My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 708

Vol 5 Chapter 708: Hum Garbage

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Chapter 708

"Father, will the thing you said really be here?"

The gentle and beautiful female voice came from a thin black robe cloak in the corner.

"This is not something you should worry about. It is said that this dark will be different. You come here to mix with a girl. You dont want to be engaged with Dongming son of Mingzhou. You come here to add chaos to me! Also, why do you bring this nizi out?"

There was a scream for the first attack on the black robe.

"Homeowner, you know the temper of this girl too."

Several others smiled bitterly. The black robe Qianying stretched out, sketching a graceful and moving curve.

"Miss Ben didn't want to marry that Dongming son, the Dragon clan put a little pressure on him, and he took his pride of the united spirit army to hide away. This kind of man has soft bones and counsels. One, hum!"

"Only like the son of Linchen in Lingzhou is a man of Miss Ben! He only dares to enter the six real **** families alone for his heart, Miss Ning Qingxuan. Man!"

The headed black robe turned his nizi back and said, "You are so anxious to marry that you haven't even seen the other person's face? You want to marry, but they don't necessarily want to marry yet. , Miss Ning Qingxuan in Lingzhou is not worse than you."

"You, you are not my father anymore!"

The popularity of the beauty is badly corrupted, and the question is vigorous.

"It's because it's your father, so you don't want to move these dangerous thoughts, then Lin Chen is not a mortal, and China is now upset because of this kid!"

"I don't care, anyway, I don't want you to arrange a marriage for me! Otherwise I will run away from home to Lingzhou!"

"Yeah, are your wings still hard?"

"Okay, let your two fathers and daughters stop for a while."

The old men in black robe smiled bitterly, and both father and daughter snorted and turned away.


After secretly bidding for more than two hundred pieces of different treasures, at this time, starting to come to an end, Lin Chen took the lead to open his eyes, seemingly aware of what!


I saw that Liu Qingyun in front of the meeting began to launch an ancient box. Fortunately, when Meier picked it up, Mei smiled again and again.

"Everyone must know that a huge battle of Wan Jianzong in the Blood State five hundred years ago, the reason for the beginning of that battle, will be revealed here!"

Fortunately, Meier opened the ancient box, and the knife flashed, and the knife was so angry!

In the ancient box, a dragon-shaped war sword, engraved with stars embroidered like stars, is perfectly natural, like a galaxy hanging in the sky, and it is presented in front of everyone!

Lin Chen's state of mind was full of waves, and he exclaimed!

"Seventh-level top knife!"

Fortunately, Meier covered her mouth and chuckled.

"Long Yao, one of the top ten famous swords of the ancient times. Ranked among the top ranks: the top seven ranks.

As soon as this statement came out, the audience was shocked! Sure enough, this thing is a top-tier seventh-level fighter!

As soon as the top-level knife of the seventh order came out, the breath of many powerful players in the audience became a little quick and heavy!

In the history of Yunzhou, only the seventh-order top-level fighters have been traded nine times! Seventh-tier top-grade middle class, only three times!

And in the history of more than 100,000 years, only these nine times!

There are very few top-level fighters of the seventh order. This knife is the tenth time!

"I want this knife."

At this time, a voice of indifference came from the "Zijie VIP Box", Lin Chen's eyes immediately condensed, and he was a member of the false **** family!

Many strong men have turned their heads to wait and see, with a curious look. This purple-order box is only qualified to enter with sufficient power, heritage, and strength. The people in its box are at least eightfold mid-level war emperor and above, all of which are Kyushu. The famous top strong!

"Oh? I don't know what price you want to bid on?"

Xingmeier smiled with a trace of interest.

"One book of purple advanced high-grade combat skills, one volume of purple advanced high-grade inferior mentality. Plus two seven-level top-grade inferior medicines!"

As soon as this remark came out, there were a lot of air-sucking voices in the audience!

This auction is terrible! Purple Tier's advanced mentality is similar to that of Kyushu. Coupled with Tier 7's high-grade top-level combat skills, the value of these two things is added to the Sky Tower, but it will cost more than 10 million Sky Coins!

Not to mention that there are two seven-tier top-grade inferior panacea, and now this continent can refine the seventh-tier top-grade panacea in no more than one five fingers!

This handwriting is really terrifying!

You should know that the inheritance of the sword master Li Changsheng, "Mirror Bright Moon", is only the purple top-level best-in-class combat skills.

Although the last form of Jingyues God surpasses the power of the original ranks, the combat skills of the high-grade purple ranks are not inferior!

"It turns out that my Fenghuang bow is quite valuable."

Lin Chen glanced at his precepts and thought of his "Fenghuang Bow" which was merged out.

"It's true that it is a family of true gods, and it really turned out to be courageous. It seems that it is not wrong to join hands with them."

Fortunately, Xingmeier smirked, and then smirked immediately-"I don't know if there is a higher price, if not"

Many powerful people looked at each other and looked around. There was helplessness in their eyes. They couldn't keep up with the price. If the price was arbitrarily quoted, it would only make them ugly. It would be better to be a quiet audience.

"Humph, but that's it."

In the purple-order box, a sneer came from the other side.

Seeing no one bidding, fortunately, when the younger was about to finalize, the young man's cold hum came out.

"Humph, trash!"

My day! Where is this fairy? Return **** on this bid?

Everyone turned their heads and looked at the box. Fortunately, Meier shook her body!

What happened to the guest? Is he going to bid?

"I want to see, what price do you offer, can be higher than the bid of this seat!"

There was a sneer immediately from the opposite box. Obviously, I did not believe that Lin Chen could come up with a higher price tag, because their bid had exceeded the value of these seventh-tier top-grade inferior weapons!

Many strong men stared at Lin Chen's box curiously, what kind of bid would he make? Gongfa? Elixir? Or alchemy handprint?

"Look at your dog's eyes today and see clearly, what is a real bid! Me, a **** leader!"

Lin Chen gave a cold drink and shocked all the strong!

Afterwards, everyone looked confused, all puzzled and puzzled! Faucet?


The question is unfinished, there is a vibration in the purple-order box, and nearly a hundred phantoms of huge shadows fall to the platform, shaking the audience!

Bang ~!

When all the strong men take a closer look, sweeping away from the breath, it turned out to be the head of a seventh-order top beast?

"Hahaha! I just want to bid on this junk stuff, I think you're **** naughty!"

There was a sneer of laughter from the purple-order box on the opposite side. Just a head of a seventh-order fierce beast wanted to bid them over?

"What, it's hurt our expectation in vain. A head of a beast without a beast's core, even if it is a top-tier seven, is not worth the price."