My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 711

Vol 5 Chapter 711: The Head Of The Tribal Chief

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Chapter 711

This Nima is too terrible! In the end of this box is the big brother who came to see them in secret!

Fortunately, Liu Qingyun behind her was so scared that her legs were soft, and her uncontrolled buttocks sat on the meeting table!

Before long thinking, he dared to admit that he was extraordinary in front of Lin Chen. Now that he wanted to think about it, it was simply the call of ants to the dragon!

"What he said is actually true. It is indeed a VIP who can use those figures to auction. When did such a figure appear in Kyushu? This is enough to affect the existence of Kyushu!"

Fortunately, Meier is only a little better than Liu Qingyun, and her legs are also frightened, but at least he did not fall. Fang eyes stared at Lin Chens box, revealing almost crazy admiration and worship!

Box No. 1;

"He actually has a second dragon clan chief, and he is still a prisoner of the heavenly dragon clan!"

"You can't be wrong, it's Luo prison. At that time, Grandpa and Grandpa had also fought against their patriarch's strongman, and he was severely damaged by his cultivation practice. He recovered after thousands of years of rest.

Several black robes inside were completely shocked! They have heard of the strength of Luo He. When fighting in areas with abundant water energy, their strength is called the top three of the ten patriarchs!

"Who is he?"

The beauty sitting in the corner is more and more curious, what is the fairy in the box?

Many of the ancestors of the false **** family panicked a little!

"How is this possible? Where is the other party sacred?"

"This kind of character is still hidden in Kyushu, even killing the two dragons. Isn't he what the true God said, is it the strong man in the five-robber emperor realm above the nineth war emperor?"

To kill a dragon patriarch, it can be said that he may have found a reason to assassinate, siege, set up, trap, etc.

But if he can kill two? That is real hard power!

At the same time, the first level of two dragon patriarchs from the same person?

This is impossible without hard power!

"Do you want to give up?"

"There is no way, we can't compete with him at all, but we can try to deal with the false and the snake after the event, set out his origins, and wait for the true God to come, and he will personally prepare him!"

After a quick discussion, in the end, the false **** family chose to give up. The broken part of the second part of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju" was officially owned by Lin Chen!

Lin Chen had just got the remnant, the system included it and the light screen popped up.

[The system has included one of the remnants of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue". After analyzing the latest remnants, I learned that this mentality is divided into five volumes. If you obtain more than three volumes, you can practice first. Currently the host has obtained two volumes.

"Scratch! It's only one roll away to practice, is it really a dog?"

Lin Chen was so angry that he was about to hit someone. He thought that he could touch the legendary "Orange Order Heart Method" when he collected the volume.

"Oh, sooner or later, I will find the whole exercise!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, he swiped a different awn, restrained into the depth of his pupils.

As of now, the auction of the secret society has been going on for a day and a night. As the seller and the buyer, the strong parties in the special black robe are concealed and compete for you.

When Lin Chen thought that there would be no more things that interest him, Xue Baiyu Jian in his arms suddenly heard Bai Ruoyan's mellow voice.

"Brother Lin Chen, the volume of exercises to be shot next will be of great use to me. See if you can help me bid."

A move in Lin Chen's heart that would benefit Sister Ruoyan? Her character knows that if it is not an important thing, she will not easily trouble her.

I saw that above the meeting table, Xingmeier's jade hand held up a purple crystal jade decorated with pure flame spirit crystal.

"You guys, the highlight you are looking forward to is here. This piece of crystal jade contains a mental method called "Flame of Fire and Flame"! It was obtained by an ancestor of Ningzhou in an alien astronomy , Preliminary identification, this thing is not a thing of Kyushu, but from outside Kyushu. And its grade is: the top grade inferior purple order!"

"It was enclosed in this crystal jade by a certain powerful dust, and it can only be cultivated by one person. It is ruined and extremely precious when it is used up! The preciousness of this class of exercises is not necessary for me to say more?"

Fortunately, Meier's words stirred up a thousand waves!

There are only a few of Kyushu's top-level inferior mental methods in the Purple Order, and there are only two volumes of this level of mental methods in the sky tower! The selling price is more than 70 million sky coins, one of which has been purchased by a strong man, and only one is left today!

The top-level complete mentality is too rare, only inferior to the alchemy handprint and some special spiritual secrets, almost the same as the rareness of the top-level bodywork!

Almost a lot of the strong people received the gossip that this mentality was about to bid before they rushed to this secret meeting, and for them, many!

Compared with the "residual volume above the Purple Steps" that would be blown into the sky by the dark, this "Flame of Fire" is the most real and precious treasure!

"Yes, the news is true!"

"This kind of treasure has no chance for others to come up for auction even if they have it. This opportunity is only once!"

The VIPs in the six purple-order boxes are all about to move. This opportunity is unique!

"Sure enough, it's right!"

Several black robe strongmen in Box No. 1 were immediately excited, they came for this!

The black robe and beautiful lady sat in front of the window sill, staring at the purple crystal jade, curiously saying, "Thats this thing, will my Ling family be transformed?"

Just when all the top forces were planning to bid, Lin Chen's voice came from a purple-order box.

"A leader of a dragon patriarch, I want it, that's it."

The audience instantly fell into deathly silence!

Almost all the strong men in black cloaks turned around and stared at Lin Chens box, even though their faces could not be seen, but their expressions must be very wonderful, maybe the expressions of several strong men seemed to be seen Ghostly looking at someone's box!

A flash of light flashed through the void, which was the flash of the high-level Naling Ring.


The Naling Ring in the void opened, and a huge dragon head fell into the venue again.

This time, the dragon head is like an abyss like a sea, the two dragon horns are like a war gun, and the dragon beard is dense, like the tentacles under the abyss, it looks very chilly!

Countless strong men took a breath of air! Some of the top powerhouses of the organizers of the secret meeting were trembling, and they really looked like a ghost!

"Dark Fright, is it actually Dark Fright?"

"It's him, the Dark Fright who blood-washed the three major families in the blood state that year, and the Shadow Tianlong Patriarch who ranks in the top three of the ten dragons. My God, what's wrong with this world?"

"Even the Dark Fright was killed?"

Almost all the powerful people who participated in the secret meeting today witnessed the most incredible, most outrageous, and most frightening scene in the history of Kyushu!

Three dragon clan chiefs were cut down? This result is impossible in any previous era!

There is only one possibility for this scene! The dragon family is having a big **** event!

And yes, it is definitely an unprecedented change!