My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 714

Vol 5 Chapter 714: Bidding

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Chapter 714

Boom~! The space in the box exploded, and an illusory figure appeared on the stage like a ghost, wearing a black robe, but it did not see its true face.

His dry palm protruded into the cage, and he lopped his hand against Lin Chen's calf, like a blade passing by!

Tear ~! The fighting spirit was torn apart, and a blood mark was cracked on the calf of Lin Chen, and blood flowed out!

"it is true?"

The man in black robe was wondering. He was the elder of the Soul Family and had fought against Lin Chen. He knew that if the strange "avatar" of this son was hit, the bleeding would gradually disappear!

At this time, Lin Chen's blood flowed with gold in the blood, exuding strong and hot energy of qi and blood, 100% true!

"Really ontology!"

The black robe was a little shocked. When he looked at Lin Chen in the prison cage, his face was somber, as if to kill, and his deep pupils brushed his thoughts from time to time, as if he was thinking about how to break the difficulty in front of him!

It's totally the rebellious Lin Chen!

"After verification, there is really no problem."

The black robe turned around and nodded to his box to confirm that it was correct!

Just in case, Lin Chen had already put the "Dragon Emperor Possession" on the phantom avatar to avoid revealing the stuffing. In fact, the essence blood flowing out of the avatar is the Dragon Emperor's blood.

If it is a normal avatar, the blood will quickly evaporate and disappear. This is one of the few that can judge the difference between Lin Chen's body and the phantom avatar.

"Gecko, since there is no problem, let's start auctioning!"

Xingmeier, afraid that the atmosphere would cool down, immediately smiled.

The ancestor of the Fang family beside him clenched fists against the boxes of Lin Chen and the false **** family, and retreated behind the scenes.

"Old man, come out with a purple top-level inferior attack combat skill, an ancient keel that contains the essence of energy, and a volume of purple low-level superb alchemy handprints."

Fortunately, Meier's words just fell, and someone immediately bid, and was still a strong man sitting in the venue, not a figure in the VIP box!

The price quoted by the man was suffocating!

"It turns out to be a hidden dragon and a lying tiger. This person's price tag even shakes us!"

"Moreover, he doesn't even have a blue-order box and hides deeply!"

The Ling family in the No. 1 box almost fell into a dignified atmosphere, and Ling Jia Qianjin even tampered with his fists.

"Homeowner, do you want to bid?"

"No worries, there are probably many people who covet this little friend Lin Chen this time, we have to take a look first."

The voice in the box just fell, and another voice came from the purple box.

"One copy of the top-grade inferior mind of the purple rank, three volumes of the seventh-rank top-grade Danfang, and two purple-rank top-grade inferior medicine.


At this price, many strong people breathed a sigh of air!

The complete mentality of the top-grade purple bottom is brought out! It's crazy, this Nima is just working together!

There is no doubt that the forces of all parties and those hidden old monsters have completely started to fight for their entire net worth for Lin Chen!

The purple mentality of the top level of the purple order and the alchemy fingerprint of the intermediate level of the purple order are a level of rarity. Within Kyushu, this level of mentality can be counted with both hands!

"It's crazy, these old guys are really fighting for the old man, it seems that the result is a bit unexpected for me!"

Lin Chen, who was sitting in the box, exclaimed unexpectedly. He underestimated the madness of these powerful men!

However, his eyes swept the box of the false **** family.

Because, these guys, have not started bidding!

There are only a few bidders this time, but everyone's price tag is enough to cause Kyushu shock! The scene of the secret meeting fell into a nearly crazy atmosphere. Everyone held their breath while hearing the price code and couldn't help but heartbeat faster!

At this time, the long-lost box No. 1, "Ling Family" finally shot!

"We have produced a volume of Purple Order Intermediate and Inferior Alchemy Fingerprints, two types of Purple Order Top and Inferior Attack Skills, three Seventh Order Top Inferior Elixir, and a Volume Seventh Order Inferior Elixir!"

Wow~! There was an uproar in the dark venue!

Fortunately, Meier's red lips trembled a few times, and Qianbi Bibo circulated.

Even the ancestors of the host family who were stationed in the venue could not help but shudder a few times!

"That box seems to be the Ling Family of Yunzhou?"

"It's crazy! These guys even took out the Purple Order Intermediate Alchemy Fingerprints, plus two other Purple Order top-level combat skills? This is to put the whole family up!"

"These guys are crazy!"

In Box No. 1, Ling Ruxue looked at her father unexpectedly and gratefully.

"Nizi, you haven't used your eyes to see your dad for more than ten years after you became an adult!"

Lord Ling could not help but sigh.

"However, don't be happy for too long, even if you put your net worth up, people may not choose us!"

The Ling family's voice just fell, and as expected, a powerful voice came from another purple-order box!

"A seventh-tier top-grade middle-grade sword, the famous sword'Ziwu'. There is also a matching purple-tier top-grade lower-grade sword score "Seven Star Meridian", plus eight thousand kinds of top-grade celestial treasures of the seventh-grade and above, top-grade A volume of Zhongpin Danfang and one of the top seven-tier Chinese herbal medicine."

As soon as this price tag came out, the Ling family was immediately backed!

All the strong players in the audience are all excited!

Tier VII top-grade middle-grade sword? There are not many in Kyushu! Only three have been traded on Yunzhou Mingmeng!

"It was actually the sword of the chief disciple of Guyang Sword Saint 300,000 years ago, the famous sword meridian?"

"Damn, crazy, all crazy! Can you get all the top seven Chinese medicines?"

For a Lin Chen, these old monsters are almost mad!

The reason is very simple. It is no longer possible for ordinary strong players who have reached their level of cultivation to make any slight progress. Although the treasures they use for bidding are top-notch, for them themselves, the improvement they can bring is minimal.

Only some super-opportunities to change their lives can make them go further. Obviously, they have already stared at Lin Chen and will surely think that this child has the opportunities and secrets they want! Just pry open his mouth, maybe it's a fortune!

When a person stays in a bottleneck for tens of thousands of years, 100,000 years, if they can finally see a hint of promotion, they will try their best to fight for it!

Ling Family and others in Box No. 1 sighed deeply and sat down helplessly.

If we only discuss the details of a family or power, there are really no two forces in the audience who can match his Ling family, but the bidder must be a combination of several forces to be able to come up with such a price, otherwise, only one force , Can't come up with so many top treasures!

Ling Ruxue froze in place, staring at the boy in the prison, wondering what to think about.

Just as everyone thought the ending was over, one of the two boxes of the false **** family sounded a low, hoarse voice.

"A volume of purple middle-grade top grade, a volume of intermediate middle-grade alchemy fingerprints, a total of two alchemy handprints. In addition, two purple-level top-grade inferior mental methods, two seven-tier top-grade middle-level medicine, a volume of top-grade inferior attack skills! "


It must be **** crazy!

Purple rank intermediate grade top grade, middle grade, alchemy fingerprints of this level can be obtained? And two shots?

Also add two top-level purple mind complete mentality?