My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 712

Vol 5 Chapter 712: My Friends Never Care Whether He Can Hang

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Chapter 712

This can't help but make the strong party of all sides raise an extremely curious question? What is the situation with the Dragons now?

And the character in the purple-order box is a special god!

What exactly did this dragon clan cause him to fall to the three patriarchs!

Someone Lin Qingyun lightly took a sip of hot tea, and smiled indifferently, making this quiet and strange atmosphere, a smile of Yundanfeng light surrounded the audience,

"This person, I make friends, three don't care."

"One, I never care whether he can hang, anyway, I don't hang."

"Second, I never care whether he is handsome or not. Anyway, he is not handsome."

"Three, I never care whether he is crazy or not, anyway, he is not crazy."

"Despite your bids, I am very boring, you are free. Like me, the most handsome identity in Kyushu, the bidding has never used any spirit crystals, immortals, vulgar! Vulgar is unbearable, so vulgar I don't want to subscribe! This kind of handsome, the bidding starts with the dragon patriarch as the unit. Do not call me for the bidding of a dragon patriarch unit, thank you, I really dont look down."

Listen! Is this a human language?

Use Dragon Patriarch as the unit?

What the **** is this god? Why don't you blow it to the sky!

But the problem is that he is really special!

The head of the three patriarchs is like a knife hanging over everyone's heart. Who dares to question?

In today's Kyushu, who can have the courage to slash the dragon and tribal chiefs? Not even the legendary Shenzhou True God Family!

The audience was a bit weird, and countless powerful people were frantically guessing Lin Chen's identity, racking their brains, exhausting all their energy, and when did Kyushu have such a crazy number one character?

He is overbearing! Arrogant! furious! Extremely domineering! But strength and background are directly proportional to their attitude!

It is not an exaggeration to say that he can influence the pattern of the entire big state with one person! This kind of character exists in Kyushu, which is very dangerous!

At least for most forces, it is extremely dangerous!

In Box No. 1, the powerful members of the "Ling Family" all trembled with shaking hands, and their brains were almost blank!

"He actually wants to bid for this thing, what should I do?"

"Are you going to bid? But even if our Ling family is ruined, it will be hard to come up with a higher level of knowledge than the first level of Dark Fright!"

"Hey, is it worth it to offend such a big man for a volume of exercises?"

Seeing several elders and their father struggling so much, the Ling family sighed and stared at Lin Chen's box, muttering to himself.

"This lord, who is it?"

After struggling with trade-offs, the "Ling Family" in Box No. 1 still chose to give up bidding. However, they have not completely given up in their hearts. Perhaps afterwards, they will have the opportunity to find the mysterious strongman again to discuss it!

In the end, no one dared to bid on "The Blazing Fire", Lin Chen directly crushed all the strong men, and the status and strength of the Shadow Tianlong Patriarch were stronger than the previous "Mo Tianming" and "Luo He". !

The most important thing is the deterrence brought by this character disguised by Lin Chen himself!

No one dares to offend, let alone bid easily!

Although the concealment of this dark society's black robe has been done quite well, how can it be tempted by this kind of thing if it can kill three or more dragon patriarchs?

Even the individual strong among them can see through the little concealment brought by this black robe, how can he not see through each other's true identity?

Do they risk their lives to bid on this big man?

not worth it! Even if you can't make a good relationship, you can't offend such a person!

There are old monsters who have lived for countless years. Everyone can see through. I would rather give up than try my life for a volume of exercises!

Desperately, it is also based on the possibility, offending this great god, there is no possibility of life!

Even the host family of the secret society, the powerful people of all sides have looked at each other and treated Lin Chen, they must be in the highest standard and vigilant state!

The purple crystal jade passed into Lin Chen's box, and the moment the hand was held, the beautiful lady's elegant voice passed into her ears.

"Thank you, brother Lin Chen."

Lin Chen said with a serious voice-"Sister Ruoyan, Xie Li, in this respect, I like to act a little more."

As soon as the words fell, the snow-white jade rose from Lin Chen's arms, touched Lin Chen's face like a dragonfly, and then quickly fled into Lin Chen's arms.

Someone Lin froze for a moment!

Ok? what is this?

At this moment, Xingmeier glanced at Lin Chen's box with a charming eye, and then moved the white snake-like round and white jade legs, and pulled a prisoner cage covered with black cloth. All the strong men were Can't see through the cage.

Fortunately, Meier giggled.

"The next auction item is the finale auction item of this secret meeting. It is absolutely beyond everyone's expectations, but everyone is assured that this time the auction item was sent by the person in box 7 personally. Its a seller, you can rest assured to bid."

When this remark comes out, there is a wave after another!

Many strong men cast their eyes on curiosity and surprise. This is actually the final treasure of the great **** who killed the three patriarchs? what exactly is it?

And the boxes of the false gods family are agitated and excited, seeming to perceive a familiar breath!

"This auction item will definitely interest everyone!"

Under everyone's attention, Xingmeier opened the curtain of the prison cage!

I saw that the flowers in the cage were tied up, and the iron chain was wrapped around it, and a silver robe was tied.

The handsome silver robe boy is tied with a chain of special material, and the combat is imprisoned. Not only is the chain bound to his body, but also the combat is completely sealed, and he can't even explode!

He sat quietly in a prison cage, with a **** look on his face, apathetic expression, a bit cold and sharp in his eyes, which instantly surprised the audience, and many strong people suddenly stood up!

"It really is him! Lin Chen!"

In the box of the false **** family, all the ancestors and Taishang elders rose suddenly, ecstatic!

That's right, the finale of this "dark meeting" turned out to be the auction handsome Lin Chen?

Staring staring at Lin Chen, many strong men were shocked and stunned!

This last auction item turned out to be this living legend?

Lin Chens famous name, the level of Kyushus high-ranking war emperor, is almost unknown, and everyone knows it!

Breaking the mountain, covering the soul home. Angrily rushing into the sky, he singled out the six true **** families and shook the entire Kyushu!

Even the six great families of the true gods joined forces and couldn't stop him from leaving!

Such a person who is full of legends, legends, and not necessarily a supreme figure, has been reduced to an auction item?

Ling Family Qianjin in Box No. 1 rushed directly to the window sill, and Qian Eyes flowed with incredible light, and she murmured absently: "This... how is this possible, how could he become an auction of the secret society..."

Suddenly, Ling Jia Qianjin grabbed the other father's robe, almost begging with an unprecedented attitude and crying cry-"Dad, please, please save Lin Chen!"


Lin Chen: "I can't think of it, I swell even show myself."