My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 715

Vol 5 Chapter 715: Very Boring

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Chapter 715

You should know that only Danzhou still has a few purple-level advanced alchemy fingerprints. The purple-level intermediate-grade top grade can be ranked among the top five in Kyushu! Not to mention the value of other things!

No match! The bid in the box of the false **** family completely suppressed the audience!

In fact, this price is also a special feature for the five major families.

It is the inside of the five great false **** families, all of them have been moved out!

Because the most hated "True God" behind them is Lin Chen. Now that they have the opportunity to buy Lin Chen's life, they are naturally willing to go bankrupt and have to win!

At this time, a sentence came from the purple-order box that had previously bid for "Zi Wu Jian".

"You ruthless!"

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled. He didn't even have the Purple Order Intermediate Alchemy Fingerprints. These guys had two shots as soon as they shot.

"These guys really want my life to dream."

On the stage

Fortunately, Meier breathed in excitement and excitement, and the full mountain continued to rise and fall, as if to brace the clothes in front of her. When she finally calmed down, she said loudly.

"Then, the winner of "Linzhou Linchen" is..."


At this time, Lin Chenyun's light and soft voice came out. This was through his specially disguised voice, and the false **** family did not recognize it.

"I remember, bidding seems to be an option, right."

Facing Lin Chens question, Xingmeier stunned, and then nodded immediately-"Yes, as you said. The seller has the right to choose in the face of the auction, if you dont choose, you will default to the highest price."

This question raised by Lin Chen suddenly made the strong man who had previously bid a sigh!

"Could it be that?"

The head of the Ling family looked excited.

The people of the pseudo-god family can't help holding their breath... there are still variables in this knot?

But almost everyone thinks that the final offer of the True God Family completely crushed the former many options! There is no comparison at all. If you don't choose the final offer, you will definitely suffer from blood loss!

"I choose the last offer."

As soon as this remark came out, many strong men were stunned!

How can this be selected? The famous sword Ziwu and its sword spectrum certainly stand on the top of the mainland, but this is completely blood loss!

The latter is two top alchemy handprints and two top mindsets. The four methods alone will completely crush the former!

"Are you sure?"

Fortunately, Meier is cold and sweating. Is there such a fool in this world? Clearly choose the worse?

Can someone who can kill the three patriarchs of the dragon clan be a no-brainer?

The previous bidder was ecstatic! Who would have thought that this great **** would change his mind at this juncture?

"Sir, are you serious?"

The box of the false **** family issued several voices of doubt, and many powerful people were puzzled.

"Go to your mother, I need you to question things?"

I saw, Lin Chen scolded the voice directly, and was so shocked that the pseudo-god family dare not say anything!

In the end, when finalizing the ownership of Shuaiqi Linchen, the seller received: the famous sword'Ziwu', the matching purple-level top grade "Seven Star Meridian Sword Score", 8000 kinds of top-grade celestial treasures of the seventh-grade and above, seven A volume of first-class top-grade middle-class Danfang, a seven-level top-grade middle-class'Aurora Pill'.

After this auction, Lin Chen harvested extremely well!

The famous sword Dragon Yao, the famous sword Ziwu, high-level sword scores, the seal of the jade with the help of Bai Ruoyans auction, and the remnants of the "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue"!


The ancestors of the false **** family have left their sleeves, and even have some anxiety and corruption. They all show that the family of the five major families has not touched each other?

"Ancestor, what should I do?"

Seeing that "Lin Chen" was taken away, the elders who left the field anxiously asked, that was the goal of the great "True God"!

"Don't worry, we have our own way, but we can't steal it, we will come to the dark!"

In the eyes of several ancestors, there was a vicious murderous intention!

They, after all, have already begun to cooperate with the "dark meeting"! Investigate the details of the other party, naturally you can do it!

The secret meeting was accompanied by the moment when the coach was taken away, and it ended perfectly. Everyone went to the secret meeting to pay the handling fee. On the way out, it was full of sighs.

This "dark meeting" is more terrifying and crazy than any previous session! The first and legendary youths of the Dragon Patriarch were auctioned.

And Lin Chen is naturally not a fool, he did not choose the bidding of the false **** family because he had his own plans!

The rules of the secret society stipulate that any auction must be clear in person, so the bidder must carry the treasure they quoted in person.

That is to say, the top treasures that the pseudo-goddess family bargained for were still carried on them!

"The running dogs of the pseudo-god family, I will take your favorite "Thunderbolt" to find you afterwards."

Lin Chen hey evil smile, the flesh at the mouth still want to slip?

To rob the king, he must be someone!

Lin Chen got up and pushed the door and wandered through the unique passage of the purple-order box.

Ling Ruxue rushed out of the box without saying anything!


The door of the purple-order box was knocked open!

Lin Chen heard, eyes narrowed, and urged the fighting spirit and mental strength to explore.

The Ling family owner on the other side quickly stopped Ni Zi!

"What are you doing!"

"Save people!" Ling Ruxue's silver teeth under the black robe nibbled.

"Save a fart! Are you trying to make Lao Tzu angry, you are going to die like this!"

The Lord Ling scolded! He knows the character of this nizi too much, rather than jade broken, not tile!

"I don't care! I must save him! There will never be a man like Lin Chen in Kyushu, he can't die here!"

Ling Ruxue's attitude was firm, and this sentence was overheard by Lin Chen, who was developing spiritual energy in the next passage, and made everyone stunned for a moment!

Lord Ling took a photograph on Ling Ruxue's shoulders, a spiral dragon-like twist of a black dragon escaped into the body, and her repair was all sealed!

"Dad, are you?"

Ling Ruxue was shocked, and the head of the Ling family shook his head.

"Don't struggle, letting you come to the secret meeting is the biggest concession. If you want to do anything you want, you must be thinking of saving the kid."

"Dad!" Ling Ruxue struggling to cry, Ling family sighed.

"Relax, if you watch the kid die, you Nizi will definitely make trouble with me, your father and I will try my best, but don't hold too much hope!"

The Ling family has a long-term vision and saves Lin Chen not only for the sake of his daughter, but the potential of this child deserves them to take a risk!

The elders and the ancestors behind him met with one eye to reach an agreement.

"Unexpectedly, I'm standing on the opposite side of the false **** family, and some people are willing to help me, interesting."

Lin who eavesdropped successfully touched his chin and shook his head and smiled.

"The charm is great, brother Lin Chen."

Bai Ruoyan's chuckle came from the snow-white jade in his arms, Lin Chen shrugged and spread his hands.

"No way, Kyushu is the most handsome, and I don't want this, it's boring."

An undercurrent turbulent battle has begun quietly!