My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 713

Vol 5 Chapter 713: Verify True And False

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Chapter 713

"This handsome brother-in-law must have been heard by everyone, but in order to avoid the long-term retreat of some noble guests and the news clogged, the concubine still has to mention that this Linzhou Linchen, the current figure of Kyushu! His deeds, It has been spread all over the land in Kyushu for a long time. After fighting against the six real **** families with one person, he withdrew from the whole body!"

"Today, he was logged into our secret meeting as an auction item. This is a historic moment! Just ask, how could the secrets, chances, and existence of such a shocking crying ghost exist? No one knows! Only The successful bidding, the buyer who bought this son Lin Chen, is eligible to really know!"

Fortunately, Meier's words aroused infinite waves! Is it really him? That legendary character!

Even Bai Ruoyan, who is in the "Snow White Jade Jane" in Lin Chen's arms, can't understand it, what the little guy wants to do!

Linchen auction Linchen? Did he actually auction himself?

"Actually, Lin Chen from Lingzhou... The old man thought I looked away!"

"This is too ridiculous. Will he be caught?"

"That day, the old man was at the scene of the decisive battle personally! Even the six ancestors of the six false gods' families could not stop him, and even broke the protection of the six families with his own power!"

"This kid has such a record at such a young age. If he was allowed to grow up, wouldn't it be my Kyushu to have another one?"

"It's terrible. He grew up so young. How many secrets are there in him?"

"He can contend with the six families of the true gods, and there must be something to go against the sky. From the exercises to the mind, the secret tips, as long as they pry a little out of him, it is a chance to go against the sky!"

The air-sucking voice couldn't help but rise and fall from all directions, the news was too shocking!

Its like, you just learned that a living legend came out and almost completed the achievements that no one can achieve under the current holy land of Kyushu. Become a competitive auction item?

What kind of situation is that? It is simply to subvert a person's perception for tens of thousands of circles!

Although Xingmeier told Lin Chens deeds, it caused dissatisfaction among the five false gods, but fortunately, the auction product of this secret society was the finale of Lin Chen, which is enough to let them go bankrupt. !

In the meeting place of the dark society, after an unprecedented shock, some powerful people are even thinking about it!

It is not an exaggeration to call this the strength of the six false **** families with one's own strength! The Holy Realm can't come out, the world is invincible!

But this kind of character will be caught? Still being auctioned?

The strong of some purple-order boxes and blue-order boxes suddenly looked at a certain box!

If a boy like Lin Chen is a **** who descends from the heavens and subverts history.

Then the great **** in the box is the **** and his ancestor!

Even such a character can be captured alive, so what exactly does his true strength look like?

No one dares to imagine!

"It is worthy of being able to kill the three dragon heads. It is too perverted, and even Lin Chen has become his auction item. It is too evil!"

"With the dragon patriarch as the auction unit, it seems that he is really not just a bragging man!"

Some old monsters hidden in the venue sighed from the heart!

Inside the two large boxes; the ancestors of the false **** family, their eyes narrowed under the black robe cloak.

"The last time I used to contend with me, I used a mysterious method that can make Xiu become soaring. His real cultivation is actually around the five-fold war emperor."

"If that trick can't be used many times, it's not too difficult to capture it!"

"It is estimated that this person can see through this point to win this son, but the ability to kill the tribal patriarchs is enough to stop us."

"Bid it! At all costs, Lin Chen will be auctioned and handed over to the Gods of the True God, and he will wait for it!"


In the No. 1 box;

"Dad, shall we save Mr. Lin Chen?"

Ling Jia Qianjin grabbed the Ling family master with a crying tone, he could not help sighing.

Although the father and daughter often quarrel, he sees Ni Zi's temper. Since he became an adult, he has never told himself that he has been strongly bullied by some sons and daughters, and he has been fighting hard by his own teeth. Stubbornness to go back!

Almost no one has begged so softly like this!

"You nizi, I want to save, but do you think your father wants to bid alone? There are so many strong people in this venue, countless generations of hidden dragons and lying tigers, father can only assure you that they will do their best. If you cant save him, its up to you."

After patting his daughter's head, Ling Family still had a soft heart.

"Thank you dad!" Ling Qianjin nodded happily, and the elders and ancestors beside him smiled bitterly.

However, if this child can be rescued, it would be a great opportunity! With his potential, it is worth their betting on the Ling family!

"This auction is personally guaranteed by the seller. As long as he has his seal, this son Lin Chen can't even blast himself, ensuring that everyone can maximize his interests."

Fortunately, Meier smiled meaningfully, and then raised her hand-"Now, the auction begins! Let everyone bid, the seller stipulates that there is no limit to any treasure! You can bid!"


Suddenly, there was a scolding sound in the box of the false **** family, and everyone should look forward to it.

"The old man once fought with Lin Chen. This child has a very peculiar doppelganger, which can make people difficult to distinguish between true and false.

As soon as this remark comes out, there will be changes again!

"Unless asked by the old man to personally verify, I have the right to question the authenticity of this secret meeting."

Fortunately, Meiers face changed slightly. Whether or not she questioned it, letting other forces verify the authenticity of the auction items was an impact on the reputation of the "Dark Meeting"!

"It's okay, things are extremely involved. If you want to verify, we can make an exception."

At this time, a blood-robed young man came to the stage and smiled indifferently, he was one of the organizers of the Fang family ancestor!

"Mr. Fang, this..."

Fortunately, Meier wanted to speak, and the ancestor of the Fang family raised his hand.

"Since we want to cooperate with them, we can make an exception, and show our sincerity."

The ancestor of the Fang family passed on Xingmeier, and then he took a fist at the position of Lin Chen's box.

"Your Excellency, is that alright?"

Everyone looked at Lin Chen's box, and if they didn't give verification, I'm afraid they would get tired!

"Oh, anyway, real gold is not afraid of fire. Examine it, just don't **** my goods."

Yun Danfeng's voice came out, and the ancestor of the Fang family nodded.

Upon seeing this, Xingmeier could only do so, and the ancestor of the Fang family waved and asked, "Come on, please, please."