My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 709

Vol 5 Chapter 709: Long Yao Got It

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Chapter 709

Box No. 1.

"Dad, isn't this person here to make trouble? If it's for trouble, why can he still get the identity of the purple-order box? I don't understand."

The mysterious woman in a black robe asked her question with her hands under her chin.

The seventh-level top beasts also have strengths and weaknesses. The seventh-level high-level beasts correspond to the six-seventh to seventh-level warlords, and the seventh-level top-level beasts correspond to the eighth-ninth-level warlords. Not top.

At this time, she suddenly realized that several of her ancestors and her father did not speak, staring at the red faucet!

Inside the secret meeting;

"No, you see, this is the head of the seventh-order top beast comparable to the ninth war emperor! Or the dragon family?"

"What about it, even without a beast core. Even with a beast core, it can't be compared to a top-tier seventh-grade inferior knife!"

Just when many strong people thought that Lin Chen was here to make trouble, suddenly, the eyes of Xingmeier and Liu Qingyun on the stage were suddenly dignified!

There was even some fear in their eyes! Many powerful people were surprised and curious.

Suddenly, the strong man in the No. 1 purple-order box asked Lin Chen in a trembling and shocking tone!

"Friend, you... how did you do it!"

Someone Lin was sitting in the box, slowly sipping hot tea, and smiled lightly.

"How to do it? A snap of things."

The questioning purple-order box suddenly quieted down, and under that strange silence, no one knew what horrible waves were hidden!

Many strong men in the meeting room immediately recovered and stared at the dragon's head with their eyes!

I saw that the dragon's head was red, the dragon pupil was like jade, the dragon's horn was like a sword, and between the fierce dragon teeth, there was a dragon's breath like **** lava. In the middle of the dragon's head, a suspected red dragon was carved Ancient Dragon Seal!

"I'm a good boy, I'm right!"

Suddenly, a few strong men sitting in the blue-tier box rushed out of the box, and there was a sound of cold air under the black robe cloak!

At this time, the strong man over the false **** family also began to realize that something was wrong!

Fortunately, Meier turned to Lin Chen's box, her eyes showing a little incredible and incredible!

She asked with trembling red lips.

"Dare, dare to ask your Excellency, is this the Red Lotus Yanlong tribe, one of the ten dragons, Patriarch Mo Tianming?"

"Otherwise, it's a fake replacement. If you don't believe it, you can go to Huangzhou to see for yourself in these two days."

Lin Chen's lightly written words made everyone's brains stop thinking briefly!

The head of the dragon patriarch?

At this moment, many powerful players felt scalp numbness!

This is actually the leader of one of the ten dragon patriarchs, Patriarch Mo Tianming?

This Nima is too crap!

That is the patriarch of one of the ten dragons!

The ten dragon patriarchs may not be the strongest beings, but they are definitely one of the most difficult creatures to kill!

Throughout Kyushu, which human race can easily enter the territory of the Dragon Clan of Huangzhou, even the Nine Heavy Warlords, even if they don't even see one, they will be killed by the dragons and even retreat!

Each of the ten patriarchs stands at the pinnacle of Kyushu. Of course, their strength may not be the strongest grade. In terms of the dragon's age, most patriarchs are still young.

Although there are few people who can defeat them, Kyushu is not without it, but if you want to kill them, then it is totally a fantasy!

Those who can ascend to the position of patriarch are the top ten arrogance of the ten dragons, the supremacy of an era.

If you want to eliminate their existence at this level, the ancestors of the ten dragons and the elders of the Taishang are simply impossible to agree. If you dare to move the dragon patriarch, it means challenging their entire clan! The face is even the entire ten dragons!

Nowadays, the existence of the almost legendary series, the Mo Tianming patriarch of the Red Lotus Yanlong clan, his dragon head has been placed in front of everyone!

How did he do that?

Countless people have only one question in their hearts? Even the attention is completely transferred from the seventh-order top knife to Lin Chen!

Even if the organizers of the secret society are dispatched, it is impossible to kill a dragon patriarch! Is he better than the secret society?

Think carefully! No one dared to deliberately go on. As he said, compared with the head of the Dragon Patriarch, the bid just now was totally worthless!

"Actually the head of the ten dragon chiefs?"

The beautiful lady in the No. 1 box trembles, this kind of existence is even better than his father! Based on the pinnacle of Kyushu!

Sure enough, as the rumors say, the secret auction, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

"It's just that the strongman in the box is so sacred, and it has such an inside..."

The beauty secretly panicked.

There have been countless battles between the dragon and the human race, and Mo Tianming's Red Lotus Yanlong family has offended the existence of countless strong men. As far as the strong men on the scene are concerned, this Red Lotus Yanlong family has There are at least hundreds of enemies!

Its value, if it is put on the bright side of Kyushu, is enough to make some top powers crazy, and they will buy it when they are ruined!

This is a symbol of glory, but also a deterrent to status. If you fight with the Dragon Clan, the impact and effect of its first level on the Dragon Clan is by no means comparable to a top-tier bottom-grade weapon!

The war weapon can be rebuilt. In addition to the ancient patriarch, the dragon patriarch can only have ten since ancient times!

If the first level of the'Mo Tianming' patriarch changed hands and put it on the highest standard auction in Kyushu, it will inevitably cause an unprecedented earthquake!

"It's really Mo Tianming...damn, the old man was hit by it in the past, but the injuries haven't recovered yet!"

"I can't think of him falling into the hands of the guests in the box. Where is this sacred..."

Those strong men lurking behind the secret meeting couldn't help but sigh and marvel!

Fortunately, Meier's face changed, and she seemed to hear something. She immediately apologized and bowed slightly to the box on the side of the false **** family.

"I'm sorry, distinguished guests here, the seller chose the first level of the Dragon Patriarch, if you don't have a higher bid..."


Unpleasant humming came out of the box of the false **** family, but they dared not say anything.

The characters who can kill the dragon patriarchs, unless it is the true god behind them, otherwise, with their background, how dare they easily offend such characters in this troubled autumn!


A sword yin turned, Guxia rose, and shot into Lin Chen's box!

Countless strong men sighed, from the initial sneer, disdain, ridicule, and now when they cast the eyes of Lin Chen box, the atmosphere revealed is completely different! Full of admiration, fear and wonder!

Sitting in that box, but a big man who can kill the dragon patriarch!

Whether he killed himself or the forces behind it, it means that sitting on it is a great **** they will never provoke!