slaves in secret meetings, and it was not worth mentioning them.

Even Lin Chen couldnt help but lick his lips. His warcraft ranks were all of the seventh-grade high-grade inferior or top grade. Except for the "Fenghuang Bow", Linchen himself did not use it except the Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun. If you plan to change it, if this secret meeting will allow him to equip the avatar with a new top-level weapon, his strength can be improved a lot!

After all, his opponent is already the Ninth Warlord, and none will be weak.

There are more than a dozen breaths in the void in the surroundings. Although they are hidden very well, they have nothing to hide under the golden pupil twins!

"At least there are eight Nine Heavy Emperors, and the family hosted by this secret society is really powerful, and it seems that it is not all the fighting power. Gee, mainland Kyushu, really lies the tiger and hides the dragon!"

Eight Nine Heavy Emperors are enough to sweep the top powerhouses of some big states! Even in the alliance that the Holy Fire Spirit originally controlled, it was not a hidden old monster in Lingzhou, but there were only three Nine Warlords on the bright side, plus the criminal warfare and Vice President Shen Lianyun. Five people!

The emperors present were not fools. The strength of the secret society was very clear. There have been no accidents for thousands of years! No one dares to make trouble here!

"There is not much to say, please directly come out this competition. The first one; Purple Order Intermediate Needs Skill "Wanfeng Claw Mark", the seller wants to obtain a Seventh Order Advanced Warcraft or a water level Purple Order Intermediate or above Complete mentality, of course, there is a matching immortality medicine is also acceptable."

Fortunately, Meier held up a teal scroll, and the atmosphere of the audience began to gradually warm up!

Lin Chen was amazed and secretly uttered. It is no wonder that this specification can be regarded as the top of Kyushu. The first shot is the purple-level intermediate-level attack attack skill. It is the top thing in the sky tower and Kyushu!

The strong who can enter the dark society are no longer using spirit crystal as a unit to use as currency, they basically only support the barter.

In the end, "The Pale Mark of Wanfeng" was auctioned for the price of a seventh-class advanced inferior weapon!

"Seventh-tier advanced flame eagle fierce beast core, the seller wants to shoot more than three fire-tier seventh-tier intermediate potions, or can also bid for the same value of the sky coins."

"Four Seventh-rank Intermediate Intermediate Burning Flame Pills."

"Purple Rank Advanced Chinese Combat Skill "One Hundred Thousand Barbarians"..."

"Seventh-grade high-grade middle-grade knife ware "Dark Flame"..."

"Purple Order Low-grade Middle-grade Alchemy Handprint "Yin-Yang Rongling Law"..."

"Seventh-grade high-grade superfine Danfang "Jiuyang Huangji Danfang"..."

From now on, one item was enough to provoke Dazhou's shock-level treasures, but here, it seemed unsurprising. Except for a small part of the Warlords' bidding was warm, and the top strongmen did not make a shot.

Everyone is waiting, so is Lin Chen!

Most of the treasures auctioned are black goods that cannot be circulated to the outside world, so they are sold through secret auctions.

Inside the No.1 purple-order box; several black robe figures sat in front of the windowsill.

"Father, will the thing you said really be here?"