My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 710

Vol 5 Chapter 710: Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju Scraps

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Chapter 710

Lin Chen in the box took the ancient box with one hand, and when he opened it, he couldnt help but touch the Long Yao War Blade.

The sharp blade of the jade, carved with a corrugated dragon pattern, is radiant, as if the blade turned slightly to reflect a dragon shadow starlight!

"Relax, follow me Lin Chen, your sharp edge will be able to shine to the peak!"

Recognizing the Lord with blood, this Long Yao will replace Mingyue Tianqing and become Lin Chens new main weapon!

Lin Chen continued to watch the next dark meeting. When he thought that there would be no more attractive things to him, a broken scroll, the audience was a bit weird!

Treasures that can be put close to the final finale will certainly not be mortals!

At this moment, Lin Chen's heartbeat quietly accelerated! "Golden pupil twins" urged, staring at the incomplete scroll!

"I'm a god, can this be encountered by me?"

Fortunately, Meier put away that charming face and said seriously.

"This thing, the ancient ruins of the blood state produced nine thousand years ago, has been tossing and turning, and has been studied by the hands of countless powerful people. After the appraisal of all the treasurers and other parties of the organizers of the dark society, this is a volume that is incomplete. The cultivation method, and possibly the mental method."

Incomplete exercises? Can this thing be taken out for auction?

Some powerhouses rarely questioned the accuracy and bottom line of secret meetings. Can this kind of stuff full of uncertainties be auctioned?

"Everyone is in no hurry. Although this technique is incomplete and unpracticable, it contains many secrets. Maybe it can be used to find another part of the technique. It may also be determined by all of the treasurers. This thing is at least Things from the ancient times!"

Xing Meier's remarks were startling and suspicious. In the ancient times, it was a time when the saints came out, but the historical records in Kyushu have very little history even at the end of the ancient period, and few who have experienced the ancient civilization.

"However, after our last repeated appraisal, we found a few traces of clues and horses, this thing may be even earlier than the ancient times! It is very likely that it is a volume of exercises above the purple order, and the probability is still the mind!"

As soon as this remark came out, it caused a heated discussion among the infinite!

Above the Purple Stage?

Could it be said that it is the legendary Orange Step?

This kind of exercise is completely extinct in mainland Kyushu! It simply can't exist! The ancient Hundred Saints have never touched, and there is no record or spread!

And it must be the mental method, which is enough to make the entire Kyushu crazy!

It is a pity that it is incomplete and cannot be cultivated.

In this regard, the strong sides of the various parties expressed different attitudes, some sneered, some disdain, and some surprised sighs.

It's useless if it blows up, it's both crippled and uncultivable, it's all fart!

Moreover, this thing has changed hands so many times, and there are few top strong players who have verified it? If it's really valuable, it won't be put out for auction.

It is precisely because the secret society can't research that one, so he will take out this object to bid!

However, this is almost happy for someone Lin!

Fortunately, the incomplete scroll in his hand is like an advanced technique in his "Creation of Nine Tribulation", one of the missing parts of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju"!

"Hoo, calm down. Calm down, if exposed now, the show will end before it even starts."

This unexpected joy made Lin Chen excited and almost rushed up to grab it directly!

In the entire dark meeting, perhaps only he can know the value of the incomplete scroll!

His purple-level top-level mentality "Genesis Nine Tribulation" has been so strong that it allows him to perform various leapfrog battles, bringing him many powerful Heavenly Tribulation warfare.

On top of it, "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" will undoubtedly be the real orange-level exercise! This class of exercises has not even been practiced by the saints of all generations in Kyushu!

Seeing through the torn scroll body, Lin Chen was almost ready to grab it! But he still refrained!

Because, only his main event, has not begun! If it is a robbery, is it not to miss a good show.

"However, even if it is a bid, I have to take down the remnants of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju"!"

Lin Chen touched two other high-level Naling rings in his arms, and his eyes under the cloak bloomed with the belief of breaking the ship.

"Then, the value of this exercise is freely bid by everyone, but if the bidding price fails to satisfy the seller, the seller has the right to return it."

When Xingmeier talked about this, she basically looked at the two boxes of the "True God Family"!

In her view, only the two box figures on the scene were eligible to compete for this thing, and the top powers of Kyushu could not resolve the importance of this incomplete skill, but the "True God Masters" behind them were different. Now!

"I bid seven orders..."

When everyone held their breath, the ancestor of the false **** family offered a trace of trembling and excitement, and the teenager's cold drink suddenly interrupted them!

"You **** snakeskin! Don't talk nonsense, I will be the head of a dragon patriarch!"

The youth's cold drink made the meeting place once again fall into the silent atmosphere of falling needles and audible!

Another leader of the Dragon Patriarch?

Are you **** there?

Brother, do you think this is Chinese cabbage and red sweet potato on the roadside? You said take it? What a joke!

Dang~! With a flick of his head, a silver light fell, the high-level Naling ring opened, and the tall first-level leader fell sharply!


The first level fell to the ground and the dust was flying.

Hold your breath and take a closer look!

This time, the dragon head is blue and bright, the blue dragon scales are layered like beautiful artworks, the dragon beard is blue, and the dragon horns are clear, like the gorgeous coral in the ocean, and an ancient dragon seal is still engraved in the middle of the dragon head.

That dragon seal, only a few of the top strong players on the scene knew, was an ancient dragon seal that only belonged to the dragon patriarch. Symbol of the highest power of the whole family, each dragon has only one dragon!

brush! brush! brush!

The top powerhouses hidden in the dark all appeared and are the ancestors of the organizers of the dark society!

"Actually, it turned out to be the prison of the Tianyu Yinglong family? Even he died?"

The top powerhouses in the secret society all took a few breaths! One of them was once defeated by the hands of Luo He, and it is impossible to admit his mistake!

All the powerful people in the venue felt a chill from the soles of their feet, and then rushed to the scalp, numb all over, and the corners of their mouths were mad!

It's actually true! He really still has a head of the dragon patriarch!

What is this concept? It is equivalent to facing two dragon races!

The total strength of the two dragons adds up to almost the fighting power of one human race Dazhou!

What's more, the dragon clan's background is very strong. If the legendary "Holy Dragon Pool" is launched, even the late Emperor Jiuzhong has no life, and it is basically an impossible delusion to kill the dragon clan leader!

However, today they were lucky enough to meet the heads of the two dragon patriarchs?

Kill two dragon patriarchs? Throughout the past and present, no one but the saints can do it!