My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 716

Vol 5 Chapter 716: Orange Level ?

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Chapter 716: Orange Rank! ?

Lin Chen, who returned to the residence of the Mingjian Merchants Group, did not act in a hurry. Although his phantom avatar was taken away, the other party had no time to torture him.

At this time, the strongmen from various states have begun to leave the secret meeting one after another, carrying a specific space channel to leave.

Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Secrets; Lin Chen crossed his knees to refresh his mind. When he opened his eyes, there was a surprise in his eyes!

"Oh? Unexpectedly, it was actually a blood state man."

Lin Chen clearly sensed that the avatar was brought into the space channel to the blood state!

Lin Chen immediately urged the "Nine Tribulation Eyes", a nine-color eye pupil blooming above his head. Since the transformation of the Nine Sky Tribulation War Bodies, his Nine Tribulation Eyes have changed dramatically.

Even the Ninth Warlord can spy on the trend of a little fate!

Through the insight of the'Nine Tribulation Eyes', Lin Chen vaguely captured that a group of people from the false **** family madly poured into the space channel leading to the'Blood State'!

Obviously, they know the identity of the other buyer!

Then, the strong members of the secret society also dispatched a large part!

"Oh? How dare these guys dare to join forces with the people of the false **** family? If this is exposed, the reputation of this secret society is invalid!"

Lin Chen frowned, not thinking that this "dark meeting" really reached a joint with the false **** family!

It is impossible to organize an auction of this size without considerable credibility!

But the powerhouse of the "dark society" should not hesitate to dismiss the reputation of losing tens of thousands of years of organization and management. Is the bargaining chip of the false **** family even heavier than the future of the "dark society"?

Lin Chen has a bad hunch that these top powerhouses are all goods that dont see rabbits and don't sprinkle eagles. They dare to act so decisively to assist the false **** family and prove that they have smashed heavyweight chips!

"This operation is over, you must go to the sky tower to find the dean's Holy Vein, I have a bad hunch!"

Lin Chen was about to get up, and a fragrant snow-white beauty shadow turned from the snow-white jade jade.

"Uh, Ruoyan, why did you come out?"

Lin Chen was stunned, she smiled and stretched out her delicate jade hand.

"Give me that purple crystal jade first."

Lin Chen remembered that the "Jingyan Lingxiao Jue" crystal jade he had auctioned for immediately took out the purple crystal jade and handed it to her.

With Bai Ruoyan's vision, this purple crystal jade is certainly not as simple as the surface!

However, according to Lin Chen's "Golden Eyes Twins" detection, in addition to a few special lines on the purple crystal jade on the surface, the thumb-sized "blood marrow" is left in the center.

The "blood marrow" inside this purple crystal jade is the cultivation memory sealed with the "flaming flame". If you break the crystal jade, you can get the cultivation memory inheritance of this practice.

"This amethyst does seal the mind, but not one kind, but two kinds!"

Bai Ruoyan, who had taken the amethyst, chuckled, and a whiff of milky white flame circulated on her fingertips, condensed into a blade, and gently cut down the amethyst.

The cut amethyst fragments suspended in the void, and Bai Ruoyan's movement was very light, and each cut was just right.

Lin Chen stared at Bai Ruoyan's movements, and the amethyst fragments that had been cut off. With his eyesight, he has already realized that the mystery of this purple crystal jade is not in the "blood marrow" in the center, but the crystal jade in appearance!

Finally, the amethyst fragments cut by Bai Ruoyan, the outer layer was directly thrown away, the middle layer of fragments was left perfectly, the innermost layer was not moved, and the cultivation memory of the practice was not activated.

The slender jade hand opened, and the delicate palm ignited a ray of milky flame, illuminating the entire chamber, quietly burning dozens of fragments.

During this process, Lin Chen has not spoken, and is attentive.

Under the burning of the "eternal flame", the dozens of amethyst fragments began to rotate and dissolve. After nearly two quarters of a minute, when the fragments were completely dissolved, a cry!

The amethyst shards snapped, and then shone bright purple brilliance!


The light shook and suddenly changed, even starting to change from purple to orange!

Suddenly, Lin Chen's face, which continued to launch the'Golden Eyes Twins', changed his face, and he saw a terrible and mysterious energy burst out of the burning purple light group!

"not good!"

Lin Chen said nothing, his hands shook the void!

"Slow rune!"

brush! The gray grates flashed and burst into the secret room! Lin Chen directly consumed 1.3 million rune energy!

The fingertips touched the void, Lin Chen opened the space blockade like lightning, and the dragon air was vertical and horizontal, turning into the Xuanqing Dragon Domain to suppress the void, and then the palm of the dark combat spirit circling suddenly shot past!


Lin Chen's dark line of fighting energy absorbed most of the burst energy, and the rest was suppressed by the'Xuanqing Dragon Domain', and he was relieved!

If this momentum bursts out, it will alarm the whole Qingcheng!

At that time, perhaps an unprecedented **** storm will be set off!

"Are you all right?"

Bai Ruoyan apologized to support Lin Chen. She did not anticipate this last step, knowing that it was too late, but fortunately Lin Chen responded quickly.

"Never mind, let's see what it is first."

Lin Chen shook his head. When the two looked up at the void, the void was filled with massive lines of words, and there were countless criss-crossing meridian routes. The dazzling orange light flowed, shining brightly, and an immortal civilization was conveyed faintly!

"Here, this is the mantra of mental cultivation, is a mental cultivation!"

Lin Chen was dumbfounded!

He has never seen such a profound mystery! Perhaps only his "Genesis Nine Tribulation" can be compared a little.

Talking about the degree of sophistication, Genesis Nine Tribulation has its own uniqueness, but when it comes to the level, it must be that this mentality in front of us is superior to countless times!

"Shenyan Heart Sutra" cultivation mantra, this is, orange-order mind?"

Bai Ruoyan was surprised!

Although the "eternal flame" in her body sensed the existence of this mental method, she didn't expect it to be an orange-order exercise method that had never existed in the history of Kyushu!

Besides, it's still mentality!

"My mother, this opportunity is to go against the sky!"

Lin Chen swallowed, his tremor twitched, and the corners of his mouth shivered!

In the mainland of Kyushu, the purple top-level inferior mind is already at the top level, and the purple-level top-grade mind is almost extinct. What is the concept of the orange rank?

It can be said that the orange-level combat skills alone have become the extinction of Kyushu, and have become a major swan song in history. Orange order heart method?

Lin Chen believes that even the legendary "Holy World" will surely cause a tremendous earthquake!

According to the messenger of the Holy Realm, there is no kind of top-level purple-level exercises that can be seen. This level is absolutely legendary in the Holy Realm!

If Lin Chen didn't stop the vision of the "Shenyan Heart Sutra" just now, there is no doubt that the entire Kyushu will fry the pan, and will unprecedented war! Even in ancient times, it was enough to set off the battle of the All Saints!

The birth of the Orange Order Mind Method can make all the powerful people crazy. This storm is enough to destroy all the existing ethnic civilizations in Kyushu!

Even in the ancient times of Kyushu, the brilliant times from the hundred saints, there were no orange-level exercises, let alone the rarest mental methods!